Friday, June 29, 2012

Tater Two

baby. by williamnyk
baby., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Tater came acalling after many failed attempts to meet me due to my crazy work schedule and the fact that my workplace was far off from the city center. Seeing that I had not taken my replacement leave for Agong's birthday, I used it to see him. By Tater's account, we had not met in a couple of years. He was actually in town for several meetings, but whatever time in between we spent together. Early Tuesday morning I headed out to Hang Tuah station. I took a leisurely walk from the monorail station to The Pavilion. Pudu Jail was slowly being chipped away and construction was starting to get into full swing. By the time I reached CBTL, I was sweating like a pig. It wasn't such a leisurely walk after all with my heavy laptop and morning sun. I plopped down, ordered a brew of the day and fired up my lappie. Just about ten minutes into that, Tater messaged me saying that the people at Westin were nice enough to let him check in, so he asked me to go over. So I got the coffee to go and hopped over to Westin. Gave me a big hug at the lobby before leading me up to his business suite. Did some catching up with him before he dashed out to catch a cab to his first meeting. I stayed in his room to do my work. On leave, and I was still working, blegh. Luckily, he was able to ditch his female colleague, so we had lunch together at about 1:00pm at Food Republic. Ate at my favourite stall that served lotus root soup. During lunch, we had some eye candy and one guy actually looked like he belonged in a Japanese beach-themed GV.



Talked about many things, from relationships, sex to underwear. On that final point, I brought him around to hunt for a skimpy pair of boxer shorts with an inner pouch. Skinxwear no longer manufactured it, but we did find something similar at Philosophy Men. Unfortunately, it came at a premium. Tater decided against it. Some time before three, we headed back to the hotel for Tater to prepare for his next meeting. Once again, he left me to my own devices (if you guys were wondering, I did not lounge naked on the comfy bed with all the curtains thrown open. XD But I did fool around with the scale and found that they charge MYR15 for a pack of condoms at the mini bar!). Brought my swim trunks along, but I ended up not swimming after surveying the pool. Quite small and no eye candy was available. But most importantly I forgot to bring my sandals. Oh well. Tater came back from his last meeting at about 6:00pm. We chatted for an hour or so before heading out to dinner at Restoran WAW. Seems that every guest I receive in KL I bring to Restoran WAW. First it was POD and Nick, and the most recent was Andy and w850i. Ordered a few favourites like chicken satay, grilled chicken wings, Hokkien noodles and Wat Tan Hor. As usual, the stuff from the grill were super tasty. For dessert, we had muscular hunk in a tank top who looked like he just hopped off a surfboard on a Hawaiian beach. A pool of saliva was collecting in front of Tater. For our benefit, the hunk sashayed his ass and that confirmed his sexuality. Even flashed his pearly whites for us. I bet Tater went back there for a look after I left.


Back in Tater's room, I was presented with a pair of PS undies that he had bought in HK. With my reputation, is it any wonder that what he bought me was already in my underwear drawer at home? Hahahahahaha. As a backup plan, he fished out another pair from his luggage and lo and behold, I also had that pair! LOL. Poor Tater. It was getting late, so I give him a final bear hug and bid him good night. Hope we can meet up in Singapore next!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lunch with Lifebook

Jade Lime by williamnyk
Jade Lime, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

As usual, I attended Sunday mass. The only difference that week was the fact that SK invited me over to her place for lunch. Lifebook was sick, so SK whipped up some homecooked food for him and asked me to join in. I arrived at about 1:00pm and by that time Lifebook was already there lounging on the sofa, watching TV. Didn't have to wait long for SK to put the finishing touches on her cooking. Specially for Lifebook was stewed pork with fish maw and hard-boiled eggs whipped up in a jiffy with Lifebook's pressure cooker, old cucumber soup and stir-fried vegetables with Chinese pear (a colourful dish). Did some talking after the food but Lifebook was so satisfied that he just rubbed his tummy and fell asleep (but perhaps because we were talking about work problems and that wasn't exactly dessert material). While he slept, SK and I watched Astro-- some cheesy Chinese series entitled "72 Tenants". When Sleeping Beauty finally awoke, we dragged him out to have Snowflake at IOI Boulevard. Parked in the basement and we went up and down the elevator only to find the doors locked! Ended up walking up the ramp. Humph! Quite a good crowd on a hot Sunday afternoon. The ZenQ beside it was growing mushrooms. Ordered their current special, MYR9.90 for a bowl of Jade Lime (lime flavoured ice topped with tasteless jelly and pearls) and their Bestseller. Noticed a sign telling customers that their metal spoons aren't souvenirs! Perhaps they should set up metal detectors or chain the spoons to the bowls.




