Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Losing Sight

SK's housemate never fails to entertain me with her flip-flop mentality in buying her dream house.

"We don't wanna buy at Taman A because it's too far from my in-law's place."

"Am now checking out Condo B cause we heard that the rental return is very good!"

So confusing right? From the first statement, you'd think that she's buying for own use. But her second statement is a complete U-turn! I thought she wanted landed property! It's difficult enough trying to find a property that fulfils our specific criteria, but if those criteria keep on changing, I think one should just stop looking altogether and think things through.

"Erm, I've decided to buy Taman A after all."

"What changed? Your in-laws moved closer to Taman A?"

Oh well.


Skyhawk said...

To me, buying a house, the future value appreciation supersedes all other factor...of course it must be comfy/convenience to ourselves.

Cheryl said...

No eye see and dont wanna hear. Makes me bitch only. Tired tired tired, DEAR.

Gratitude said...

hahahaha She should run as a BN candidate for her flip flops.

Koala Express said...

buying a hse is not like buying vege ma :P young generations prefer to steer far away from parents n in laws. guess ur hsemate is the exceptions. :)

William said...

For good prospects, one also pays a premium price. But some people think that there is a "kap na" jumping around all over the place. Hehe.

Case closed!

LOL. Politics pulak!

Yup, not like beli sayur. But if she really beli sayur, the sayur all layu dy! Her husband very pelik one. :P

nicky05 said...

May be run away from in law...XD

Ed said...

maybe she finally realize that staying far away from her in-laws place is actually very good!....... heheheh

pikey said...

Not the first time I'm hearing the funny stories about SK's housemate, lols

William said...

@Nicky: @Ed:
It's always a good idea to live a little further away. :P