Monday, July 19, 2010

A Simple Sunday?

Precious Mother's Milk
Swiped from fesign (in Rome July20-26).

Church as usual on Sunday. Was ambushed to buy raffle tickets again! 42" LCD TV and Canon DSLR. Pray that I win. Lunch was at Restoran Chi Kar Yin at Bandar Puteri Puchong. Hakka cuisine. According to SK, the place has many positive reviews on the internet. More than ten actually. Sad to say, it was a disappointment. We ordered Hakka Salted Chicken, Vinegar Pig Trotters, Pepper Stomach Soup and blanched lettuce. The salted chicken was the best dish. Big portion. Full-bodied herbal fragrance. Use of free range chicken. The pig trotters were completely wrong. The vinegar they used was of sub-standard quality. And the pepper stomach soup at the foodcourt near my house tastes better than their's. For MYR8.50, they mixed in lean meat. My goodness. I'm not going back there. On our way to get the car, saw Taiping Mali just a few shoplots away. A healthy crowd. Wanted to ta-pau their yellow sticky rice, but it was sold out! Must try it out.

Next we went around shopping for bathroom fixtures and lights for SK's new condo. Found a few good bargains.

Lighting Shop Boss: You're renovating your house?

SK: Not yet. Soon. I haven't gotten the key yet.

Lighting Shop Boss: How soon?

SK: Err... 3 weeks?

Lighting Shop Boss: Oh, goodie! Some people who come in here tell me that construction hasn't even started.

SK: >_____________<"

Back home, mum and SK munched on durians. I just drank some refreshing coconut water and ate some buns from Bread Talk. Lazed around on my bed for a while before heading out to Taman Bukit Jalil for a jog. Good to vary my workout a bit as I feel that my body has gotten used to my swim routine. Overheard at the jogging track:

Father: Girl, why you pull your shirt down? Later monkey come and bite your nen-nen how?

WTF?! Was tired out quickly, but I did have a good sweat. Enjoyed a bottle of carrot-apple juice. Saw a cute twink and a rugged hunk. All sweaty and flushed. :). Dinner was brown rice-pumpkin porridge with fried fish, pakchoy and salted egg. Watched a couple of TVB serial episodes and called it a day...


Anonymous said...

walau eh, sounds like a minute by minute chronicle of your waking life, with the only missing thing the times you go to the loo, what you did there, and what came out, and what you surfed on the Internet ... :-)

simple indeed!

Skyhawk said...

Looks like you have a great day...all balance up, good food, good exercise and etc...mana cerita Singapore?

Ed said...

NICE picture...... should show it to the little girl...... hahahhaa

Cheryl said...

interesting people ard. The lighting house boss and the daddy

Little Dove said...
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Little Dove said...

They should use that cute picture to promote breastfeeding in hospitals!

nicky05 said...

I thought you wont watch TVB drama...:P

Gratitude said...

wait till you try my vinegered trotters! ;P

Koala Express said...

foodcourt near ur house? where isit? :P

kidz said...

hey... this is back-dated? =p

anyway.. hope ur trip here was great.. =)


is the monkey mama's nen nen pain? :P

plainjoe said...

I can't stop laughing when I saw that picture! the young monkey is super adorable!

count astaroth said...

it's nearly 2 am now and my tiredness gone when see the picture...hahaha

William said...

Hence the "?". Hehe.

Soon, soon. In a few days after pen it all down and process the pics.

Hahahaha. It should be of the mother sucking on the baby actually. :P

Memang pengz.

You think it would work? :P

Sometimes I do, especially period dramas.

This weekend? :P

I mentioned before le. :P

Yeah, it was great. And nice meeting you!

She looks fine. :D


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