Monday, October 31, 2011

What's In A Name?

In your circle of friends, which name is the gayest of them all?

For me, Jason takes the prize.

But someone recently remarked, "Isn't it Calvin?"

What is it for you?

"First rule of magic: Don't let anyone know your real name. Names have power."
-- John Constantine, Books of Magic

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Have You Eaten Cane Before?

Bamboo Groove, Kyoto by Yuki--chan
Bamboo Groove, Kyoto, swiped from Yuki--chan on Flickr.

Little Cyan is already three years old and he is beginning to show his tiger stripes. The kid is quite a handful now and is difficult to manage. A stubborn streak is showing up where he refuses to listen to reason and will just throw a tantrum until he gets what he wants. Most of the time, we have to use reverse psychology. So far, his parents have still been sticking to the modern school of child upbringing and have not resorted to more 'manual' methods. In my opinion, the kid has already seen through the whole situation and knows that he will eventually get his way. As the evil uncle, my temper is already at near blowing point. But of course I will respect his parent's wishes. But I think there's really not much choice anymore. A rotan for Christmas!

Spare the rod and spoil the child?

Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya?

What do you think?

Friday, October 28, 2011


Pentagonal by williamnyk
Pentagonal, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Halfway through mass on Sunday, the power was cut off. No lights. No PA system. No projector. The poor deacon had to shout through his sermon. Fortunately, the air-conditioning was still running. At first, I thought it was a blown fuse or something, but it turned out that even the nearby shops were blacked out. Oh well. Lunch was at SK's place. Had been a long time since she cooked. She tried a few unconventional dishes that day-- steamed egg with fish (to please my nephew. Not really a good combination because the dish ended up quite fishy), steamed chicken wings with salted egg and Chinese parsley (an award-winning dish in Singapore in seems!), stir-fried choy yun, blanched lean pork and herbal soup. A little drama happened after lunch because Cyan got over-zealous in drinking his water that he vomitted all over my mum in the bathroom. Opps! Took us some time to clean up before heading home. Not long after getting home, we went out again to buy some stuff at Jusco. The little kid was hyper again running all over the place. Quite a handful. Finished ninety percent of the shopping list (most importantly replaced the SD card that had been stashed away by naughty Cyan!), just need to find a replacement keypad for my mum's Nokia. Sat down at Secret Recipe to have a piece of moist chocolate cake. The kid gobbled it up together with a Portugese egg tart from Baker's Cottage. Back home, I napped for about one hour before leaving for dinner at CoCo tei, Jalan Delima with SK, Apollo, Ken and Lifebook.

Sashimi Moriawase

The place had a nice ambience and was predominantly decorated with tree trunks and wooden flotsam. We ordered a sashimi moriawase to share and to wash it down, we opened a bottle of Satsuma Mura shochu. The dinner special dinner sets arrived in elevated pentagonal woven trays that were quite special but definitely a space-hogger. I ordered the nigiri sushi set while SK took her favourite unagi. Ken sat beside me and was very diligent at keeping my shochu cup full! And he kept on asking me to bottoms up (partly due to the fact that Lifebook did not give me face and did not drink much :P). Was a bit high after all that, but the feeling passed quickly with the food and hot green tea. In my opinion, food wasn't that good for that price range. The sashimi was that worth it. Each piece of fish cost about MYR10! And the amaebi wasn't sweet at all. But the drink was good and the company was superb making it a wonderful dinner. Ended dinner with wasabi, black sesame and yuzu ice cream and mochi. As per tradition, I opened my present at the end of dinner. David and Ken got me pair of Paul Frank undies! Super cute prints! On top of that, the microfiber was soooooooo smooth and silky. We paid the bill (with raised eyebrows) and said our goodbyes... Think that should be the last of my birthday dinners for 2011.

