Saturday, December 31, 2011

Have a Ball!

It's new year's eve! The last of bit 2011. Squeeze every last drop of fun from it and embrace 2012!

Thursday was also a day off for me, so I brought mum to the market to shop for some Winter Solstice dinner ingredients. Dragged the kid along too. Never a morning person. Actually went to his house to carry him into the car (his pregnant mum tak larat carry that 16kg bundle of naughtiness). Slept all the way to the market. Even refused to change out of his pajamas. Had to give him my Medusa stare. The CNY atmosphere in the market had already began to pick up. Lanterns, decorations, biscuits and songs everywhere. But I have yet to see the illegal fireworks. Ate a simple breakfast of soup noodles and headed home. Mum boiled the tang yuan and made the ginger-gula melaka soup. Just ate a few for tradition's sake. Being his usual unadventurous self, Cyan just sniffed the glutionous rice balls and refused to eat them. Would rather scoop them up with his hands than put them in his mouth. :S. Lepak at home until lunch time, when mum announced that we would be eating out, to which Cyan responded:

"Poh Poh not cook lunch ah? so louyah de"

Kids these days. Brought him to Restoran Yoon Ping. Ordered their Hakka noodles and stewed soya sauce chicken rice. The noodles were OK, but the minced pork was horribly salty and the meat felt a bit reput. Ugh. I also hated the charsiu sauce. Not worthy to be their signature dish. The rice was much better. Washed it down with a cooling cup of lemon juice with sour plum. Back home I watched a few episodes of the new "Journey to the West", a mainland China production. Just needed to make sure the kid got out of my mother's hair while she prepared for the big dinner. Mum outdone herself again. We had lotus root soup with kudzu root and wai san, fried siakap with thai sauce, steamed kampung chicken, mixed vegetables, steamed cod fish and steamed prawns with rice wine. Actually managed to finish everything! Whoah. Also opened a bottle of red wine, but it wasn't very good. Sigh, another year older!

Clear Noodles

Winter Solstice Dinner

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brown is the New Black

Mee Jawa by williamnyk
Mee Jawa, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

With three days of annual leave to clear, I took a day off to get my hair cut and dyed at A-Saloon, IOI Mall. Not my usual place really. Decided to try it since they had a cool deal on Groupon. Just MYR78 for cut, dye, wash and blow (you get to choose from a few cute stylists :P). Woke up quite early that day to have breakfast with Cyan and my sis at a nearby coffeeshop. Had mee jawa, a famous dish that the Javanese never knew they had. LOL. Not bad la, but a little too basic. Even simpler than mee rebus. Knowing that we would have to spend hours at the saloon, we had lunch at home first. Mum prepeared sweet potato porridge with a side dish of stewed mini sharks with leek. Super sweet! IOI Mall was quite crowded that day. Looked just like a weekend. Never thought their business was so bustling even on weekdays. The saloon looked spanking new and spacious. The senior stylist gave a brief consultation on hair style and colour. The conclusion was that I should leave my hair longish, especially at the sides and back. Her keen eyes managed to deduce that my hair tend to become unruly if cut too short at those areas. Ended up with a shade of brown. Not so in-your-face that it would cause eyebrows to be raised, but obvious enough that I paid good money to do something to my hair. LOL. The whole process took about three hours inclusive of scalp treatment (an add on in case the chemicals wreak havoc on my scalp). Hardly felt the time pass as each customer had a desktop to use for surfing the internet. And I also kept myself busy ogling at one cute and tall stylist that was attending to SK. There was also a "little white face" who was waiting for his friend. Very fair and looked gay. Beside SK was also a young, rich tai-tai who was dyeing her hair.

"I like red. Everything also must red le..."

