Saturday, July 31, 2010


Crazy 88 Fighters
Swiped from ёndo.
On Friday night, SK and I sent my mum off to church to catch the group tour to Bukit Mertajam for St. Anne's Feast Day celebrations. SK and I decided to skip the trip this year.

Tour leader: Aiyoh... both of you not coming this year ah? Never mind, never mind. Join us next year.... with your baby yeah!!

SWEATZ. I wonder if my mother heard that. Blek. After seeing her safely on the bus, we waved our goodbyes and proceeded to Aman Suria to yumcha with Bunny at our usual haunt, Lotus. Upon parking, we noticed some unusual activity. Around 10 Toyota Mark X's were parked at the roadside together with a few stray black models. Was half-expecting the tuxedo-ed gangsters to come out wielding katanas, but they just suddenly revved up their engines, turned on their headlights and left. Weird. If it was daytime, I would have guessed a wedding entourage, but at night... organized crime comes to mind! But most probably some automobile club la. Ngor lam toh jor lo.

Ordered our usual-- naan with Tandoori chicken and a Maggie goreng. Chatted with Bunny regarding JJ's impending move back to KL. Pointed out some technicalities and had a lengthy discussion. Happy for both of 'em. Hopefully the teething period will be short. Also 'badmouthed' my beloved KH. Hehe. But of course, there's nothing much to talk about on that topic. :P. Did our usual bitching and psycho-analytics. Bunny's point of view is always fresh and brutally honest. Hehe. Love that. Bid each other farewell at midnight and quickly went to bed... morning market the next day though mum's out of town!


-aLEx- said...

Oh, didnt know u go to the St. Anne's feast.

I've been skipping to go for t2 years now due to college lol.

Gratitude said...

St Lotus feast?

Medie007 said...

maybe is really some crime scene planning le...

Little Dove said...

Mom going alone this year? Poor mommy! ;p

William said...

Oik. You're Catholic?

St. Lotus?

Notorious Mamak Shop Robbers. :P

No worries. She got her kaki de.

Kittycat said...

Eh your parish is SIC? I tot OLOG is nearer to your house?

nicky05 said...

I thought you ride BM-X because your title..hahaha..:P

Koala Express said...

wonder mum no hear hor. mum hears all. esp abt her kids. haha... wait till she somes home n drop u the bomb. :P

William said...

OLOG is quite near... but we go to SIC cause all our friends are there.

BM = Bukit Mertajam
X = Toyota Mark X

Yeah lo, I also think she heard. LOL.

wenn said...

must be sam seng le.

-aLEx- said...

Umm no. I'm agnostic. My mum's half catholic.

Beyond said...

How come I didn't get to see KH the other day?

William said...

Maybe not. :)

Half Catholic? That's interesting.

Cause he's in Singapore lo.