Didn't stay long as Lifebook complained of the noise (pa pai!), so we adjourned to Kissaten, which was much calmer. Ordered some drinks and a plate of salted pork belly slices. Went really well with the chopped leek! Was quite comfy there until mum called to say that the whole entourage was arriving home from Melaka. So at about 5:00pm I went to my sis' place for more makan-makan. BIL had bought a whole box of premium nyonya kuih. However, not all were nice. The pulut udang was too sweet and the albino kuih koci was a bit too lemak. Also shared a nyonya zhang with SK. Truth be told, I'm not a fan of nyonya zhang (always prefer salty over sweet *wink*), but that one was quite good. My favourite was the onde-onde. Came in pairs, contained in a pandan leaf box and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. An extra boost of aroma for when the palm sugar bursts out of the thin glutinous rice skin. For dinner, we ate at Restoran HY Thian. Looking through the menu, we got the house specialty eggplant, stir-fried pork belly (moist with good texture), house specialty steamed tilapia and stir-fried vegetables. Cyan practically hoarded the plate of pork belly although it contained dried chilies. His brother slept through the whole dinner...



Saturday, June 23, 2012

Apollo de Cherub

pork. by williamnyk
pork., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Early Saturday morning, mum left for Melaka to celebrate Roan's full moon with the in-laws. I stayed back cause I needed to work. :(. SK was kind enough to bring me for breakfast at Kota Kemuning before the drudgery began. The shop was a branch of the famous Imbi Road pork ball noodles. Not quite sure if it was the same shop that my colleague brought me to at Weng Hing. According to SK, the loh shu fun was one of their popular options, so I went with that. And to test their skill, I went for the dry option. Surprisingly, the noodles were thinner than usual. Perhaps it's of their own manufacture. It was quite good, but a tad oily. The 3JC pork balls had a good bite to them and no overly-porky taste. The bowl of noodles also came with extra sausages. Compared to the generic options that hawkers usual offer, this version was softer, no doubt due to the higher fat content. Not to my liking. Driving back, I felt a bit jelak... huhuhu... Made a quick stop at United Garden to settle mum's 4D chore and by eleven, I was home, getting ready to go to work.

Peeing Cherub


Left work at about 5:00pm and quickly freshened up before SK picked me up for Apollo's birthday dinner at TJ Haus. Highly-recommended by SK after he boss organized a company dinner there. I too had tasted some of the food before cause there were lots of leftovers (I had their salmon in pesto for three days straight and when I saw that in the menu, I avoided it like the plague). Definitely yummy but unfortunately oink-free. SK and I were the first to arrive. The place was quite homey. Suspect that the owners have a fetish for cherubs and angels. They were all over the place. In the middle of the restaurant was a fountain in the shape of a peeing cherub (too bad it did not pee German beer). Famished as we were, we started with a salad of duck breast. Halfway through that, Apollo and Parco (whom I have never met) arrived. Next up was JJ and Bunny, followed by KT and Rich. Gratitude invited two surprise guests-- Bong and TZ, but they arrived much earlier than him. XD. He had gotten lost you see... We had used Restoran Kar Hiong as a landmark, but mana tahu there were two in Subang Jaya. Haha. By the time he arrived, we had basically finished eating and his food had already been reheated once. We shared a plate of crispy duck, lamb shank, beef steak and mixed sausages (the red cabbage that went with it was a star!), washed down with German beer.


