Tuesday, July 20, 2010

LRT Celebrities: Guitar Gary

Guitar Gary works in KL Sentral. He sports loads of yakuza-style tattooes on his arms. Whenever I see him on STAR LRT, he'd have his headphones on and his HTC Smart would no doubt be blasting guitar riffs. He'd be tapping his foot and his air guitar would appear. And when his air guitar is deemed insufficient, his hands would go for the stainless steel poles. His fingerwork would bring him snaking up and down. Reminds me of Jackie Chan in the movie "Snake in Eagle's Shadow". Itchy hands he has. Syok tak?

Do you have moments when you get carried away on the LRT? Raise your hand if you've pulled off any Matuatama stunt. Hehe.


Ed said...

Cool...... look like he really found a way to enjoy his LRT moment.... thus entertained you.... :) hehe

Skyhawk said...


nicky05 said...

nope..i drive car ..:P

Medie007 said...

how long hv u been stalking him?

Lucifer said...

interesting! =p does he have an audience?

Gratitude said...

request for him to work your pole then! :P

Little Dove said...

Interesting! Maybe he's a live band guitarist by night. :)

Koala Express said...
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Koala Express said...

i duno if the way u put it simply gross or is he really gross. hehe... no offence. :P btw, if u'd travel lrt during wee hrs, perhaps u wud catch this muslim guy who wud chat quran out loud. its very annoying in public vicinity. n its early morning.

William said...

A personal rock performance. :P



Haha. Just saw him several times.

I think I'm his #1 fan.


Very probable!

Something like the guy I bogged about once... reading the newspaper aloud!