Orchestrate Christmas

Faces at the Saloon

I'm sure her husband likes her red G-string a lot. She kept her three year old toddler busy by buying her a manicure and pedicure. Goodness. I doubt the kid had any cuticles to remove. Before heading home, we had a quick snack plate at KFC and did some minor shopping at Daiso. Back at SK's apartment, she cooked up a plate of marmite pork ribs for dinner at my place. Before dinner, we made tang yuan. Cyan helped out. The kid got a bit lazy after several rounds and and at the end of it, I found several strays on the floor. Ish. Post-dinner, after everyone had left, mum and I started stripping the paint off the front door grill. It was bloody hard work. Some of it peeled off with ease, the rest of it needed heavy duty scraping. We only did a quarter at the are with the most rust. By the time we sandpapered it and painted on the base coat, it was already past 11:00pm! Pooped! Quickly showered and went to bed. But I discovered that paint fumes seem to be aphrodisiac, so there was some fun before calling it a night... zzz. The very next day, Cyan looked at me funny. Think he noticed the change in my hair colour. He picked up a paint catalogue, pointed at one of the brown squares with his pencil then tapped my head. Then he said:

"See, now kau fu's hair also brown colour liao..."

Hahaha. Smart kid.

Round Reunion

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LRT Celebrities: PADINI People?

Been a long time since I posted LRT Celebrities, so here is a post-Christmas treat for those of you who miss the segment. The Kuwait Finance House hottie you see above is actually a MAS steward. This faux PADINI model was spotted by Ash on PUTRA LRT. Would you steal a kiss while he's sleeping?

I spotted this twink on PUTRA LRT as well. I really wonder what he's doing with a bow tie. As far as I know, this isn't the PADINI sales staff uniform at the moment. Haha. Perhaps he's going to a wedding. Feel like pinching his cheeks?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Siham Sunday

Christmas Goodbye by williamnyk
Christmas Goodbye, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers. Hope you've been naughty this year. Santa loves to punish naughty kids. And his elves help out too. XD. Now, rewind to one week ago. :P

Sunday was supposed to be movie day but that planned got scrapped for two reasons. Firstly, GSC Online decided to die on me. Couldn't buy tickets for "White Vengeance". Website tak jalan. iPhone app pun mampus. Secondly, my sis suddenly dumped Cyan into our laps because she had to work. Guess the technical glitch was a blessing in disguise, else I would have useless tickets on my hands. Brought the kid along to church with us. It was the outgoing assistant parish priest's final mass at my church, so it was kind of emotional for him. Think he wiped away some tears while talking at the altar. The youth even had a caroling cum farewell session for him outside the church. Four years. Didn't seem that long. How time flies. Stumped over what to eat for lunch, so just went to Ming Tien at SS24. Shared lui cha, mee kolok and curry noodles. Next up travelled to One Utama to look at the infamous siham Christmas decorations. Angels made from beaded scallop shells (imagine O&G's Shell turning gay). Novel right? Quickly turned into the One World Hotel parking to avoid the stupid jams. Worth the few extra ringgit. Crowded, it was! A whole bunch of kids were caroling at center court with orchestra accompaniment. At the end of the show, machines rained bubbles from above! Impressive. Shopped a bit and singgah-ed a while at CBTL for a Malibu Dream, Frutea Peach, cranberry scone and apple crumble. Got home some time near 5pm. We were delayed for a spell watching the Miss Tourism Malaysia pageant. Mum left the house to watch a Chinese folk dance performance, leaving SK and I to babysit Cyan.



Sis was running late at the office, so we brought him to dinner at Restoran Yoon Ping. A first time for us. Think we ordered too much food. But it was very satisfying. Haha. The portions were enormous. Dinner consisted of roasted chicken rice for the kid, Hakka fried pork rice (four big, fatty slices!), curry noodles (again! The gravy was quite good!), sour vegetables (tasted like my mum's!) and YTF. Amazing right? For just two adults and one toddler. Hehe. Cyan finished the whole plate of rice. At about 9:30 pm, my sister liberated me from the tyke. Ahhh... my peaceful evening finally began...