Cake-wise, SK ordered several slices of cheese cake with a citrus jelly on top and digestive biscuit base. Good combination. Sang the birthday song and Jeffrey the owner also came over to congratulate Apollo. Gifts were opened after that. Overall, TJ Haus a great place for parties but what irked me was their "bottled water only policy". JJ asked for warm water and the waiter came back with half a cup of hot water and poured in half a bottle of Spritzer. WTF. For the next round, KT, Rich, Grat, TZ, Bong and Bunny didn't join us. One rushed back to her hometown, one was tired from work, a group went to watch "Prometheus" and the last chap was longing for the comfort of his home. Initially planned to go to Starbucks at Empire Subang, but it was closed by 10:00pm. Unbelievable. Ended up at La Bodega, the place for vin y tapas. Apollo remarked that it was his usual breakfast place. KKYN! Ordered some Illy lattes, a tiramisu and a strawberry cheese cake. The straight eye candy there was unexpectedly decent. Did some chit-chatting till about midnight and called it a night. Happy Belated Birthday Apollo!



Thursday, June 21, 2012


shop. by williamnyk
shop., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Woke up early for English mass on Sunday. As I walked out of the church, SK buzzed me to meet up. She had just arrive from Linggi and suggested that we hang out at Paradigm Mall. Although it was quite near to my church, I had to go quite a ways down to U-turn before being able to enter the parking lot. Took the basement and boy, Pluboy was right... it was quite a mess. Pillars out of nowhere as one descended. Hazards everywhere. And the parking spaces were at weird angles. Oh well. Just open for a week, so parking was still free. Walked up and immediately went into Brands Outlet. Some kind of opening promotion going on. Bought a couple of shirts and Ts for KH, while I grabbed a pair of tank tops. Next, we wandered into 3Dots which was having a special too! 50% off the bill just by purchasing something at normal price (and they choose the cheapest item!). Our bill came to around MYR300 for a whole bunch of Paul Frank undies, socks, stretch Ts, etc. Very satisfying. Canvassed nearly the whole mall before deciding to have lunch at Goku Raku Ramen. Not bad, the soup had quite a body to it. At Aster Spring, SK bought a facial package and we finally finished the last few shops. Quite a pleasant mix of shops for the middle income customer and the place is quite pleasant to navigate. Food options aren't too shabby too. Being opening week, we were rewarded with a couple of bath towels and some coupons for spending our money there. Complimentary ice cream at Hokkaido ice Cream too! Some Ultraman thing was going on at Center Court and there were even clowns on stilts. When going out, I had to jam into a housing area at Jalan Bahagia before making a U-turn to LDP. Horrid.



Reached home mid-afternoon and had some angku and red eggs as it was my Roan's full moon. Also had a bowl of vinegared pork knuckles. Yum yum yum! My sister was sick of her confinement food (it's so sedap la!!!) and wanted a release so she asked me to research some food options. If you ever ask me about food, I would say "Japanese" in a heartbeat. But knowing my sister and BIL, that's not an option. Had to go for something more general (read cooked). Finally decided on Sunway Resort and Spa's international buffet dinner at Fuzion. A mix of Japanese (YAY!), Middle-eastern, Malay, Chinese, Western and Italian food. Cyan went nuts over the pizza and chocolate fountain. Mum, SK and I fawned over the sashimi counter naturally. Overall, the food was quite good and the price was at least sub-MYR100 unlike some other hotels. Towards the end of the night, I spotted a lone diner-- a macho angmoh with sexy arms. A fantastic dessert for me. The funny thing was, Roan slept through the whole dinner. LOL.






Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Looking for Lunch

brunch. by williamnyk
brunch., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Worked on Agong's Birthday and found myself in food limbo during lunch time. Food was scarce at Bukit Damansara. UOA food court was closed. Subway was closed. O' Brien's was closed. HP food court was closed (but an Indonesian woman and a Bangladeshi did offer me a burger... erm... declined their offer). San Francisco Coffee was closed. Gloria Jeans was closed. Wisma E&C was closed. Nerofico was open, but I decided against it. Finally ate at Jarrod & Rawlins. Always wanted to try their food. Went to One Utama to look for them once, but that outlet had closed down. Walked all the way in to their 'in-jungle' dining area (sampai kena letak ubat nyamuk!). A few KKYN couples were there having brunch. Looked at their menu and ordered their brunch set of toasted organic bread topped with a generous serving of fluffy scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, black caviar and rocket salad. To fuse it all together was hollandaise sauce. MYR28 for that, orange juice and coffee. Not bad I guess, rich beggars can't be choosy. Didn't look like much, but was definitely filling. Perhaps I will come back some other time to try their meatier items.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Check Out My Headlight

headlight. by williamnyk
headlight., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

One night while driving home from work, I noticed that the roads were exceptionally dark. For the better part of the journey, things were fine because SPRINT and OKR were well-lighted. Only realized while I was in the BK1 area where the street lights don't work. Upon reaching home, I did not testing and found that my headlights were shot. Crap. Only the low lights were in service. Early next morning, I scoured OUG for an open workshop. I did not have many choices so I settled for one near the Shell station. Getting down from the car, I noticed something amiss about the workshop-- a Ferrari on the side, a Porsche hoisted up and Maserati below it. Yikes. I asked anyway. The guy confidently answered that the bulbs were dead without even checking. I raised doubts about the wiring both sides failed to work at the same time and he shrugged me off. Ok lo... I'm not the expert. He replaced both bulbs with some difficulty as my Iswara ain't exactly a sports car! Asked me to flick the switch and jeng jeng jeng!!! No lights as well. He conceded that it might be a wiring problem and asked his apprentice (bespectacled beng that you can bang with grease as lube) to continue the job. He checked and checked and checked and finally fixed the problem with WD-40. A plug had become rusted, causing a connection problem. Since they had changed the lights anyway, I had to pay MYR40 for the pair. At least the problem was solved... Old car... macam tu lah!

P.S.: Headlights (in Cantonese) refers to a woman's boobs. In the gay context, I wonder if I can use it to refer to pecs...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

FlyFM on Names

What's your name girl? by cheyenneolivier
What's your name girl?, swiped from cheyenneolivier on Flickr.

How did you get your name?

Ning Baizura tweeted that she got her name from the word "Kuning" cause she had jaundice as a baby. :D

Reshmonu named his son Maurice because he was conceived in Mauritius. This prompted FlyFM's Laila to say that if she followed that example, it would be Putrajaya and Cherating for her kids. :P

Another listener SMS-ed in and said that her brother was named Aferi because her dad took the ferry to Penang Island for work every day. :S

Do you have a name with an interesting story behind it?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cheap, Very Cheap

eat. by williamnyk
eat., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

At Bukit Damansara, there isn't much choice for lunch. Blessing or curse? I can count it as a blessing. These days, my colleagues and I automatically walk towards the same place for lunch. An unspoken thing, like lemmings heading for a ledge. We used to stand around asking each other what to eat for lunch... Answers didn't come easy. It was easier if a stone tablet fell from the sky telling us where to eat. So now, time is saved and the place ain't shabby. Good Malay food and a subsidized price. People who eat there for the first time usually can't believe their ears. Vegetable with meat or fish only costs $4. If you don't take meat, I have seen the price range from $2 to $2.80. And the plate of rice comes topped with keropok. Great, huh? The only drawback is limited seating. And there's one Indian security guard who often eats there too and he is usually the first few in the line. without fail he would remark how cheap the food is. Also after each meal, we would go drink coffee at a nearby food court. A wonderful routine... As long as one doesn't get sick of the food. Hahahaha.