Satsuma Mura


P.S.: Also thanks to Potato Bill's Toot underwear that arrived in the mail. I like it very much! (the picture below is only an approximation, I couldn't find the exact model, and of course that ain't my body!)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Master Mei

Lammeeya III by williamnyk
Lammeeya III, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Last Sunday, SK and I attended English mass before heading off to Lammeeya, Damansara Uptown for breakfast. The reason for the change in routine was because KT's graduation was on that day. We wanted to congratulate her for obtaining her masters degree in educational psychology from UPM. Breakfast consisted of their trademark lam mee and one udon version. Shared between the three of us as the set also came with meatballs and fried beancurd skin. Truth be told, I love their meatballs althought I am not a fan of meatballs. The texture is good and it has the fragrance of dried cuttlefish. Yummy! Their lam mee is good, but every time I eat it, I tell myself that I have stay away for at least three months. Don't know why. We reached UPM at about 11:00am. The sun was relentless and the designated car park was quite far from the main hall. However, most people were too happy to notice that they were being grilled under their mortar boards. Took us some time to find KT in the sea of graduates and well-wishers. At that time, only her parents were with her. So we took some pictures and subsequently scurried away to more shaded areas. SK and I did not get her flowers, but gave her a red packet instead. Purple flowers that will never shrivel up and die. LOL. Met her junior whom she said was confused about his sexuality. That fella could wear a pair of skinny jeans and still have space left over!!! Don't think he is confused. SK's gaydar matched my results. Just stayed for an hour and excused ourselves. Walking back to the car, we were surprised to find a Catholic chapel in the UPM grounds. It was called St. Anne's Chapel and peculiarly, at the entrance was a prayer for expectant mothers. Some kind of trend?

Lammeeya II

Lammeeya I

St Anne Chapel

Before dinner, I went for a swim at my apartment. It was a great workout, but when I arrived home, I realized that my underwear was missing! Yes, I freeballed home that's why I did not notice my red 2xist undies going AWOL. Couldn't find it, so sad! It was a gift from KH. :(. Hopefully it's not in the hands of some underwear thief! Later that night, sis and BIL brought me out for dinner at Mr. Ho's Bistro at Bandar Puteri Puchong. The owner was a very nice lady who gave her customers much attention. We ordered most of the dinner specials-- walnut salad (the balsamic vinegar dressing was very overpowering), mixed platter (chicken, pork sausage, pork chop, roast pork, pork ribs), pork chops, lamb shoulder and pasta with pan-seared salmon (generous portion of fish). Overall, the grilled items were good, but I did not quite like the marinara-based pork ribs. Drinks were an imported soft drink called Tango-- "orange soft drink with sugar and sweeteners. Contains no artificial colours or flavours (or any of those poncy ingredients like ginseng or elderflower)". Cracked me up. The restaurant had a play corner that occupied Cyan for most of the dinner. Everything looked new and well-maintained. Nice place for dinner really. And the prices are quite mid-range. That concludes my second birthday dinner.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MRT Celebrities: Phone Frenzy

Hi guys and gals! I'm back with a long overdue entry on MRT cuties. It's been dry season on the LRT lately, so luckily KH has some goodies for all of you. Quite the norm these days for commuters to be looking at their smart phones for the whole journey. No more staring into space and digging our noses. Even I can't keep my iPhone in my pocket for more than two minutes. I would be thinking that there's some kind of notification or something. So most of the time, I'd be checking my inbox, looking at FB, playing Tiny Tower (a bit malas these days) and checking out photos on Instagram (read: looking for skanky pics). I rarely stuff my ears and listen to music. Has been ages since I updated my playlist too. Any recommendations for my "On the Go" playlist? Oh yeah, and one more thing. Just look at those two guys. They represent two categories of commuters. The guy on the left loves his bag more than his back, so he keeps it slung. The guy on the right doesn't feel that his bag is some 'blessed item' that would lose its powers if he put it down. I am the latter. Most of the time I would put my bag down on the floor, unless it was just a couple of stops. And remember, no bag deserves to have its own seat! But maybe TBoy would beg to differ. Until my next post...
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea by williamnyk
Afternoon Tea, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Grat asked me out for afternoon tea on Saturday (so ngam it was a Guan Yin feast day) at The Gardens Mall and just so happened Finnegan was in town again so I requested them to combine the meet. Luckily both of 'em were obliging (but I think they did not have a choice). Sorry to say I was late for half an hour that day, so by the time I arrived at Pastis, I saw Grat sipping Lavazzo coffee at one table and Finnegan just beside him reading a book. I should have described Finnegan to Grat so that perhaps they could have kept each other occupied before my arrival. According to Grat, he saw Finnegan earlier, wondering why an ang moh was pacing up and down. LOL. without wasting any time, I asked Finnegan to move over to our table and introduced him to Grat and SK. At the start of the conversation, we paid our full attention to the guest but as time went we couldn't help ourselves but to bith about local issues and at times lapse into Cantonese. Having lived in HK for a time, I suspect that Finnegan can understand bits and pieces of our banter. :P. Both Grat and Finnegan ordered pasta while SK and I shared the afternoon tea set. Our small table was almost overwhelmed by all the crockery and cutlery. Slowly nibbled on the sandwiches, mini quiches, cakes and desserts that were found on the tiered trays. By the time we had finished gossiping, I had gone through three pots vanilla sencha. Feeling a need to stretch our legs, we did a bit of walking around the mall. Not long after that, we said our goodbyes. Perhaps next time we can bring Finnegan to try some local foods rather than stick to mall or restaurant food.

