Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lifebook: Nearly To Another Chapter

Seafood Stadium by williamnyk
Seafood Stadium, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
For a change, I (almost) did not go to the market on Saturday morning. Why? Cause Cyan, Sis and BIL would be away for the whole week, so there's no real need to buy a lot of groceries. At about 9:00am, mum and I headed to the Salak South new village to have pan mee. Was expecting to eat the famous crystal pan mee (the old lady washes each piece in water before cooking, eliminating the flour taste and making it super thin), but it turned out that the woman had abandoned her stall. Fortunately, her replacement at Taman Naga Emas was quite good too! I had the tear variety and I must say it was quite thin and had no yucky flour taste. The soup was clear and the pork balls were nice. After that, I drove mum to Seri Petaling to buy 4D, and we ended up at the wet market there. Hahaha. Cannot really escape that routine. The market was quite big. Not bad at all. Striking that off our list, we headed to Hotel Seri Petaling to check out the never-ending and not-so-genuine warehouse sales there. Didn't buy a single thing. By the time we reached home, it was already noon. Was darn sleepy, but I didn't nap.

At 6:00pm, SK and ChatMate fetched a cranky me from home to head to Restoran Stadium Negara for Lifebook's birthday dinner. Arrived in just thirty minutes. While waiting for the rest to arrive, we put down the orders first-- BBQ Sri Lankan crabs (meaty and yummy!), grilled cuttlefish (done to perfection), BBQ chicken wings (so-so this time), claypot beancurd, drunken prawns (the prawns were good but I did not quite like how the rice wine tasted in the soup) and fried vegetables. Soon enough, Ken and Lifebook turned up and we instructed the kitchen to start cooking! Food came quickly and we were quite satisfied. Even ate a second order of cuttlefish. The conversation was mostly about Lifebook's new job and his breakfast appointment the next day. Breakfast in bed no doubt. Next up, we wat Lifebook to treat us drinks at Chinoz @ The Park, KLCC. KLCC was surprisinglly crowded. Last-minute luxury shopping for Raya? The economy isn't as bad as we think? At Chinoz, cocktails were buy one, free one so it was quite a deal. Ordered sazerac, summer Pimm's and some vodka cream-based concoction. For dessert, we had Tiramisu (mahal giler at MY18) and banana toffee cake. Had fun there, but the service was lousy.

Apollo told me that my Di, Silencer was in KLCC, so I What's App-ed him. Had to lure him to me by lying that Alex was with us. XD. Was nice to see him again after so long. Glad to see that his housemanship has not robbed him of his cute looks. Grilled him a bit about his work and love life. Find him even shier than I remembered. After work, Apollo also dropped by. And soon after Silencer left for his virgin date at MP. At 11:00pm, we parted ways. ChatMate would be going off somewhere on Tuesday, so it will also be sometime till I see him again. Zzz.

Monday, August 29, 2011

ChatMate: Revisited

Naan by williamnyk
Naan, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

The reclusive ChatMate finally returned from his retreat in Kuching. As with the last time, he stayed with his cousin in Serdang, so it was easy arranging a meet up. On Wednesday night, SK and I brought him to the Restoran Kheng Heong, that's located just in his neighbourhood. Luckily he had never dined there before. Ordered their famous claypot tilapia, beancurd with gourd, fried sweet potato leaves and marmite ribs. He was all dressed up in his tight-fitting A&F t-shirt and shorts, complete with a cloud of EDT. Blocked though my nose was, I could still smell his fragrance. Hehe. He looked well. Definitely happy. I would be too if I had not been working for half a year, and have no visible money problems. :P. And he was so sweet to bring me raw mee kolok. :D. We grilled him about his activities in Kuching and about potential boyfriends. That guy definitely needs to be pushed! Also found out that his itinerary in KL was a bit sad, so we tried our best to make sure he made some social calls. Later on, we went to Equine Park to have dessert at Tong Pak Fu Tong Sui. Prices were fair and the shop was bright. My only complaint is that it smelled of curry. Kinda screwed up for a dessert shop. I ordered mung bean with lotus seed and barley. The portion was quite big and the tong sui was definitely boiled for long judging by the softness of the ingredients. At about 10:00pm, we called it a night and sent him home. I'm quite certain he went out again later that night to get laid. XD.

