Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 Seconds of Fame

Hi guys, just wanna share with you my 3 seconds of fame:

One of my pics of Federation Square, Melbourne under the Creative Commons license was included in the Schmap Melbourne Guide. Well, the pic is very small, but I'm happy anyway. :P. Take a look!

Schmap Melbourne Tenth Edition: Photo Inclusion

Saturday, February 27, 2010

LNY VI: A Genuine Surprise

Gratitude had long ago scheduled a LNY gathering with SK and I, and I had promised to bring KH along. And so on Friday afternoon (after going to the market with mum and boy, I loved the fact that it was so peaceful), we made our way to Klang to taste Gratitude's cooking. We arrived half an hour before schedule and it caught Gratitude by surprise as he was still upstairs putting on his makeup. His Dowager opened the door for us and we were greeted with his dog Junior who gave us a good welcome bark. Some of the cooking had yet to be completed but he shoo-ed us out of the kitchen. We lounged in the living room while he continued to cook. According to Gratitude, I was playfully stroking KH's hand when his brother had happened to come down the stairs and that nearly gave him a heart attack. Did I do that? :P. By the time he had nearly finished cooking the leek, vegetables, prawns, soy sauce chicken and herbal soup we came to the realization that we were the only guests! So pai seh! At about a quarter past one, we sat down to enjoy the good food. After lunch, he fixed us Kickapoo with the last of Evann's vodka. Truly refreshing. :P. Then came the surprise for SK-- a birthday apple-tangerine pie! So sad that SK couldn't take neither margerine, tangerines nor cinnamon, but she ate a slice anyway! It's the thought that counts.

Since we were in Klang, I made a call to SimonLover to meet up. The elusive leng zai was changing his tires for hours and hours (perhaps he was 'busy; with the lala mechanics), so we only met at 4:00pm. Finally met him over a cup of iced coffee at Pappa Kopitiam near Jusco, Bukit Tinggi. For some reason, that shop looks like Pappa Rich, serves Pappa Rich stuff, is obviously Pappa Rich but is not named Pappa Rich. Mysterious. Well, SimonLover is more subdued in person, but it is obviously cannot mask his aura of horniness. He shared his funny stories with us but I was more interested to verify his hormone pill story. :P. Left Klang at about 6 plus and SK treated mum and I to a simple dinner at Taman Equine. No crabs were available, so we settled for razor clams, fish and vegetables. That concludes the 6th day cum SK's birthday!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

LNY V: Percy Jackson Meets Cik Siti Amino

On Thursday, KH, SK and I went out to MV to catch "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief". Met KH there as he had come earlier to watch 14 Blades. Met him at Vietnam Kitchen where he was having lunch. Ordered their basil lime juice. It came complete with a giant stalk of sweet basil. Freaked SK out. Definitely an acquired taste, but I love it. The movie wasn't that great, but the actor was quite cute. Quite a long shot trying to pass him off as a 12 year old. I should have went for "14 Blades" instead. I'm wary of the quality of HK wuxia movies these days. Sigh. I'll watch it on DVD then. Apollo joined us shopping for a while. KH bought a pair of shorts and slacks at Seed. The whole shop was full of PLUs. One salesman looked soooooo familiar. I think he saw KH playfully spank my ass in the shop. By dinner time, SK and I went home, while KH stayed back for dinner with his ex-coursemates.

Sis was having a party at her place. A reunion of sorts with her old gang from secondary school. They all came together cause one of 'em was getting hitched to an ang moh whom I though looked like Evann Chong! Had a bit of the pot luck and made our move. But the bride-to-be had to spring the stupid question about marriage, and according to SK, my mum's face turned cold. :S. I quickly made my escape after telling her to wait long-long for my wedding invitation. We made our way to Damansara to visit Jay's house. Our first time seeing his mum and it was very memorable. Hehe. First order of business, we were introduced to Cik Siti Amino, the newest addition to his household. And over a beer, his mum regaled us with tales of her ex's and brought out baby pics. We had hit the motherlode!

Jay was very cute as a kid. And he had a signature pose. Wohoo. Oozing 'sex appeal' even back then. My dar would have pinged like nobody's business. Haha. Then we had a guided tour. The house is a treasure trove of teddy bears and soft toys. Surprise, surprise! In Jay's master bedroom, he "worships" a pair of boxing gloves which I suspect actually hides a pair of antique jade dildos. :O. On our way out of Damansara, we stopped by at Kayu Nasi Kandar for a mamak session with Bunny. Somehow the conversation veered a lot towards his brother. He's quite protective of his brother it seems. Hehe. Had a nice naan set. I practically drank the whole bowl of daal! Sedap! On our way back, we picked up KH from MV and sent him off with a good night kiss...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bloodsucker Update

Here's an update on the MYR50 credit card tax that comes into enforcement this year.

For existing cards:

Citibank charges the tax on the approval anniversary of your card.

HSBC charges the tax one month after the annual fees of your card.

For new cards:

The tax is immediately charged to your card.