Before I forget, here's a low down of the birthday presents I got so far:

  1. Received a pair of black Calvin Klein briefs from ChatMate in the mail. From their Steel range. Cool microfiber. Great to the touch. Thanks!
  2. In Melaka, mum gave me a red packet. Thanks mum!
  3. Back in KL, SK's grandma also gave me a red packet! Thanks ah po!
  4. JJ and Bunny bought me dinner at The Pork Place. Thanks guys!
  5. A colleague of mine bought me a cup of crème brûlée cappucino from CBTL. TQ!
  6. And last but not least, another book from Finnegan-- "Week-end Wodehouse". Thanks! Remember that I owe you two book reports! :S

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Man in the Mirror

Last Friday, Pooh made a visit to KL with his bf, ZaiZai. As usual, he asked me to organize a dinner party. A thankless job really. Since he was staying with Jo Tetek at Puchong Jaya, I decided to have it at The Geographer at IOI Boulevard. On arrival, SK and I found the place to be super crowded, maklumlah Friday is drinking night. On top of that, it was noisy and full of ciggie smoke, but I guess that is to be expected from a bar. Since everyone else had not arrived, we went scouting for an alternative. Upon seeing The Pork Place, we checked out the menu and decided that it was kosher for our purposes. :P. At first I thought it was only a party of serven, but at the last minute, Pooh told me to set a table for twelve. Goodness. And after everything was ready, he told me that there were actually two muslims coming. I was flabbergasted. Bah. I just waited for him to arrive and decide further upon it. Luckily, his friend did not mind it and found something pork-less to eat. That night, I finally met ZaiZai. We refer to each other as "myself" as he is a decade younger version of me existing at the same time as me and fucking another man. Quite a kinky thought. True to pics, he did look fifteen. Barely legal. Pooh likes that. Other attendees included Bunny, Jaded Jeremy, WZ (looks very much like Wen Zhang, a PRC actor who recently starred in "The Sorceror and the White Snake") and his boyfriend EC, Jo Tetek and his boyfriend AK, and several of Pooh's friends from his uni days. It was good that the cute supervisor put us in a private room at loft, else the other patrons would be choking on their bratwursts.

For food, I had the schwenk braten (pork shoulder) and SK ordered her favourite sausage platter. It was delicious. Hearty portions and lovely mustard. Conversation was lively. Had a great time chatting with WZ. Observing his interactions with EC was also quite absorbing. Banter. Sarcasm. Dialogue bordering on the snappish. The words were especially powerful coming from EC's hooded eyes and the ingrained KL sneer. Pooh's last guest, Ash arrived at the end of dinner. She was so happy to see him that she gave him a WWE bear hug. To the untrained eye, it was as though Pooh was being assaulted. Since she hadn't eaten, we brought her over to The Geographer. By that time, it was nearly full to the brim with customers and promoters. Pretty girls in all shapes and sizes peddling booze and fags. I couldn't stand the the ciggarette smoke and it was bloody difficult to have anyone take your order, so a small group of us went over to Chatime. As a virgin drink, I ordered the roasted tea with grass jelly, but SK's melon tea with grapefruit tasted better. Halfway through, a friend of WZ's joined us. From the way WZ described his friend, I think he has a crush on him. :P. Before I left for the night, SK and I went back over to The Geographer to say goodbye. Just after one drink, ZaiZai started getting very octopus-y with me! According to Pooh, it was heightened by the fact that I was in office wear. Pooh didn't mind, he was all for William-on-William action. =_=. And so we hugged and parted ways... until their next visit or perhaps I would go to Penang (Pooh and Zemien, don't laugh k?).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Out of Melaka

