Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sunday Personalities

Having attended vigil mass, we had Sunday morning free. SK, mum and I headed out to Bandar Puteri Puchong to see what's the fuss about at Taiping Mali Cafe. After trying it, I really don't understand why it's always full house there. Mediocre at best. Mum ordered their nasi lemak. It was not a chef's recommendation, so BIG MISTAKE. Even the recommended items are mediocre, what would one expect, right? To be honest, it was a sorry excuse for nasi lemak. The rice tasted funny. The sambal cannot even be called sambal! It was a whole bunch of onions in chilli oil. Super salah! The saving grace was the yellow sticky rice with curry chicken. It was quite good. The soft-boiled egg on toast also couldn't make it. The overly done yolk literally stood out on toast like a sore thumb. Forunately, the coffee was quite good. Very smooth. I also see a lot of people ordering the mee rebus and chee cheong fun with yam cake. Both look bland to me.

Next stop was IOI Mall, because the lighting shop that SK wants to go was still not open. Did some shopping there. In record time, got presents for two August Babies. Did some shopping at Daiso too. Can't believe that mum bought Cyan a broom to play with. At about 11:00am, we drove back out to Top Ten Lighting, beside Tesco. Amazed by the prices there. Cheap! One does not need to haggle much. SK bought all her lights there. Three PLUs also walked in. High concentration of gayness in Puchong, Pikey? Hehe. Had lunch at the foodcourt nearby. The duck rice I ordered was nice, but the fella gave me really bony parts. If not for the eye candy at the next table, I would have been more pissed.

Mum then went to buy her 4D and we stopped at Econsave, OKR for a while for some grocery shopping. Saw two examples that sexiness does not diminish with age:
1) Saw an aunty no younger than 45 having her hair washed at a hair salon. Bare back, slinky dress shorter than mid-thigh with her boobies suspended by a halter neck.
2) Saw a PLU uncle in his early forties in super low shorts and a too-short tank top. Got an eyeful of his pubic hair.


Swam at my new apartment. The pool's quite short and the water was fuiyoh, quite dirty. Visibility was about 1m. Halfway through my laps, a cute guy apeared with his mother, no doubt viewing some units for sale. So cute. So straight. Oh well. As expected, the physical activity really worked up an appetite. Had a hawker buffet at my neighbourhood food court-- grilled chicken wings, BKT, satay, pepper stomach soup and wat tan hor. Saw another interesting character there. Pale-faced girl with half her face and dark dim glasses covered by her hair. Arty-farty with elderly parents. Her poor mother would speak 20 words to her and she would reply-- a single syllable. Full stop. Most of the time, her earplugs would be on and at times she would scribble in her sketchbook. If I have this kind of daughter, sure khek sei! The end.


Gratitude said...

"Taste with Jason" on astro juz recommended Ammah's Restoran Taiping Lang in Puchong Jaya. ( near IOI Mall) I'm dying to try that now :)

nicky05 said...

wah super geli the uncle..:S

plainjoe said...

you got gifts!

Ban said...

...physical activity?

William said...

Opposite IOI Mall?

Intro to you.

All done!

Swimming la bradder....

pikey said...

Ohhh... and I thought this area was so deprived of it.

Mr.D said...

the only person i noticed while going out yesterday is a hot thai hunk who sat beside me and his touch electrified me. fuhhhh