Tea Time

Yoon Ping

Thursday, December 22, 2011

In The Mood

Phantom Santa by williamnyk
Phantom Santa, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

I received three Christmas cards this year. One from SK, which she assembled herself from a DIY craft shop; one from Albin which was one of the most novel I've ever received-- a sheet of aluminium etched with the picture of a juggling reindeer; and last but not least a very religious card from Mel. In terms of presents, SK got me a delicate decorative item from Crystocraft-- a Swarovski crystal church. Beautiful. Love how it catches the light. Thanks all!

Juggling Reindeer

Crystal Church

Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you've been naughty or nice, I wish that you're able to experience the joy and peace of this holy season with family and friends and those less fortunate. Counting down...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

End The Year With "I Do"

Patrick & Nicea's Wedding I by williamnyk
Patrick & Nicea's Wedding I, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
2011 is really the year to get married. Had to attend another wedding on Saturday. The matrimony mass was scheduled at 9:30am, so we gave marketing a miss. The previous two I attended were only a half masses because both of the brides were not Catholics. So the last wedding of the year ended quite nicely with a full mass as both were Catholics. Everything was quite standard really. Flowers, relatives, bla bla bla. But it was interesting to note that the bride kinda had a perpetual look of surprise on her face and her mum on the other hand looked glum. And the worst of all was sitting in front of her boisterous band of bridesmaids. Had no decency to shut up at all during the proceedings. While the priest did his thang up front, they were busy firing the mouths off in machine gun style yakking. By the time Gospel was read, my mum couldn't stand it any longer and shushed them. After the bouquet was thrown (why does this always seem fixed?) and the the photographs were taken, we proceeded to the cafeteria for some food. Typical catering fare. I gave 60% of the food a miss. Fried. Fried. Fried. The things I must do for my cholesterol levels! :(. Cyan was trying to break Kobayashi's hotdog eating world record, so I had nag him. Seeing how I fret over him, the teenager at my table actually thought that he was my son. Adoi...

Patrick & Nicea's Wedding II

Headed home for a short rest, and did some grocery shopping at Jusco. Later in the evening, mum and I attended the banquet at Pearl Point International Hotel. Not been there since my sister's wedding ages ago. The food wasn't impressive but it was decent la. The first combination platter came with mussels, really a first for me. The staff were mostly untrained Malay kids who did not know how to serve the food. The fellow didn't mix the sharks fin soup (go easy on the hate comments OK?) properly and he did not know what to with his left hand. He left it crooked in front of him like Dr. Frankenstein's assistant, Igor. The herbal chicken was melt-in-your-mouth (takkan give kampung chicken meh?) and marmite prawns were overdone, but I guess it's to be expected. The whole night I was bombarded by questions of my future wedding plans. Oh gawd. When is KH ever gonna propose! Luckily I had plenty of Merlot to drown my sorrows. :P.

P.S.: Magus, sorry had to give your Xmas gathering a miss! See you next time.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Meeting Nick

Fish Form by williamnyk
Fish Form, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Sunday was like all the past weeks with the exception that a newly-ordained priest had been appointed as the assistant parish priest. Funny to note that the parist priest, in-coming assistant and out-going assistant all share the same surname. And all of them have a receeding hairline. The new priest celebrated his virgin mass that day and glad to say that there were no obvious hiccups. Mum suggested that we go shopping at IKEA, so I decided to eat lunch at Soon Soon Pan Mee and Fish Head Noodles, Damansara Perdana, a favourite of Lifebook. I suspect he is a shareholder there. Ate fish paste and fish head noodles. Quite expensive really and the portions weren't fantastic. But I must say that the fish paste was quite good. The fish head was quite disappointing actually. One can taste better at Woo Pin or the coffee shop at Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, TTDI. From there, I turned into The Curve with relative ease. Later learned that the usual access roads from the LDP were extremely congested. Did some walking around The Curve. Wasn't impressed with the Christmas decoration. At IKEA, mum bought some of the stuff that she wanted with little fuss. But the only problem was that I had to hand carry a plastic dish washer here and there. :(. At around 4:00pm, I received an SMS from Nicky telling me that I should meet him and Nick at IPC. Such a huge coincidence. Our stars had finally aligned. And so, I had the privilege the infamous camwhore extraordinaire, Nick. True to his admission, he did look a bit different than from his pics, but that does not make him any less attractive. But we just had five minute chat in Metrojaya. They were afraid that my mum would bite their heads off. So cute that they kept keeping an eye out.