Typical Breakfast by williamnyk
Typical Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Early next morning, we packed up and got ready to check out. Before heading to mass, Sis brought us to breakfast at Restoran Weng Soh Siew that is famous for two things-- nasi lemak and yu kaw noodles. To me, yu kaw noodles is basically fishball and fishcake noodles done in the dry style. Doesn't sound very special right? But the hor fun was very good (reminiscent of a lighter chu cheong fun) and the chili gravy that come with the food was good. To me, the nasi lemak was just average. Typical Chinese version that is sweet-ish with kangkung. But little Cyan whacked it all anyway. We were supposed to celebrate mass at St. Francis Xavier Church in town, but having passed by St. Peter's Church first, we decided to go there instead. It's the oldes church in Melaka, built in 1710. It had been renovated with a wood-paneled ceiling but I guess most of the original architecture remained. The altar was also pre-dominantly wooden. The homily was very lively. I loved how the priest told his stories and mixed in Hokkien into English. Some things he said were also very bold and perhaps a bit reckless. But the subject was about the power of God and of course with God, everything goes! Here's an excerpt:

Nasi Lemak


"It was just my first year as a priest and I was called to an exorcism! Liao! Before entering the house, I asked God to give the strength. Let them see your Power. Don't make me lak seh! I went in with my holy water and crucifix. And loudly proclaimed in the name of God that all devils should be cast out. Even annointed the child with oil blessed by the bishop. But the mother told me that I annointed the wrong child."

"Someone was dying in the ICU and I was told to perform an annointing of the sick. I was in my white cassock and I was stopped on the way to the ward. The person thought I was a doctor! I'm not a doctor I said, but a specialist. A specialist in prayer."


Food Pyramid

He even complained that his mother watches too much Astro, causing her to have difficulty concentrating in prayer. :S. Just as the mass ended, tourists streamed in to admire the heritage building. On the way to Jonker Street, we stopped at Tan Kim Hock to buy some food products. Seems a bit more run down and even the cendol section had closed. At Jonker, the sun beat down relentlessly on poor tourists like us. Did the usual rounds from Sam Shu Gong to Jonker 88. Unfortunately, Jonker 88 was too crowded, so we decided on the shop beside it, Jonker 86. Kinda like fishes feeding off the scraps from a shark's feeding frenzy. They basically live off customer run-off from next door. But then again, their food is decent. I liked the nyonya laksa, but the assam laksa was lukewarm. Hate that. I like things piping hot. The cendol was OK, but if you're looking for an overdose of palm sugar, definitely go to Jonker 88. After our lunch there, we immediately drove back to KL.

Old Walk


Coconut Milk


Napped a bit and upon waking up, had to freshen up and go for my birthday dinner! An ad-hoc choice. Went to Umai-Ya at IOI Boulevard. Food was average and the portions were kind of disappointing. The pictures in the menu were obviously taken through a magnifying glass! Ordered the kimchi maki, gindara mushi, chirashi don and a chicken teriyaki set. Post-dinner cake was a slice of almond cake from the nearby RT Bakery. Didn't light the candle that came with it nor was sung a birthday song. Just ate half of it and little Cyan whacked the rest of it the day after. Ah. Three. One.

Raw Colors


Monday, October 17, 2011

Melaka Marriage

Mille Crepe by williamnyk
Mille Crepe, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
My brother-in-law's little brother was getting married in Melaka, so we made a little trip down. The good thing was, he rented a big house in Taman Pertam Jaya, so lodging was free. Very spacious, fully-furnished and nicely-renovated for just MYR300 a night. Heard that many developers fail to sell their bumi lots, so they are forced rent them out or transform them into motels to recoup their losses. The journey took about two hours with SK testing the limits of her Viva. Arrived at Melaka a bit too early as the tea ceremony was still ongoing, so we decided to take a detour to Jasin to visit my uncle. His health seems to have deteriorated the last I saw him in Tangkak. Age is catching up and his chronic bone and joint problems don't seem to get any better. He brought us out to lunch nearby. Had a chicken rice that would be suitable for toothless people. No chewing was required to eat the rice and chicken. Arrived back in Melaka at around 2:00pm, but it was a hassle finding the rented place because SK's Garmin GPS was acting up again. Went round and round at an adjacent housing area. Just put down our luggage, rested a while and went out again to JJCM. It was just 3km to town.

