Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sign on the Dotted Line

Swiped from lscomplex.
Since mum's in Bukit Mertajam, SK and I went out a little later to the market. There's really no reason to be early cause SK can speed-shop, unlike my mum. By 9:30am, we were done and having breakfast at Taman United. Had a horribly salt-rich mee soya. Ugh. Finished up and headed for home. At around 11:00am, we went out to the law firm in Serdang Perdana sign our Sales and Purchase Agreement and Letter of Offer. Yes, we're finally going to be home owners! I think in total, the documents were 2 inches thick. So many copies to sign. And Alliance Bank is damn ma fan, one has to initial each and every printed page. Halfway through, I ended up not really knowing how to sign my name! Luckily the cheque cleared. Our lawyer explained every clause in the documents to us. Pointed out our rights and the rights of the vendor. Very clear. We applied for the 50% off the stamp duty and got the 20% off for Islamic financing. Asked the lawyer to prepare the documents for EPF withdrawal too. By the time we finished, it was nearly 1:00pm. Fuh!

For lunch, we ate at a coffeshop beside South City Plaza. Ordered some mixed rice. Back home, we watched Monga. Didn't like it. Half of the time I was fiddling on my iPhone playing Piczle Lines. The gist of the movie-- Taiwanese eye candy beating the hell out of each other. Mark Chao is cute! At 5:30pm, Bear and Pikey came over. SK drove all of us down to Klang to meet up with Grat and Jerry. My first time meeting Jerry. He appears thinner and more dimunitive in person. Very easy-going and easy to warm up to. First order of business was SK's massage appointment. The therapist was an old uncle who appeared to have a gentle touch, but SK's grimace suggested otherwise. With that done, we drove to Restoran Boston Baru for dinner.

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Waited one hour for the food to arrive!!! Luckily my tummy wasn't feeling well that day. Or else I would have been crazed with hunger. SK on the other contemplated going to the opposite shop for BKT every five minutes. Hehe. The food was well worth the wait. Had fried tapioca noodles, Hokkien mee, fried 'moonlight' kuay teow, superior soup clams and nestum mantis prawn. The noodles had enough wok qi and the crispy pork lard in it was really fragrant. However I found the kuay teow a tad sweet. The mantis prawn was very crispy, but I would have preferred it with less sugar. The clams were superb with the aroma of cooking wine. During the course of the dinner, everyone was busy checking out Klang boys. Slightly beng-ish, but were cute in their own way.

Doble TangYuan

Without any rest in between, we went to Hoo Bee for giant tong yuen in ginger soup. Bigger than your average testicle. Was another long wait! But the tong yuen was good. Like eating a delicious mochi. But I was too full to finish it. Lastly, we had coffee at Espresso. Did a lot of camwhoring there. And the crowd was mostly young kids. Plenty of eye candy. Plenty to see. Boy next door. Submissive twink. Goth guy. Cosplay chink. Klang cutie. Beng buddy. Cowboy chic. You name it, they got it. I'm definitely going back there again and the yeah, the coffee's good too. LOL. Rushed back home as it was early mass the next day!

P.S.: Sorry, no food pics. The lighting at most of the places was very bad!
P.P.S.: Grat, look in the rear view mirror more often... hard to follow your car le!


Lucifer said...

cuci mata ar?

wah....very nice le the tang yuan. like bull's testis. hahaha.

-aLEx- said...

You seem to makan a lot eh! Jealous!

Skyhawk said...

Wah, didn't know Klang can find so many cutie. Must go must go!

Danny said...

congrats for having ur own house :)
now can start plan for the decor liao?

pikey said...

Looking fwd to visit yr new house when it's done, perhaps a round of steamboat there? He he he...

nicky05 said...

Beng beng boy better..

carpe diem said... you owe the bank for the next 20 years! :P

the happy go lucky one said...

congrats on getting new house, must invite for house warming hor :P

William said...

Yeah lo. Keep on cuci. LOL. Bull's testis?! You seem experienced.

Haha. It's expected!

Go on a day trip!

Can I consult you? :)

Like we did at your place last time? :)

What boy are you?

25 to be exact! :(

Bring me a Full HD LCD TV as a housewarming gift ya?

Ultraman Jino said...

ehh where's the new house?

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

pikey said...

ya lor :p

Jaded Jeremy said...

Initial on every page is not unique to that bank lah: I also did that with AM Bank.

Gratitude said...

Thick docs and lotsa signing ~ The Bank's way of reminding you to commit to their whims and fancies for the next 20 years liao. ;P

Mana tau Miss F1 drove so slow that day?! :S

William said...

Bandar Kinrara.


I remember that my brother did not need to initial everything for MBB.

Thicker than the Devil's contract. :P. Klang kerata banyak la. Dahlah traffic light banyak!

Danny said...

am more than happy to help.. thats if u trust my taste la ;p

Horny BF said...

Oh, the tang yuen is it from the Pin Hou Restaurant or something?
Read from another blog recently.