Friday, July 30, 2010


Gastric. I think I have it. At least a mild form of it. When it attacks, I get a 'lil bloated and my tummy rumbles after every meal. Would need to rush to the loo not long after. Somehow I don't that it's due to any food poisoning. A GP did give me this diagnosis last year and even prescribed e some Ranitidine, but I was not convinced. Another sign is that I can no longer take red bean soup. If I take more than half a bowl at one sitting, I would get a feeling of pain and indigestion. How sienz. I wonder what brought this on... :(


Skyhawk said...

Oh poor guy....take care! Just learnt that Azuki, the Japanese name of red bean.

Little Dove said...

Eat at regular intervals and no skipping of meals. Or take smaller but more frequent meals. You work too hard!

Gratitude said...

I get that esp after a spicy meal. I do tend to take lots of lil meals now and i think my condition is better now.

As for now, I still hv a packet of tissues with me wherever i go. No issue with a tissue!

Drew said...

eat your regular 3 meals but in between take snacks, can b a biscuit or fruit, the idea is to have food in your stomach every 2-3 hours. no spicy food, no fried food & no sour stuff. do that for a month, it worked for me!

Lucifer said...

irritable bowel syndrome?

Koala Express said...

hmmm ibs syndrome. fyi, beans do gives gas. watch ur diet. quie a lot of food u cant take. man, ur so young n got ibs. do see doc if its really ibs. must take care ur health.

William said...

I'll take care of myself. Thanks! :)

I first noticed it when Starbucks started putting it in their Frappes.

I don't skip meals! I have my tummy to prove that. :P. But I do have dinner a tad late at times.

Spicy food is still OK for me. I hate to go #2 in dirty toilets. :S

Can I have Japanese food everyday? :)

That is a remote possibility.

You're right about the beans and gas. No IBS la... :)

Ban said...

Er. It's not the same symptom as me and SK, right?

Hdaran said...

I doubt its IBS (huh, i am one to talk; don't mind me, just my two-cent worth of opinion).

I think it is gas; tummy rumbling, bloating, urge to go the loo, red bean doing dis to u??? Sounds familiar... Hmmmppphh... Where have i heard it before??? Ah yes, i go through it almost every time i eat lentils, beans or too much peas (curse my body, i love peas!!!).

I have heard of treatments that eliminate body gas, maybe you should do some online research and find a place that does it n does it well... If it is no good den at least de only thing that ur gonna suffer is a slight hole in the pocket...

Jaded Jeremy said...

It's age...seriously :) With that, comes a host of problems. Sounds like IBS to me. Domperidone works well.

On top of eating healthily e.g. eat at regular times, not too much fried and oily food etc, have to start avoiding certain food lor. Like your red bean.

Ultraman Jino said...

i feel bloated everytime i eat. any food makes me bloated and full. makan at 8pm perut boncit till 1am

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pikey said...

Hope that doesn't stop you from all the food adventure travels..

William said...

Quite different.

A new face. Welcome. I guess different people have different triggers. Thanks for the suggestion.

Age?! Age?! I'm still a twink! :P. I'll try and stay away from medication for as long as possible.

You should seriously consult a specialist.

What do you think? :P