Forgot Your Dentures?

Our first stop was Ming's Satay Hut. Skewers of porky goodness. The meat was crispy on the outside but moist on the inside. And the marinate was quite special, with a hint of black pepper. Also ate a small order of liver satay. Each piece of liver was interspersed with a think layer of fat to enhance the taste. Prepared well, not over-cooked. Walked a few shops down to Nadeje Pattiserrie. On our first pass, we missed it because their sign board was taken down for renovation. Just ordered one slice of Berry Berry Strawberry Mille Crepe and a pot of hibiscus-rose hip tea. Couldn't understand how all the patrons could stand sitting inside with the noisy renovations going on. Worst of all was the fact that the enclosed space was full of paint solvent fumes! Perhaps mille crepe does go very well with thinner. The sour hint of the strawberry did well to balance the cream in the mille crepe. I was happy with my choice. My first piece of birthday 'cake', sponsored by ChatMate. The tea came with a tea cosy, a funny sight considering the tropical heat of Malaysia. The tea was also sour but it reminded me too much of 'sour vegetables'. That was not the only funny thing~ our waiter was called "Bieber". ;S.

Porky Skewers

Cut Through The Red Tape


While eating, I received a call from my sister. Apparently, SK and her grandma was invited to the wedding. They actually tagged along just to take in the sights. So, SK and I went off to Hatten Square to do some shopping cause SK did not bring anything suitable to wear for the banquet. Just took her fifteen minutes to get a blouse. and in that time, we saw so many specimens of Melaka's gay lala twinks. Never expected the place to have such a high concentration. Back at the rented house, we rested and freshened up. Sis and BIL had left earlier to make some preparations at Equatorial Hotel, the dinner venue. Little Cyan threw a tantrum, wanting to follow his mum. Had to shut him up with games on my iPhone and he later fell asleep due to exhaustion. The kid slept in his slacks, long sleeve shirt and vest (his full kit had a bow tie and a coat). At about 7:00pm, we made our way to the hotel. Things were a bit chaotic because the Chief Minister was having his birthday celebration there as well.

Shell Games

The theme of the dinner was "Beach Party". The bride and the groom wore polo Ts and cropped pants with "Just Married" signs on their back. Went around barefoot even. The cocktail reception served coconut water and red wine. Inside, one corner was decorated with balloons, seashells, floats, beach balls, a swing and a beach backdrop. The kids really buat kecoh there. A very strange wedding. The bride and groom never changed into anything formal. There was no main table. And there was no toasting on stage, cutting of cake or pouring of champagne. Just a weird syok sendiri entrance sketch that was only viewable by a quarter of the guests. Food was kinda good. Better than most hotel fare. Drank lotsa wine and listened to a lot of oldies belted out by the entertainers. Luckily I wasn't too stuffed from dinner. The drive back was another challenge with the buggy Garmin GPS. Passed by Capitol and saw a long queue spanning two shop lots at 10:30pm. Goodness. Finally got home. Showered and jumped into bed... feeling the effects of the countless glasses of red wine...

The Groom


P.S.: Also received my second birthday present that day, a red packet with an auspicious number of dollar bills from SK. She finally gave trying to figure out what to get me and gave me cold, hard cash!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lets Get to the Bottom of Things

An anonymous commenter concluded from my last post that I must be a bottom because I have such sensitive nipples. I don't know how true this analysis is as my experience with men is limited to KH. Can't really make an observation based on my limited data set! Haha. Well, at the start, KH never did appreciate any nipple play. But under my constant minstrations, he can now appreciate some of it. When I get through with him, I'll make sure that he gets a woodie on every tweak. :P. Back to the question:

Based on your experience, do bottoms have more sensitive nipples than tops?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is Your Snake Green or White?