On Friday, we had dinner again. Since he was craving for decent Indian food, we brought him to Restoran Rishadh. He claimed that Kuching had lousy Indian food. SK did the ordering, so we had two servings of tandoori chicken, naan, crispy dosai and maggi goreng. That guy practically picked at his food. Even SK's granny wondered if he was on a diet. Luckily SK had the habit of heaping food on the guest's plate. Before calling it a night, we went to SK's apartment to chat. Both of us gave him a surprise birthday gift (a thumbdrive full of porn drama series), but too bad there was no cake. HPBDY, dear ChatMate!!!

P.S.: When I told KH I was meeting ChatMate several times in the week, he went, "Meeting him AGAIN?". ChatMate is kinda worried now that KH might bite his head off when they finally meet face to face. XD

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Limp Wrist

20091221-wrist-pre02 by Cat Moloney
20091221-wrist-pre02, swiped from Cat Moloney on Flickr.

For a few days I had been experiencing a pain in my left wrist. Holding things a certain angle would bring about some loss of strength too. I thought it was a result of fiddling with my iPhone a little too much. But after talking to KH, I think I hurt it while masturbating the other day. Too challenging a position? XD

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Overheard: Full House?

Tealight Candles by David J. Gray
Tealight Candles, swiped from David J. Gray on Flickr.

At a cafe in Bandar Seri Begawan. The cafe's boss was complaining that the waitress did not light the tealights on each table.

Boss: Maria! It's already 8:30pm and all the lights are not distributed. Gonna close shop already, better not light.

Maria: Sir, I was busy.

Boss: Busy? Busy doing what?

Maria: A lot of customers just now. Full house.

Boss: Wah... full house ar? Then good lo. A perfect excuse. heh.

The boss was very sarcastic and sceptical. Actually I also don't quite believe it. I have never seen that cafe with a decent crowd. The last I was there it took them forty five minutes to handle eight orders. :S. Such is the business turnover in Bandar Seri Begawan. Really wonder how they survive.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ceremonial cannon by Safwan S.
Ceremonial cannon, swiped from Safwan S. on Flickr.

Repeat for ten days
7:30am - Bangun pagi, gosok gigi

7:55am - Breakfast at the cafe

8:25am - Get ready for work

9:00am - Start Work

1:00pm - Lunch break

6:30om - A ceremonial cannon is fired marking the breaking of fast (!!!)

7:00pm - Dinner break

10:00pm - End work

10:05pm - Back at the hotel. Shower.

10:30pm - Astro. Online. (Rewatched TVB's "Journey To The West II" on Astro. Forgot how funny it was.)

12:00am - Zzz

Any time for TFK? XD

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Catholic In Brunei

The Brunei Hotel by williamnyk
The Brunei Hotel, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Life in Brunei was more positive with a new lodging arrangement at The Brunei Hotel. According to my Project Manager, it was recently refurbished, so everything was spick and span. However, there are rumours of spirits on the third floor as it's a very old building. Judging from the condition of the abandoned building at the opposite side, I can imagine. The room comes with free laundry service (four pieces a day), daily newspaper, free canned soft drinks (three a day), decent WiFI and free breakfast (MUCH better than the old hotel I stayed at). Other attractions include transvestite escorts (according to my colleagues, they look like a burly bunch) and the nearby Tamu Kianggeh, a market by the side of a river. It makes working from 09:00am till 10:00pm everyday a little bit more bearable. At least I can walk back to the hotel, without having to arrange for the driver. Another plus is the fact that the place is just a fifteen minute brisk walk from the city's Catholic church-- The Church Of Our Lady Of The Assumption. On Sunday morning, I woke up early to have breakfast with a couple of colleagues before starting to walk there.

Brunei Catholic Church

The Assumption of the BVMa>

They were protestants who attended their Sunday service at St. Andrew's Church, an Anglican church just opposite the Catholic church. The church is of moderate size and air-coditioned. Outside, migrant workers from the Phillipines sell food items from their home country, kinda like a small market. At the altar was a giant image of the Divine Mercy. There's a second floor with limited seating as it mostly is dedicated to the choir and musicians. However, due to the angle and the use of glass banisters, women in short skirt are not encouraged to sit up there. But then again, they have no business wearing a short skirt in church! The 09:30am mass was mostly in Malay. Brunei has no problem with Catholics using "Allah" in their liturgy and hymns. Go figure.

"Yesus Domba Allah, Mulia Nama Mu!"

