Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Insane Inbox

Note: Oppps... I just noticed that I did not completely download the photos from my camera, so I'll have to pause the ending to my Singapore trip posts. Here's a filler for you!

A question for all iPhone users out there.... after upgrading to OS4.0 does your inbox go nuts intermittently? I use GMail and maybe the 80k+ mails in the inbox are giving it a hard time to sync. As you can see in the pic, the listing goes nuts with no sender, content and subject. Zombified e-mails. Takes a few syncs to clear things up a bit. Then it comes back again. Like a persistent credt card salesman. Lemme know if you have any solutions. Thanks.


Cheryl said...

and i had prob cannot read the content of the emails. :S

Janvier said...

We'd no problems at all with our email accounts. This 'no sender' email does make us think of the problem where the same text message gets sent/received a few times (no, not from iPhones).

Wanna try doing a restore? :P

AmeZac said...

So far no problem and mine is IOS4.0.1. Try delete the account and create it again.

William said...

You problem a bit more serious.

Nah. I'll update to 4.01.

Thanks fr the suggestion.

Takashi said...

mine has no problem..

perfectly okay with ALL the apps including emails...

of course, have to update all the apps to be 4-compatible :P

Mac Callister said...

not an iphone user here haha sorry,but i do hope u find someone to help u.

have a nice day

count astaroth said...

so far i dont have problem...maybe u can restore or reinstall IOS4.0.1

nicky05 said...

sell your current Iphone, buy the new Iphone 4G..

pikey said...

hmmmm... iphone... android phone... hmmmm

William said...

@Takashi: @CountA:
I guess it's the volume as my OS is already the latest.

Ah, a new face. Welcome. :)

That one worse. Design problem.

iPhone. No need to think so much.

Anonymous said...


Regarding your problem, it's a well known issues among iphone users.

Apple's Genius

Thanks for supporting our products.

William said...

Looks like there's no real solution.