Surprise Catch

Red Hippo

Back home, I went for my jog at Taman Bukit Jalil and later negated it at Restoran Rishadh. Together with SK, we shared a dosai garing, nasi lemak and naan with Tandoori chicken. Satisfying as always. Rested early that night as I had a proof of concept session at a potential client's office on Monday. Preparations had been done more than month ago and somehow the whole marketing exercise was revived after a fortnight sabbatical. Hated having to dirty my hands with the technical set up and ending up having to do the talking as well. One man show. One leg kick. Blegh. Thank God the audience was quite demure and that my use cases went smoothly without much of a hitch. Was happy that one of the earlier presenter's enthuasism caused a one hour lateness in the schedule. As a result, the account manager told me to cut it short. Hahaha. Gladly. Over the next two days, I had to stick around in case there were any related queries regarding the system. Just sat around, chatted and ate the free food. Oh well. Hate all these marketing activities! Hopefully there won't be another anytime soon.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mel & Co.

Mel celebrated her 30th birthday (welcome to Club30!) on the 25th of November, but we only managed to meet up last Friday due to scheduling problems. I got off work a bit early and went to Bumbu Bali, Bandar Puteri Puchong with SK. Thought we could start a bit earlier, but Mel's baby Cameron made #2 in the baby seat after she broke a sweat dressing him up. So she had to repeat the whole cycle. A mother of an infant rarely gets things easy. While waiting, SK and I chilled in the restaurant with a jug of barley lime and a plate of sate lilit. That dish was quite a disappointment really. Giant lemongrass stalks were used, and as a result, the meat that was wrapped around it was just measly layer. Some time before 8:00pm, Mel finally arrived in a nice black number and with Cameron in tow. Her cute one-toothed Singh looked cute in his tiny buttoned shirt. Mel looked the part of the urban mother with her large, orange baby bag in one hand, and her Sembonia handbag in the other. After she settled down we ordered soto ayam, sup buntut and the grilled chicken. I totally loved the soto ayam! The chicken broth was good and the best part was it was piping hot unlike my ox tail soup. The grilled chicken was good too with just the right flavour and moistness. Bumbu Bali has really come a long way. Their prices can even make TGIF blush. Quite a big jump. I can't imagine what the prices are like at their upmarket sister restaurant, Ole Ole Bali.

While we ate, little Cameron also ate his porridge. Underneath his baby chair was a scene of chaos and destruction. The kid just loved to throw things on the floor. Poor me had to pick up his hanky three times and he nearly overturned a place mat and whatever was on it. Phewww! Distractions aside, it was great to catch up with Mel. The only thing missing was alcohol. Huhu. Had to give that a miss, so we had coffee at Station One instead. Cameron was a bit restless in his baby chair, so we hauled him up on the table. You know what? He started chewing on the packets of creamer and sugar. And one point he actually managed to get to the sweet surprise inside. Always check on your kid when he/she is suddenly very quiet or still. Haha. Imagine if I was straight and married. Or by some bizarre chance I managed to adopt a child. Mel with her own kid, and me with mine. Fussing over our kids, and trying to keep them civil, while actually trying to make some decent conversation and social interaction. Feels like such a remote possibility. A piece of fiction. Oh well. At the end, we camwhored some and called it a night.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The All Pork Banquet

