Monday, June 28, 2010

Metallic Kisses

Swiped from williamnyk.
During my K3K Benta Kaya meet-up with Carpe Diem, Janvier and Leggie last-last Saturday (yes Janvier, this is more like me!), I offered Carpe Diem a bite of my 3-in-1 Toast. Basically toast with butter, kaya and cocoa. He declined because he did not want to have his braces all mangled up with it before his drink arrived. How troublesome, right? So this got me thinking...

How does it feel to kiss someone with braces?

During bouts of intense tongue wrestling, would your tongue get caught in the wires? Perhaps something from breakfast is discovered by your partner? Is there a metallic tang? Are there any complications if both wore braces? Would they get caught? Now that would be difficult to explain at the A&E. Would really like to hear some kisah benar!


Danny said...

sorry, no experience to share..
but maybe can categorized them as ' extreme sport ' .. lol ;p

-aLEx- said...

omg im getting my braces soon =(! And OUCH in advance lol!

Skyhawk said...

Nak dengar kisah benar experience...

plainjoe said...

speaking from experience (one wore braces for six years), nothing will get caught on the wires except for food. The process of smooching is well,just like any normal events, except one gets a lil conscious in ensuring that there no leftovers from meals to be picked up by the other party. On the other hand, a retainer is a HUGE problem!

Janvier said...

Don't like cocoa in the 3-in-1 toast! Don't think there'll be bloodshed though, unless someone rather adventurously tongues all the way to the end where the wires are...

Plainjoe, at least with retainers you can remove them before the smooch?

plainjoe said...

too bad, one forgot to remove them and the other party pulled it out.

William said...

LOL. Should be featured on AXN then.

I'll ask you later then. :P

We shall wait some more.

Must brush before smooching then. :). Wah, the person who kissed you sucked it out? :P

There's always the 2-in-1. :)

nicky05 said...

haha....I ask bear about this...WUAHAHAHA..:P

Gratitude said...

I suppose it'll be interesting to tongue oneself thru the maze of wires! mwahahaha

the happy go lucky one said...

this is interesting topic, must ask those experienced ones heheee...

Koala Express said...

the best thing is not abt knowing but doing. any volunteers? i think all the guys here wud luv to get a kiss on you. wahaha... yes?

kidz said...

u cud try persuading kh to put on one.. then share ur experience... =p

Medie007 said...

just go and kiss one! LOL

William said...

Yeah lo. Both also wear braces!

Emmm... ouch .... emmm. ... ouch!

Help me ask around yeah... :)

Only those wearing braces need apply!

He has pretty teeth. :P

Simply2 meh?

pikey said...

HAHAHAHAHA.... I will let Bear to comment on this one... see how 'deep' he will write his experience here, lols

William said...

Yes, both of you are the ultimate kisah benar!

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Derek said...

Yeah, I know people who wear braces quite particular about food stuck in the braces. So they'll always brush using some special tiny brush, yes?

Other things I'm not so sure le. LOL

Evann said...

Eww.. Finding stuck food is just gross.. Eww eww euu~~