On the next day, I went again to attend mass celebrating the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In addition to The Ascension of the Lord, All Saints' Day and Christmas, they make up the four days of obligation for Catholics in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The celebration was quite grand due to the fact that it was also the church's feast day. The back of the altar was covered up with a giant painting of Mother Mary, complete with 3D effect using cloth to accentuate Her robes. The Psalm was sung by a dimunitive Pinoy girl with a big voice. The Prayer of the Faithful was joined by many of the expatriates in the congregation. They wore their traditional clothes and spoke in their native language. Some local tribes, Pinoy, Chinese, several Indian dialects, Korean, African and some Caucasians. After mass, there was a procession of the status of Mother Mary followed by a whole bunch of flower girls. Fellowship ensued (read free food), but I rushed back to office instead. Had dinner of a decent beef kuay teow at Cafe Vito where I caught sight of two baklàs at the table beside mine. Not cute though, else I wouldn't have rushed off after my meal. ;).

Brunei Buildings

On the night of the Hungry Ghost Festival (I know!), my colleagues and I went walking around town taking some pictures (the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque is particularly beautiful at night). We only saw one spot with burnt offerings in an atmosphere that is completely oblivious to the opening of gates of Hell. And in the end spent some time at the nearby department store. Hardly any shopping going around though Raya is just around the corner. It would be such a different scene in KL's Sogo. This is how 'tranquil' Bandar Seri Begawan is.

Brunei Food Four

River Wares

Saturday, August 20, 2011

MRT Celebrities: Guess, Guess, Guess

Hi guys and gals! Instead of "LRT Celebrities", we have "MRT Celebrities" today. Why you may ask? Cause today's contributor is none other than KH! His skill also not bad hor? Look at the two guys in the collage. I prefer the twink on the left. Hidung mancung. Gotta love his arms too. Is it just me or do you find that both of 'em are giving out a gay vibe? But perhaps the guy on the left is just a bit confused like so many other Singaporean boys. So, what do you think? Are they gay? 1, 2, 3... Discuss!

P.S.: In just a few years (and if the project doesn't go under due to massive corruption), KL would have its own version of "MRT Celebrities"!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kenapa Kelapa?

Coconut water by soumit
Coconut water, swiped from soumit on Flickr.

At Restoran 83:

Moi: Ada jual kelapa ke?

Myanmarese Waiter: Takde. Coconut adalah.

Moi: =_="

Aku kena perli ke?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Memories of Petaling Street

Petaling Street by cheeseong
Petaling Street, swiped from cheeseong on Flickr.

Simonlover's recent post about Petaling Street prompted me to write a short post of my own. Truth be told, it was a favourite haunt of my besties during university days. They would drive down from UKM and we would make an excursion there. We would usually dine there, be it the old Kam Lun Tai with their cranky waitresses or the super tongue-numbing BBQ fish stall. It amazes me that when they tell you to come back after thirty minutes, there really would be a table open when you come back. After food, we would brave the Saturday night crowds. On Saturdays, stalls would be open in the middle of the road, making it very tight to navigate around. If someone in front of you stopped to haggle, you would have to squeeze by. In those days, the stalls were still manned by Chinese, not like today's Little Bangla feel. My bestie loved to purchase the counterfeit watches and jeans. Haggling was also like a pasttime for him. He had it down to an art. I always hated the process. Haha. Perhaps we would also stop at the famous air mata kucing stall (my friend got pick-pocketed there once) or stop at the corner Kwoong Woh Tong shop. Sometimes, if we were there in the mornings, we would watch the migrant workers walk up the down the cheap motels at the pre-war shophouses looking for release. Unlike Simonlover, I had never bought a single porn DVD from there or had any encounters with leng zai's. I would just ignore the porn peddlers. So gwai, hor? LOL. Lets not forget about the old bookstores and the flower sellers. And the whole feel of Petaling Street transforms during the run-up to CNY. The smell of pork fat would be in the air (over-powering the smell of chestnuts roasting) as dried meat vendors rush to increase production. Plenty of decorations for sale especially at the wholesalers where the lanterns seem to overflow from the shops.

Would Petaling Steet really be sacrificed? Is heritage and culture THAT cheap? The government should really consider the abandoned Plaza Rakyat site for the MRT plan. Might as well make use of that eyesore. Hopefully Petaling Street will survive this.


Comming home by joningic
Comming home, swiped from joningic on Flickr.
Recently, JJ told me that he had a job offering for KH in Kuala Lumpur. He called KH and explained that his friend was looking for someone to help out in corporate planning at a certain insurance company. And so, KH started exploring the possibilty and made some inquiries. One night, during our phone conversation, he asked my opinion about it.