P.S.: The price has increased by MYR0.30 from the time that this post was written. Harap maklum.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Date with Mr. Sky

model. by williamnyk
model., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Been wanting to meet Sky ever since he broke the news to me about his relationship problems. Sent him a text in the morning and luckily he was free to meet up. I asked him to suggest a venue for lunch, but he was apprehensive. Am I THAT whiny when it comes to food? LOL. I'm not Chef Wan Ok?! He left the decision to me. Cracked my head thinking of what to eat in PJ. I even posted the question on FB and several friends gave some helpful suggestions. But luckily Sky declared that he needed to settle something at Padini Concept Store, so we met at One Utama. The school holidays and sales had started, so I knew that parking would be a bitch. Parked my car at One World Hotel instead to avoid the crowds. However, Sky wasn't so lucky. He spent more than fifteen minutes looking for parking. My iPhone was losing its juice fast, so I was kinda cranky. Thankfully we met up at center court where a Peugeot car show was being held. Plenty of promoters in hot pants and midriff-baring tops. Their porcelain white skin definitely matched the white sports car on stage. Our first stop was the Padini Concept Store for Sky to alter his slacks. He browsed a while too but sensing my menacing tummy growl, he quickly ushered me to lunch. He was looking for something cheaper, so I suggested Lameeya. Surpsisingly, he had not eaten there before. Somehow, the food quality seems to have dropped. Cost-cutting measures no doubt. But it was Sky's treat, so I couldn't complain... much. :P.



We spent quite some time there catching up with each other's lives. Seems that things have settled on his side and he was moving on. Nichonic was also discussed at the table, but I shall leave it at that. Hehe. Gossip and bitching was also on the agenda. :P. Next up was shopping. We went back up to collect Sky's slacks and we did more looking around. Unfortunately, he did not buy anything. Along the way, we also did some guy-watching, but did not get very good pickings that day. Hopped from shop to shop- looking at slacks and shoes. Walking into G2000, he declared that the slim cut there did not suit him-- he need skinny cut. Goodness. To quench our thirst after all that walking, I suggested something from Juice Boost. I had a Smooth Operator, while Sky chose a Slimmer's Paradise (not like he needs it). The guava in my drink was quite good, but towards the end, there was a weird tartness in my mouth. Our final stop before parting was Uniqlo. Opening specials due to the new outlet in MV. Bought two pairs of pima cotton boxer briefs at $9.90. Couldn't resist although I know I have too much underwear. Hahaha. Sky finally went on a shopping spree buying three pairs of underwear, a pink shirt (so what if you look gay in it? :P) and a basic heather T. As luck would have it, I saw Kelvolution strolling in the store with his bf and I decided to go over and say hi. First time hearing his voice. Sky and I parted ways after that. He continued his slacks hunt and I headed home for a swim...


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lau Weds

Rose by williamnyk
Rose, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

SK's good friend from UKM, Laura, got married some Saturdays back. I blogged about her during Hari Raya. I doubt any of you remember, even I don't remember the pseudonym I gave her. Being a Saturday, I was at the wet market again. Did the usual, went home, showered. At about 1:30pm, SK fetched mum and I. Tagging along was Magus and CK. Magus was also part of their gang in Bangi. Being the good friend from East Malaysia, Magus' attendance was mandatory. On pain of death, that kinda thing. I kinda expected that he would be wearing a baju melayu. On our way there, we were head to head with the bridal Mercedes! The perks of having a husband from a well-to-do family. Our arrival at Dewan Seri Seroja conincided with that of the bride and groom. They both emerged in matching pale yellow outfits. Laura was dressed like a princess. As the couple took their place on stage, we proceeded to the buffet line. LOL. The typical Malay wedding spread-- ayam maasak merah, acar, rendang daging, acar. Been more than a decade since I attended a Malay wedding. The food didn't wow me. The bersanding ceremony started with prayers, followed by blessings from the couple's elders and even bosses! One by one, the people would file up and sprinkle rose water on their cushioned hands. The bride's brother gave a speech, the cake was cut and some relatives gave a KTV performance. Normal stuff. :S.

Seri Seroja

The whole immediate family then took their seats at the long table in front of the stage to eat. Such pressure having to eat while facing all the guests. One wrong move and ... LOL. Later on, we visited her at the table, chatted a bit and took some photos. Her hubby was quite pleasant looking, but his build's kinda small. Before leaving, we had another round of photos and the bride's parents started hassling SK about HER wedding (can't blame them as they're ecstatic having finally married off their only daughter). I liked her answer, "KALAU saya kahwin, pasti akan jemput" (if I ever get married, I will surely invite you). The door gift was glass bowl filled with impotent potpourri. Managed to catch up a bit with Magus during the car ride. Hadn't met up with him ever since his accident. Went home and rested a while before going for a swim again.