Pork, Prawns, Fish by williamnyk
Pork, Prawns, Fish, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Sunday was the usual routine with the exception that I dropped mum at a friend's place to help with cooking. On the other hand, I headed to the hardware store to get some padlocks for my apartment. When I got home, I barely rested for five minutes before heading out to SK's place. Went there to bum off her UNIFI to download "Orcs Must Die" from Steam. As a Thanksgiving gift, my brother gifted me that together with "The Witcher: Enhanced Edition". Yet to download the latter though. Haven't found the time to game proper. Just spent three minutes looking at the instructions and controls. Also met CK for a while before he headed home after lunch. He was in a dilemma over whether to leave the civil service. Kinda sad that he is naive enough to think that that government will send him for postgraduate studies overseas. Wishful thinking. At about six, we went out to Seri Petaling. By that time, the cooking was complete and we would be just in time for dinner. Hehe. It was a pig banquet that evening. My mum's friend had slaughtered a whole pig and that was translated into several dishes-- radish and pork bones soup, fried pork, stewed pork belly, stewed pork trotters, sweet and sour pork ribs and stewed intestines. I only allowed myself one piece from each plate. :(. Pork aside, there was sweet and sour prawn, deep-fried prawn sandwiches, chili squid, stir-fried clams with rice wine and fried threadfin. As you can see, nearly every dish was on my restricted list, so I mostly just drank the soup. Also made friends with the family dog, Jia Jia. The cute dog loved being petted and having its ears scratched. Didn't bark at all. Very well-mannered. Rubbed its body on my leg like a cat. Very manja. Her owner was a Japanese schoolgirl who has since returned to her home country due to depression. That ends my Sunday report.

Jia Jia

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top or Bottom?

Here's a picture of the new RapidKL LRT gate. As a new user, where would you choose to touch your token / Touch n' Go card / myRapid card? Position (A) or (B)? If you chose (B), you would be one of the many users who get stuck at the gate wondering why the gate isn't letting them through. Every day, people try again and again at the location, wondering why the gate gives out a funny noise. Perhaps we are too used to web pages, where "click here" literally means CLICK HERE. LOL. If you answered (A), good for you. You and RapidKL think alike. But I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. So, are you an (A) or a (B)? Or let me rephrase it, would you touch Top or Bottom? :)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Club30 Welcomes JY

Rack o' Ribs by williamnyk
Rack o' Ribs, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Woke up early on Saturday morning only to be greeted by a ladder and rag. Mum suddenly had an attack of spring cleaning and wanted me to clean the fans and windows. Guess it's good to reduce the levels of dust in my room. I'm sneezing less now. Nothing works up an appetite more than manual labour. Some time mid-morning, I went out for a bowl of fish paste noodles. Also stopped by the neighbourhood bakery to get some bread for mum. Saw how the pastry chef worked. Lovely long locks and a hair band with no hair net. I'd be no surprise to find his tresses in the finished products. Rushed home to shower as we had to attend a wedding mass at 11:30am. LDP was a tad jammed, nut luckily we made it on time. SK attended the ceremony while wearing a soft neck brace (she was involved in a car accident). I still think she should have accessorized it with a brooch or wrapped a faux fur stole around it. :P. One of the biggest turn outs a wedding mass I had ever seen. But I suspect that it was due to the fact that the newly-weds did not plan a dinner banquet, only a luncheon after the ceremony. The buffet spread was quite good, but I had to abstain from most of the food because they were mostly deep-fried stuff or high in cholesterol (damn you LDL!). Headed home after having our fill. Rested a while and showered before heading out to JY's birthday bash at Morganfield's, The Pavillion.

Upon arrival, we met up with Apollo at Onitsuka Tiger to help him resolve a life and death issue-- which pair of shoes to buy. After settling that, we headed to the dinner venue. On the way there, I bumped into P.O.M. He actually recognized my Suneo face. And luckily I identified him correctly too, else it would have been embarrassing. He rushed off to watch a movie, and I continued on. We were the first to arrive. A table for twenty pax was laid out. They arranged it like a medieval banquet table with no break in between. Ugh, I hate those orientations. By eight o' clock, the last of the guests had arrived. Lateness due to the heavy rains no doubt. SK, Apollo and I were so hungry that we started first with a B.L.T. salad and later followed through with a full rack of Jim Beam baby ribs. Not bad, but the meat didn't taste all that porky. For drinks we had long island iced teas. The liquor content was high, but the coponsition wasn't all that great. Sat in the vicinity of Carpe Diem, Legolas, DanielH, Adrienz and KennethC. Also met TJ who knows KH from nearly ten years ago on Fridae. Such a small world. By playing musical chairs, we got to talk to nearly everyone. Service wasn't bad, but it was marred with some ugly incidents of food mix ups and the fact that they don't even have a mop to clean up spills.