KH: Baby, what do you think about the job offer?

Moi: I'm quite surprised that you're interested. Thought you were only coming back next year?

KH: My timeline is flexible one ma...

Moi: Oh, that's news to me. Thought the earliest is 2012.

KH: Nolah. Can be earlier de. So what is your opinion?

Moi: In my mind, I set it to the worst case scenario-- end of 2012. You want to come back, ma come back lo.

The boyfriend wasn't happy with my response. Was I too blunt? Was I wrong for not wanting to say too much about his return plan? I probed him further about it as he felt that I was acting as though I was not excited at the prospect of him returning. We all know that that couldn't be farther from the truth! I just did not want to exert undue pressure on his plans. I did not know that he wanted to take advantage of Malaysia's anti-brain drain offer. By the mid of next year, it would be his sixth year, and he would qualify for the tax perks when he returned. To date, he had done a telephone interview and had an impromptu meet with a rep from the company. Looking at the scope of work, it's not something that's exactly his forte and he doesn't know about salary yet. The feeling I get is that chances seem quite slim. And he needs to concentrate on his coming exams. Must as well get that out of the way. Being qualified would enable him to command more clout in the job market. I was just feigning indifference as to not get my hopes up. But judging from his actions, he is serious about coming home. I am really forward to that day.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brittle Health, Brittle Bones

Early Saturday morning, mum told me she did not want to go to market. She wanted to do a medical checkup instead! She thought that something was wrong with her heart. Said it felt weak. Gulp! Hearing that at 7:30am really swept all the sleep from my eyes. So I brought her to Taman Desa Medical Center for a check-up. Met the MO and he asked me what was wrong. Explained the situation, and he ordered up an ECG. Thank goodness it was normal. Since mum mentioned increased heartrate, he ordered up a thyroid test. She did have the problem some 31 years ago. The blood test was normal too. Perhaps she was just feeling a little under the weather. With that cleared up, MY heart was definitely lighter and we went to the Anlene booth there to get a free bone scan. According to the test results, I'm at the borderline of the high risk group to develop osteoporosis! My results were worse than my mother's! What a shocker.

Bone Health

At about 10+, we went off to have breakfast at OUG. Had a bowl of curry noodles at Restoran Seaview. At MYR4.50, it came with three pieces of chicken, not bad at all. But it was just average-tasting. Did some minor shopping at the OUG wet market. Since it was late, we got to take advantage of the lower prices. Bought some cherries too at MYR50 a kilogram. Obscene price. The only downside is the fact that the sun would be blazing and most of the choice items gone. Mum wasn't hungry, so I just had a bak zhang for lunch. The leftover pork fat I fed to the neighbourhood cats. Hope they weren't Muslim cats. XD. At about 2:00pm, mum went out for her society meeting. Feeling bored, I watched "Prince of Persia" and "Schoolboy Crush" on my lappie. PoP wasn't exactly a very good movie, but watchable la. The Hassansins! Such a cheesy name. Better to remember it as the 2D side-scrolling game I played on my brother's 8088 PC. "Schoolboy Crush" is a gay Japanese movie set in a boarding school. Teenage angst, classroom politics, love triangles, broken families, suicide, sex for money and forbidden love. The usual. Haha. Lots of scenes in the shower room though. XD.

Ramadhan Goodies

Towards evening, I was feeling bored, so I decided to take advantage of the good weather and went for a swim. In my rush, I forgot to bring my googles and I couldnt use SK's cause they were powered. Damn. So I tried swimming without 'em. Boy, did the chlorine sting. And the water was full of debris-- dead bamboo leaves and dead insects. Yikes. Having no choice, I made the best of things with my lousy backstroke and did the doggie paddle. As usual, no eye candy. Sigh. When are the cute guys gonna move in to my apartment building!? For dinner, mum bought nasi dagang, nasi kerabu and onde-onde from the bazaar near OKR. The nasi dagang was superb. The red rice was of good quality. My only complaint was that the kari ikan tongkol was not sour enough. The nasi kerabu wasn't bad, but the rice was a tad soggy. Spicy enough, but the stall didn't give us keropok to go with it. And thank goodness the onde-onde actually had gula melaka filling inside. It was half the price of the tang yuan onde-onde (practically zero filling!) that I bought at KLS. Guess I negated my swim once again. :).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Way Street

"I studied Malay literature and Islamic History in Form Six and went on to enrol in the Malay Letters Department of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia where Islamic Civilisation was a compulsory subject. Some non-Muslim students grumbled about this requirement, citing subtle conversion, but I took it in stride and felt proud as I got to understand and appreciate Islam better. I didn’t convert."

