Friday, July 23, 2010

A 'Wet' Singapore II: Thunder Birds & Stuffed Wolves

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Got up early on Friday to catch the MRT to Boon Lay. Our destination: Jurong Bird Park. It was a long ride down from Simei. Upon reaching Chinatown, it started to rain heavily and we nearly turned back. Seeing that it let up a bit, we continued our journey. We took a bus from the interchange at Boon Lay. The interchange was impressive. Completely-covered with air-conditioning! Just line up and when the bus arrives, go through the auto-doors to the waiting bus. Orderly and comfortable! Unfortunately, it was still raining heavily when we arrived and several other tourists were stranded at the bus stop. Some of the Indian and PRC nationals just ran for it. KH and I however decided to call it off. I was a bit dejected, but the weather can be unpredictable. So we headed back to the city.

Crystal Jade Palace

Before lunch, we did some window shopping at Wheelock Place and The Ion. Walked into a bag shop that sold many types of novel bags at very fantastic prices. Fancy a knapsack at SGD290 or an umbrella for SGD65? For good design, one pays a premium. Lunch was at Crystal Jade Palace, Ngee Ann City. I had bugged KH about it for ages and he finally brought me. Hehe. Muacks. Was served by very efficient cantonese-speaking waiters. They seem to magically know that we had run out of tea. Amazing. Since Bunny and JJ were running late, we started first with the standard siew mai (so-so), har kau (very thin skin, but too delicate), wu kok (perfect!), fung chow (reminds me of a taste from my childhood), siew yuk (moist and half lean, went well with the mustard sauce) and char siew bao (so-so). Later on, the other two added on har cheong (so-so) and braised noodles with dried scallops (the boric acid smell taste overpowering!).

National Museum of Singapore

KH did some shopping at Takashimaya and bought some Arena jerseys. Their trunks were also going cheap for just SGD12.90 per pair, but I already have an overload of swimming trunks. Then we went down to the food court and I tried Rive Gauche Patisserie's Guanaja. Sat down at the benches outside and shared it with KH. Knicked a spoon from the gelato shop so that I can feed KH (JJ said the aunty was curiously looking at why we asked for a spoon). Every mouthful was a burst of Belgian chocolate. Fantastic with just the right amount of sweetness. Bunny and JJ decided to head home while KH and I carried on to The National Museum of Singapore. Our main purpose was to catch Cai Guo-Qiang's "Head On". it's basically 99 life-sized replicas of wolves hitting a glass wall.

"The crux of this installation lies just before the glass wall, as the artist reminds people: invisible walls are the hardest to dismantle."

Head On

Can the context be shifted to gay rights? Heh. By itself, the museum's quite impressive. A reminder of the colonial style. Even a pair of newly-weds were taking their wedding photos there. Before dinner, we headed to Nic's place. After everyone had arrived, we took the car to Simpang Bedok for makan-makan. The whole group was there-- POD, Nic, C-Mon, Den, Bunny and JJ. Ordered dishes that were quite good like salted egg chicken, curry fish head, pumpkin prawn, bean curd and fried egg with shrimps. Dessert was cendol again, but this time round it tasted exactly like what you would get in Malaysia. Asked Nic some funny questions about NS as he had just come back from his reservist stint.

"Do you get military-issued underwear?"

The answer is no. :P. Sanitary pads? Wakakakaka.

P.S.: Hope Nic is enjoying his UK trip!


nicky05 said...

OMG..the siew yuk and wu kuk look so delicious..>.<

Skyhawk said...

Feed KH with gelato ice-cream publicly? sweet can this be...

Skyhawk said...
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Janvier said...

Hmmm. HLB running late because they overslept or overworked? :P

Gratitude said...

siang tengok burung, malam tengok burung. *haiz*

simonlover said...

So lucky! That time there were no sales for Arena swimtrunks@Taka! Kheksei. Maybe cuz your weekend was the last day of The Great Spore sales kot.

Cheryl said...

hehe......tq for those cute shirts wor... DEAR n DD. Compensate the FOOOOOOOOOOD i miss! Keep hving nice food :P

William said...


Not ice cream, chocolate cake. :P


Siang tak dapat tengok burung!

Hehe. You got too many skanky trunks dy!

This is a half food blog ma. :P

Derek said...

Janvier: Think is neither!

SK: Glad you like them! Both also I choose one! Haha

Simonlover: What size? S ah? Next time buy super low cut for you =)

One item to strike of the list - Crystal Jade Palace hehe


wow, love the wolves pack exhibition... cool

William said...

Geoduck's still there dear.

:). You like wolves?

Ed said...

i always like the Singapore National Museum .... always full of surprise and interesting exhibition.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Definitely didn't oversleep. Either because Ban was doing some last minute work or I was sibuk doing work.

Melaka also got airconditioned bus interchange wor.

William said...

A nice place to hang out.


William said...

A nice place to hang out.