Sushi Tei by williamnyk
Sushi Tei, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Brought mum to Tropicana City Mall for a movie on Sunday after church. We weren't very hungry cause we ate free doughnuts distributed by the Society of St. Vincent De Paul in conjunction with their feast day. Therefore, we only had a light lunch at Sushi Tei before the movie. My first time there actually. Ordered a plate of salmon belly sushi and a plate of kaki mentai sushi (oyster mayo). Both were quite good. In addtition to that, shared a bowl of yosenabe. Walking out of the restaurant, I was diverted to the booth to register my name for a lucky draw. When I handed over the piece of paper to the buxom promoter, she exclaimed:

"So lucky! Big Momma's Pajamas!!!!"

It was movie merchandise from the movie "Big Momma's Like Father Like Son"-- giant pink pajama with a pair of XXXXXL panties. My mum altered the top and its now wearable. At the center court, a junior rhythmic gymnastic tournament was ongoing. The kids were so young... Saw two types of coaches-- the bitter, over-the-hill type and the lithe, I-suck-nutrients-out-of-the-air variety. Most of the routines were pretty standard and repetitive. Basic stuff. Couldn't stand watching for long. Poor kids. We watched "The Sorceror and the White Snake". Quite nice, but Raymond Lam and Charlene Choi were quite annoying. Can really see how far Jet Li has aged. Can't really comment much about the story as I don't know the original. I do remember a bit of the version from Shaw Brothers. It was quite entertaining with loads of CGI.

Soupy Stuff

Later that night, after my jog, met up HP and her husband for dinner at Iwate Ramen, Seri Petaling. Parking there was horrible. Saw a couple walking towards the side of the road... thought they were heading towards their car. But they suddenly disappeared. Turns out they were squatting by the drain burning offerings and pouring rice wine! Seems like a daily ritual for the night club opposite the road. The ramen had a springy feel and the soup was quite thick in flavour. The charsiew was well-roasted with a good aroma. However, the price was a tad expensive for an unknown shop in Seri Petaling. Also tried their otak-otak fried rice. Nice but oily. After dinner, we went to HP's new condo in Savanna 2. 1400sqft, newly-renovated with built-in cabinets and all the bells and whistles. But she paid a premium for it. Kinda reminds me of my apartment. I have yet to do the basic renovation. Should do it soon and rent it out to recoup some of my installement payments!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blue-Gray Saturday

Bak Zhang by williamnyk
Bak Zhang, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Didn't do much marketing on Saturday. Just made a few quick stops in OUG and Taman United before heading home. For breakfast we had Woo Pin's fish head noodles. Shared a large bowl with mum. Although I often order the fresh belly meat, I still do feel that it goes the best with fried fish. Another favourite stall of mine is at TTDI, at the corner near Peek-a-boo. The fish meat is fried to a golden-brown with no unpleasant oil smell and it retains the moistness and sweetness of the fish. And it comes heavily-garnished with chinese celery and cooking wine. Yummy. Mum went out at around noon, so I was left to my own devices. Munched on a packet of steamed chickpeas. Really love the stuff. Used to buy it from the stalls at bus stations during my youth. Had a late lunch of bak zhang from OUG. For just MYR4, it was large and filled with half a salted egg yolk, mushroom, white kidney beans and fatty pork. Ate it while watching The Infidel on my laptop. A story about an East End Muslim who discovers that he's adopted - and Jewish. Good for some jokes on religion. Later that afternoon, had tea with mum. She chopped up some cucumbers and capsicums and brought out the jar of herring that we had been struggling to finish. Washed it all down with some hot Milo.