An excerpt taken from Wong Chun Wai's "On The Beat" column in The Star. Yes, he wasn't converted, but the crux of the matter lies in the fact that the inverse cannot be implemented for the fear of conversion! Try asking them to take it in stride. Hahahaha.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Correct Or Not?

Not exactly a great entry for "Damn You Auto Correct!", but its passable I guess. For your information, Tampopo is a Japanese Restaurant in Singapore that serves one of the top ten best ramen in town. Also known for their tonkatsu and black pig varieties. Actually the most annoying this about iPhone's auto-correct is the fact that it will always turn my "muacks" into "muscle". And it never learns to accept "muacks". Ugh. So most of the time, we wish each other "muscle". Unfortunately it doesn't help me to gain any at all. :(. My arms are still spindly and my tummy happy. Oh well. So what's your most hated auto-correct word?

Oh yeah, I'll be flying off to Brunei again tomorrow. Will be there till the 19th of August. Hopefully I will have the time and energy to blog during that period. See you when I see you.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Viva Home

On Sunday morning, I woke up a little bit earlier than usual to have breakfast with mum at a nearby coffee shop. After that, we went home to change and headed out to Viva Home at Jalan Loke Yew with SK and her granny. It's KL's latest home and lifestyle mall. The ikan masin that was UE3 (never been there) was renovated and given a new lease of life. Even the toilets had a Moroccon feel to it. Took us an hour to get there cause we had no idea how to cross to the other side of Jalan Loke Yew. And trust the Garmin GPS to have poor reception there. Garmin really sucks. The place was huge without much human traffic, but at least most of the shops were occupied. Just the night before, the had their grand opening with a few artists from Hong Kong and Malaysia. With all the specialty shops there, things do look promising. A good place to look for ideas. Hopefully business can be sustained. In addition to the usual furniture and interior design shops, there's plenty of food there too. Mostly cafes and small restaurants. And a bubble tea here, a bubble tea there, bubble tea everywhere! Talk about stiff competition. SK bought a painting and mum bought a dustpan. Not quite a big shopping spree, huh? Also saw where my sis bought the cute bed for Cyan. MYR2100! and the kid refuses to sleep on it. Go figure.

Had lunch at their food court, called Gurney Drive. Food was quite good really. Ordered asam laksa, YTF, bibimbap, popiah and bubur chacha. Left at 1:00pm to send mum to her friend's place. She needed to help out with some large scale cooking again. SK and I then went out Carrefour Subang to settle her curtains at Nagoya. Spent some time hunting for suitable blackout drapes. Competitive pricing. Bumped into HP and her hubby there. Stopped a while to have gui lin gao. Next stop was Empire Subang for some gift shopping. Settled for Bunny and Lifebook. Also bought a card for SK's ex-boss who had so generously donated her furniture to me after migrating to Australia. Headed back to Seri Petaling after that to see if my mother was done. Our timing was good, just in time for early dinner. There was BKT, steamed prawns, curry chicken, stewed duck, radish soup (heavenly with pork bones in chicken broth), chili crabs, stir-fried clams in hot bean paste and loh bak. Satisfied! Also met my mum's friend's newest pet, a dog named Jaja. A cute-sy and furry little thing that hardly barks. Her last owner was a moody Japanese school girl who had since returned to her home country. So much food was left over that we ta-pau-ed some back. And I did not exercise again! Two weeks in a row. Crap! Oh well.

P.S.: Just realized that I have to shop for Leggy and EarlGrey's birthday present too. -_-"

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


St Ignatius of Loyola by Lawrence OP
St Ignatius of Loyola, swiped from Lawrence OP on Flickr.