Wednesday, June 06, 2012


circle. by williamnyk
circle., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

My brother was back in town for Mother's Day cum mum's birthday cum visiting the new nephew but truth be told, no special celebration went on. Basically, he was at my sister's place day in, day out helping mum to take care of the baby. On the Sunday that he was scheduled to fly back, SK and I went to English mass at SIC. Breakfast was at Heritage Village. Shared an assam laksa, nasi lemak and perut ikan with SK. Felt that the food was a tad too sweet. Decided against packing NL for my brother. Instead decided on Kelantan Delight's Nasi Dagang. We were supposed to bring him to Mek T, but mana tahu they gulung tikar on Labour Day. Stopped at K Care for a while for SK to buy shampoo and we proceed to KJ Giant to help mum hunt for bargain salmon steaks. The horrible place did not have any choice selections. Left bits and pieces that seemed to have been scraped from the bottom of the barrel. Left KJ for Subang Jaya. The bloody Nasi Dagang was $22!!! I nearly fainted. Oh well. Finally found some salmon at Giant First Subang. First time at that pitiful place. Just a few small floors of retail space. Covered it in no time.

three cups.

Back at my sis' place, I loitered for a while before going off for a swim. For dinner, we went out to eat with my brother at the nearby Ma Poh Seafood Restaurant. A simple meal of three cups chicken, beancurd, steamed egg and vegetables. Cyan practically drank the fish sauce-soy sauce gravy on the egg dish. :S. No stopping the fella. Then we made a quick stop at Giant Taman Equine as the kid was whining for some chocolate biscuits. From there, we turned to LCCT for my brother to catch his flight to Singapore... Zzz

Monday, June 04, 2012


herbs. by williamnyk
herbs., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Went for a quick Saturday morning marketing trip because I had to send Cyan to his music class in Bandar Kinrara. Drove him there and the fella didn't seem very sure if I brought him to the right place. Climbed all the way up and his teacher recognized him. OK! SK and I then went to nearby Taman Kinrara for breakfast while waiting for him. Due to the market there, it was quite crowded and parking was a hassle. Ate at Restoran Fa Kee (Fucker-Fuckee? XD), a super hot and stuffy coffeeshop located at a corner near Hong Leong Bank. Breakfast was soya noodles for me, accompanied by a cup of kopi c. Our table was joined by a young woman, a maid and her seemingly senile mother-in-law. Halfway through, the son came along. Quite pleasing to the eye with his height, and cute stubble. Felt that his wife could be prettier. :P. Walked a bit around the market and didn't quite find it as pleasing to stroll as the other markets. Decided to leave after packing mixed rice for lunch and go to music academy to wait. From the window, could see about eight kids running around and singing, playing imaginary instruments while the teacher banged on a tamborine. Wonder what the kids pick up from that one hour class. Picked the kid up and sent him home... and it was time for my class... WORK! Sienz...




Saturday, June 02, 2012

Pan Mee Again?!

Chatime by κεηι
Chatime, swiped from κεηι on Flickr.

On Sunday, I had lunch with SK, Bunny and JJ after mass. Cha Cha Pan Mee again, believe it or not! I told them about the fiasco I experienced last week. JJ listened in disbelied cause as it was his usual haunt. I even pointed out the errant staff! However, service was very good that day. Must have been some kind of cosmic belch last week. Before saying goodbye, we had drinks at Chatime. Ordered their green tea latte against my better judgement. My mind was screaming, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" and yet I went ahead anyway. It was horrible. Period. Powdery green tea suspended in milk. That's it. At least it didn't beat my green tea latte experience at Starbie. Noticed that Bunny was getting a bit restless, making bunny noises and fidgeting. JJ took the cue and we ended the lunch gathering. Back home, I rested a bit before going for a swim. Dinner was at my sister's place and that ended yet another Sunday. I think this scores a 10 on the Borpost Scale (Boring Post Scale in case you're wondering). Blegh...