Later that night, SK and I sent mum to a wedding banquet at Bukit Jalil Golf Resort. For dinner, we met up Briyani Blue Sky at Restoran Choon Sum, off Old Klang Road. Arriving at 8:00pm, the place was already crawling with customers. Waited one hour for our food because there was only only chef-- the fat guy. Usually, the food arrives before their signature dish of Lotus Leaf Fish, but on that night it was the inverse. The wait was for naught because the food was terrible. No quality. Sub-standard. No heart. Simply done. The superior soup lala tasted all wrong and without rice wine. The kam heong chicken was too oily. The pork ribs were way too sweet. Only the vegetable was good. It was the worst dinner I had there and I must really apologize to Briyani Blue Sky. We left at around 10:00pm as our dinner guest was rushing home to watch "Gray's Anatomy". SK and I left for Restoran Madinah at Taman Esplanad for a hot drink while waiting for my mum. Another horrible experience. My teh tarik tasted of limau panas because they didn't wash their cups properly. Ugh. There you have it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Spray On

From my last skanky post about nipple licking I have noticed that many readers by the fact that I have EDT on my nipples. I don't know about you, but I spray my EDT on my body rather than on my clothes. A quick spritz on my chest and abdomen usually does the trick. Experts recommend applying fragrance at your pulse points because body heat intensifies the effect. Some people say that by spraying on your clothes, you risk staining them and clothes do not retain fragrance as well as your skin. But some people recommend walking through a mist of perfume in your clothes. Opinions differ. My choice of location is kinda odd when you consider that the usual places are the neck and wrists. Perhaps I shall try those places too. Hehe.

How do you wear your fragrance?

Friday, October 07, 2011

Wednesday with KH

Sephora Spot by williamnyk
Sephora Spot, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

As we were discussing what breakfast to have and finally decided on pan mee at Jojo's Little Kitchen, KH suddenly had a change of heart and revealed his craving for nasi lemak. The only decent choice was Pappa Rich at Puchong Jaya. Then off we went to The Pavilion for some jalan-jalan. Also visited Sephora and Fahrenheit 88. Seeing how idle the staff at Snowflake were, we decided to give it a try. Got the bestseller, but ordered the variety. Think we should have gone with the cold. Also tried their pearl milk tea. I wasn't too impressed with both items. I only liked the peanuts in the dessert, was really large and fragrant. Tokyo Street was also a new addition that I had not seen. The concept's very much like what Singaporean malls had been practising for some time. The lunch crowd was a bit scary, so we shopped at Daiso first before lining up at Hokkaido Ramen: Santouka for a while. Business was very brisk for something quite expensive. Designer ramen. KH and I shared a large bowl of charsiu miso ramen with extra negi. Delicious, but the soup was kinda overpowering. It left a very strong aftertaste in my mouth. KH ordered another cup of roasted milk tea at Ochado. Still felt it lacked some oomph. Back home, it was skanky time once again. After four years of LDR, I finally feel that our sex act is now mostly in harmony. Easier to get things rolling. It's something that most couples take for granted, as they have more time and opportunities to get things right. But we still need to work on some points as I have not yet struck off some items from my sex wish list. :P. Was tired after sex and I napped on KH's chest. KH was scheduled to leave that night, so he packed and we headed out to dinner at Restoran Kheng Pang, Taman Universiti Indah. Ordered our favourite claypot tilapia, Mongolian pork ribs and stir-fried potato leaves. We only shared one plate of rice, but still left the table super full!


Tokyo Street Spot


Drove to LCCT from there. Upon reaching, KH had some trouble scanning his 2D barcode at the kiosk. This goes to show that one should just print the boarding pass at home. The barcode scanner is only another point of possible failure. While waiting for his boarding time, we had a drink at Old Town Kopitiam. Sat beside a woman with lips that proves the existence of collage implant genes. At around 8:30pm, we walked KH to the departure gate. Hugged me and kissed me on my cheek. Watched him go up the escalator and waved him goodbye. Sigh. Don't know when will be next I see him... Love you baby.



Wednesday, October 05, 2011


In the heat of our passion, KH kissed me hard on my lips. His hands would go roaming to my chest as he knows his touch would elicit an appreciative response from me. Not feeling satisfied with my moan, he unbuttoned my shirt and put his warm mouth to my right nipple. The feeling was electric. But it ended abruptly. He sat up and licked his lips. I opened my eyes and looked at him:

Moi: What's wrong dear?

KH: Is that perfume I taste in my mouth?

Moi: XD. Yup. Esprit Connect.