The birthday cake was Death by Chocolate from Just Heavenly. A very heaty cake! And it had a weird decoration. After removing the candles, the cake actually looked like a Nigerian version of Kon from the manga "Bleach". SK purposely ordered a coffee to go with it. Janvier was nice enough to pass me a belated birthday gift-- "Children of Dune", the missing book in my "Dune" series. Adrienz also finally passed SK the abstract sketch that he did for her. Had been sitting in his store room for years! At the end of the evening, we took a rare group photo and called it a night. Bloody took me half an hour to jam out from B3 to Jalan Raja Chulan. Ugh. By the time I reached home, it was already past midnight. Showered again and slept. A rarity for me to shower three times in a day. Haha.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

How Do You Like Your Meat?

Prime01 by zylean
Prime01, swiped from zylean on Flickr.

With barely days left on the 'borrowed' Starwood Privilege card, we hopped from Favola to Prime Steak Restaurant. Prime's predominatly a carnivore's heaven on earth. Beef, beef and more beef with little to offer in terms of other things. Seeing that a side of vegetables costs MYR30 there, we decided to forgo that and order scallops from the starters instead-- Seared Sea Scallops. Truth be told, I found the scallops in Favola much sweeter. Kinda tasted bland in the middle. Surprised to see it come with a poaced egg and parmesan potato salad in the middle of the platter. I liked the potato, just the right level of creaminess. For mains, we ordered the Blackmore Wagyu D Rump (220gms of award-winning meat with a marbling score of 9+) and Master Kobe oyster blade steak (another 220gms of luxury Wagyu). Both done medium. A trio of sauces were chosen, served in cute, mini saucepans-- wild mushroom, truffle and Argentinian chimichurri dressing (much better than the other two). The oyster blade was much more moist and tender than the blackmore. Although one can't see the fat, it was definitely in every bite. Half a serving was all that I could take (my cholesterol problems notwithstanding :P). I let SK finish the rest. The bread basket came with a spicy variety again, this time peppercorn bread. Came with rocket butter which I liked. Did not order dessert that time (already felt like vomiting), but we noticed that at Prime, one could request to haramkan certain desserts! If I had known, I would have asked for Sambuca liqour for our Tiramisu at Favola. Overall a great lunch and one thing to note, I don't think there was any Gemas Gold on the menu. Moooooooooooooo!

Monday, December 05, 2011

The Bride

Unlike SK, I rarely have super-vivid dreams. None of those Hollywood movie plots and IMAX theater effects. But the other day, I think I finally got a blockbuster playing during my REM sleep. Well, not an action movie, more of a romantic comedy? Something every little girl dreams of... getting married. I actually dreamt that I was goonna marry KH. Quite traditional really. The bride went to the groom's place. Not in a palanquin with a band of musicians, but actually a VIP bus with me, SK and one other wispy person inside. After arriving at KH's condo, I went up to his place. Upon arrival, the front door was open and all his relatives were standing around. The standard sam ku luk po. All of them were whispering to each other. Can't blame them, how often does one see a gay marriage in Malaysia? But perhaps it was also due to the fact that I was only dressed in a muscle T and a pair of shorts for my own wedding (one would be expecting a red qipao with intricate phoenix emroidery). Anyway, KH suddenly came out and took me by the hand and led me inside. A hush fell over the place and every eye was on us. Then the whispering resumed with gusto. I was led to kneel in front of KH's parents. Amazingly, my mother-in-law was smiling sweetly. I offered her tea and she drank it willingly. In return, she gave me three giant dragon and phoenix bangles. My mouth was agape... Poof! The dream was over.