My church recently celebrated its feast day-- the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The 31st of July marks the anniversary of his death. For three days, talks were arranged and on the last day, a carnival and a bilingual mass followed by fellowship. On this special occassion, mum and I skipped marketing and went to church instead. Spent about four hours at the carnival. Took us about an hour to get there because the LDP was all crazy due to the rain. The jam had started right from BK5! Not wanting to rot at the Sunway Toll, I took a U-turn and approached from Kerinchi Link instead. By the time we got to church, the rain had stopped. Whopee! Had $130 worth of coupons to spend cause SK's boss bought ten booklets. Breakfast was yam cake, chai kueh, nasi lemak and coffee. The rest of the coupons, we spent on some Johnson & Johnson Baby bath gel, corn and a bouquet of roses. Also tried my luck guessing the numbers of peanuts in a box. Other than food stalls, there were games, train rides, counters from the Carmalite Nuns and the Capuchin Brothers, arts and crafts, buskers, clowns, a Myanmar refugee counter, religious artifacts, Quantum Science and a whole giant inflated playground. Had basically covered everything, so I moved into the cafeteria to get myself off my feet. Chatted with my godfather while waiting for SK and her grandma to arrive.

Feast Day Carnival

When SK arrived (after braving another jam in Cheras), I went out for a second round with her. Prices had started to be slashed and I had some popiah. Did more chatting with my BEC President, talking about his daughter's tertiery education plans. SK finished up the last of the coupons with more nasi lemak, nasi kandar, porridge and plastic soft-boiled egg maker. SK also took a chance guessing the peanuts. She guessed 1,350. Things were already winding up, so we helped the stall owner to count the peanuts. The answer was 1,331 and you know what? SK won the 1HP Mitsubishi air conditioner! super lucky! We bagged the peanuts too in case a recount was called. LOL. Fishy having the winner count the peanuts kan? Left at about 2:00pm. By 3:00pm we were eating again and mum boiled up some chrysanthemum buds. I slept for about forty five minutes before going to church again for the bilingual sunset mass. It was presided over by Fr. John Lee, the Archbishop in Kota Kinabalu. Feisty at his age. I think no less than seventy. His sermon was about the basics of Christianity-- the parallels that were found between the Old and New Testament. Of the exodus from Egypt and our exodus from sin to the Kingdom of God. Of the Passover sacrifical lamb and the Lamb of God. Of manna and the Body of Christ. At the end of the eucharistic celebration, there was a fellowship of sorts. Read free food. Hehe. A simple meal of rice with vegetables, sweet and sour chicken, curry chicken and bananas. A truly packed feast day celebration. Penat!.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bag It

Siap Sedia by zamanizubir
Siap Sedia, swiped from zamanizubir on Flickr.
I went to Brunei for a short trip of three days due to some office politics and screwed up resource allocation. As you can guess, it was a show-face kinda deal. Upon arrival at 09:30, a colleague picked me up from the airport and sent me to the office. However, I could not work on that Sunday morning because the Sultan's "Meet the People" session was being held at the parade grounds opposite my client's office. Why? It was done in conjunction with His Majesty's 65th birthday celebrations. Two snipers had went up the building to ensure His Majesty's safety. As a result, we had to loiter at a nearby restaurant to kill time. Bumped into an old uncle who stared at my colleague:

Uncle: Where are you from har? (eyes bulging)

Colleague: Malaysia.

Uncle: I hate Malaysians! They are all bad people! Humph!

He actually left his table for another that was further away. Wah. I suspect his ex-wife was Malaysian and had most probably cheated him of his money. :S. At about 1:00pm, we were finally allowed up. On Monday, I met my clients and on Tuesday, I flew back home. People raised their eyebrow at my VIP flight schedule. Unheard of. As long as my manager approves it. With AirAsia's luggage policy, one is allowed one cabin-sized luggage and one laptop bag. Before I entered the gate with my luggage and BBP Hybrid Hauler Laptop Bag, the staff stopped me. She commented that my laptop bag was larger than my cabin luggage and asked me to show her that there was actually a laptop inside. Haha. The bag IS huge, and that fact can be verified by ChatMate. Bought the unique bag from Cumulus in Singapore. The bag actually rests slightly above one's ass at the lumbar area and can be converted to a messenger bag. Very eye-catching with a weirdness factor of 7.5. I like it. XD

Monday, August 01, 2011


Keluar by Ron-Dorothy
Keluar, swiped from Ron-Dorothy on Flickr.
Oops. A leftover post from my Europe trip. Something random about exit signs in the countries that I visited. Please take note that the photos are not my work. Click on them to visit the photographer's photostream on Flickr. This is just a post about my observations on public transport in Europe. :)

London - Underground - Way Out

London.way out

Barcelona - TMB - Salida (Spanish) / Sortida (Catalan)


Cologne - DB - Ausgang

Exit to the left in the direction of travel

Paris - Metro - Sortie


P.S.: The most common road name in Cologne is "Einbahnstraße". Hahaha. "One Way Road".