We continued where we left off. LOL.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tuesday with KH

Hot Soup by williamnyk
Hot Soup, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Our day started with breakfast at Restoran Rishadh, our favourite neighbourhood mamak shop. KH got his roti telur bawang fix. A light breakfast before our spa appointment at Desa Sri Hartamas. He forwarded me the promotion on Groupon, so we went to give it a try. Took us a while to find the place because we forgot to bring the address and phone number and had to dig it out from the e-mails. When we finally arrived, we rang the doorbell but nobody answered. Wanting to use the loo, I went back downstairs to pinjam tandas at the mamak shop. On the ground floor, a Korean woman spoke to me in Korean, and I just went "Huh?!". Realizing that I'm not Korean (not hard to figure out kan? Suneo is obviously Japanese), she asked me where the toilet was. I beckoned her to follow me to the mamak shop. LOL. By the time I went back up, the PIC had returned. Turned out to be a middle-aged PRC woman who looked suspiciously like a mama-san. They obviously had not warmed up their engine. Quite chaotic. After determining what package we wanted (30-minute body scrub followed by 90-minute full body massage at MYR88), more PRC girls started appearing. Got out the tea and hot foot soak. KH got a 21-year old China doll, while I got a 30+ woman. There were no rooms, everything was separated by curtains. We were told to strip, but we found nothing to change into. On KH's massage bed, there was G-string-like thing, but on mine there was nothing. So I asked my therapist. They got all kelam-kabut and started sourcing for some boxer shorts for us. At first, she gave me something XXL. I stared in disbelief and asked for something smaller. More alarm bells rang in my head.

And so, the scrub started. At KH's side, I heard the therapist ask him to strip everything off! Yikes. Luckily I got leave my shorts on. My therapist kept commenting on how smooth my skin was. And the lack of body hair really shocked her. She kept on telling KH's therapist what little hair I had on my body. =_=. Chit-chat-chit-chat. Definitely not a place to go for relaxation! When she reached my legs, she was practically in disbelief. "How can?!". The scrub was really good, she even gave my ass a good scrubbing. By the time she got to my lower lower abdomen, I'm sure she would have noticed that I at least have pubes. :S. The massage went pretty well. My first time trying the Chinese style. Her hands had much strength. Towards the final lap of the massage, I started chatting woth my therapist. About her hometown, life in China. Then it got quite weird when she started spending much time at my groin, massaging around near my balls at a my pubic area. When I'm in such 'public' situations, my dick stays inert. Perhaps she felt it weird that I did not give her a woodie and just kept on talking like nothing's amiss. Then finally she gives it a try-- she points at my dick and asks me whether I wanted to be 'serviced'. I just smiled and said no. She didn't pull a face or anything, just continued on with my legs, but with a little less enthusiasm I guess. And she even told me to recommend some friends. I would definitely pay for JY's handjob here.

Lunch was at Han Sung, a Korean joint nearby. Set lunches were MYR12 net. Ordered the soft tofu soup with three side dishes. I liked it. As we got into the car, SK noticed that the two more of her hubcaps were stolen. Seems like Viva hubcaps are very 'hot' in the market. Back home at SK's apartment, she gave us a couple of hours of privacy to skank while she went out to settle some chores. It was great reconnecting with KH. Our bodies had been denied for far too long. Time was short, so we did have time to nap... so we just snuggled and kept each other close. Restoran Stadium Negara was our dinner destination. In order to avoid any unnecessary jamming, we left a bit early and arrived there at about 6:00pm. We were among the first customers. The waiter stood outside and waited for us to park our car before asking us, "How many pax?". Ordered the favourites-- grilled crab, grilled cuttlefish, blanched prawns with rice wine and claypot tofu. It was very satisfying, especially since it was KH's treat for my birthday. Haha. Mirroring what we did for Lifebook's birthday, we headed to Suria KLCC. First stop was to visit Apollo to check KH's eyes. Since his power did not change, there was no need for him to spend unnecessary money. Then we went to Kino to wait for happy hour to start at Chinoz @ The Park. For drinks, we ordered Summer Pimms and Bliss at a buy one free one promotion. Before heading home, we stopped by at the newly-opened Isetan Food Market for a look. Bought some miso and spotted a super tall gweilo at Sun Moulin! That was the end of Day #1. Totally satisfying... gastronomically and sexually (nothing to do with the China doll, k!). :P.

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