I don't know what prompted me to have that dream really. Wet dreams, skanky dreams I can understand... but dreams about matrimony? I have never given it any serious thought. I wonder...

Saturday, December 03, 2011

When You Orsi Too Much You Have To Take ORS

Last Sunday morning, I woke up at 7:00am with a dull ache in my tummy. The pain prompted me to slip out of my Spongebon Squarepants trunks and sit on the porcelain throne. As expected, it was the runs. Didn't quite feel better after that first purge, but I went back to bed anyway. An hour later, I was awakened by the pain again. Went another round and this time I could distinctively feel some cramping in my abdominal region. Normally I would feel better after expelling the toxins, but this time, it was different. Even a generous rub of RuYi oil did not help. At about 9:00pm, I told my mum that I wasn't up for church. She suggested I see the doctor. So I pulled up a pair nylon shorts and went with my under shirt on. By that time, I was already nauseous. The doctor was a typical young, nerdy fellow with a karipap hairstyle. When he wanted to take my temperature, he said, "Sorry". Same when he asked me to pull up my shirt, he said, "Sorry". When he asked me to drop my pants, sorry again. LOL. The last bit was just a fantasy. Anyway, weird fella. He declared it food poisoning. Before heading home, mum packed some soup noodles for me. Upon reaching home, I rushed into the toilet again, and it was worse that time because I vomited as well. I forced myself to eat something because I needed to take my medication and oral rehydration salts (ORS). Just after a feel spoonful of bihun, my tummy miraculously settled down. I took more of it and even took a piece of bread. Thankfully, the breakfast kinda cured me. For lunch it was Teochew porridge with fried fish and dinner was stewed soya noodles. In between that, mum went out to perm her hair while I slept off a low-grade fever. And after dinner, mum started cooking curry chicken for a church gathering the next morning. Did some observation and hopefully I can duplicate the effort for KH when I get the chance to cook for him. He's a big fan of it. :). Such a cruel joke, me recuperating from the runs while my room was chock-full of the aroma of curry chicken wafting up from the kitchen. Aiyoh.....

Thursday, December 01, 2011


yellow rope with knot by limonada
yellow rope with knot, swiped from limonada on Flickr.

For two days I was sent off for training at Centerpoint, Bandar Utama. The topic was Microsoft's colud computing technology, Azure. Basically hands-on tutorials and a whole lot of marketing talk. Very hyped. Plenty of freebies. Turned into a bloody game show. And food was provided-- breakfast, lunch and tea. Not bad huh? On the last day, I arranged a meet-up with Pluboy since I was so near his workplace. We met up at Starbucks and he was nice enough to buy me a black tea latte. According to him, we had not met for three years. Didn't seem like that long to me. Kinda about the time when he and Jase went separate ways. To me, he still looked pretty much the same. Talked about everything under the sun. Practically a clarification session for most of the major items I read on his FB wall. It was to keep a conversation going for three hours when one has not met for more than a thousand days. LOL. Not breaking a stride in my long-lost reunion series, on Saturday afternoon I made a lunch date with Kenzon, a di of mine. The story's kind of similar too. Not met him since he broke up with Rich two years ago. It's so true that sometimes people act as linkages. And when that linkage is broken, we lose touch. The gathering was supposed to be with Nicky and Nick too, but Nicky FFK due to his assignment. Lunch was at Restoran Soon Heng opposite IOI Boulevard, but we had it separately because that di of mine came forty minutes late. After he had finished his lunch, we walked over to Chatime for more cosier surroundings. Although the air-conditioning was welcome, the interior wasn't really for chatting. A decibel nightmare. A whole lotta whirring and blending. We didn't talk a whole lot really but that's normal for his character. Any more dusty ties that I should refresh?