Please do cancel all your excess cards and leave only the critical cards. Once the tax is charged, no bank will waive it for you. You'll have to pay or use your rewards points. Please act before you are charged.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LNY IV: Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday
Swiped from ee-mm.
These days, the Lunar New Year is quite close to the Lenten Season. The Fourth Day actually coincides with Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday marks the start of period of prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial up till Easter. So, we had a very light breakfast and headed for mass at 1:00pm. The church was filled to the brim. Much more than I expected. The special thing about Ash Wednesday is of course the ashes. Basically its the blessed ashes from the palm fronds of last year's Palm Sunday. With it, the priest will draw a crucifix on one's forehead while intoning:

"Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel."

Well, seems that Lent isn't Lent without some kind of temptation-- as I was walking out of the church, I bumped into 2 cuties that set my dar pinging. Hehe. Anyway, lunch was at a coffeeshop in Aman Suria. It was already past lunch time and it being the Lunar New Year period, not much food was left. But it was OK, had another light lunch and headed to MV to collect my brother's glasses. Dinner was with sis and her tribe and mum made curry chicken. However, we did not partake in the meat since it was a day of fast and abstinence (no skanky time with KH either, :(). Near 8:00pm, we all sent my brother out to LCCT to catch his flight. All in all, my brother had gone through a whole harddisk of movies and finished the stack of new books that I had not read yet. He was that bored. LOL. I konked out in the car...

Monday, February 22, 2010

LNY III: Another Reunion

My sis and her tribe arrived back in KL on Monday night, so she came visiting bright and early on Tuesday. Cyan came dressed up as little tong san kid, but he was tired from the trip the previous night, so he was understandably cranky and manja. Stuck to his mum like glue. Coaxed a few pics from the kid and we let him change out of the hot clothes. Mum immediately started work in the kitchen. To avoid the kid from ka-ka-cau-cau, SK and I brought him to the nearby Jusco. Sat him on the trolley and brought him grocery shopping. He was quite obedient. I think people were staring at me for having a kid at my age. Bagi I perasan seketika. :P. Anyway, after an hour so, we headed back and the kid konked out in the car. Lunch was like a second reunion dinner, only that it's lunch. :P. Another carnivorous meal.

After lunch, SK and I went out to KH's place again. Lady Luck was on my side as his parents were not at home again. Hehe. Spent some "happy" time there, then we went out to Amcorp Mall. Did some aimless wandering before ending up at Ka Fei Dian. It's been quite some time since I ate there and I must say that the food is very much improved. Fantastic toast and the coffee is good too. Unfortunately the "light soy sauce" for the soft-boiled eggs were, how do I say it, not light soya sauce. My years of excessive light soy sauce consumption has made some sort of a connoisseur. From the days when it was sold by the liters by uncles on bicycles. Imagine it on white rice, bak zhang, bread, fried eggs, eaten as is, fried fish, etc. Perhaps a 50-50 mix with brine. =_=. Had a good chat until the evening came. That concludes my 3rd day of the Lunar New Year.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

LNY II: Seconds, anyone?

Swiped from williamnyk.
On the second day of the Lunar New Year, SK booked tickets to watch "72 Tenants of Prosperity" at Sunway Pyramid. Quite an entertaining movie with loads and loads of TVB stars in it. Lotsa squabbling. Chaotic storyline. But it works anyway. Fancy seeing sexual tension between a really old-looking King of Canto Pop and a has-been beauty queen? This is the movie for you. I mean it in a positive way! :P. Lunch was at Pappa Rich and I had cup of their wonderful iced coffee. But their curry mee is really crap. I think they forgot to add salt into their gravy. I could just taste the coconut milk and nothing else. Ugh. The decoration at the mall was really crappy. So amateurish. Felt like they had no proper budget and hires some undergraduates to do it for free.

Decided not to eat at home that night, so we went off to Brickfields in search for some Indian food. Apparently, the Vitya over there has also closed down, so we just randomly walked into one of the shops. Disappointing. It's so hard to find decent Rava Thosai these days. My brother had an appointment with a friend at MV, so we just tagged along to along to enjoy the air-conditioning. Surprisingly, my brother did a major T-shirt restocking at F.O.S. and made a pair of dark-rimmed prescription glasses. After his friend had arrived, we headed home. I waited for my brother to arrive home before I slept since he did not have the house keys. It was already 1:00am... so zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

LNY I: Reunion of Faith

Every year, my church holds a Lunar New Year-themed eucharistic celebration. So in the morning, before leaving for church, we dress up and exchange red packets (being the youngest, I get ang pao from mum and bro though he's not married). The church is all decked out in red and lanterns are hung all over. Beside the crucifix, two giant couplets were found. To top it all off, a centerpiece is set up at the side of tha altar for parishnioners to camwhore! As with past years, it was a full house. English and mandarin-speaking parishoners thronged the church in their new clothes. Red wasn't popular this year. Quite surprising really. Many women turned up in cheongsams, showing off killer bosoms. Hahahaha. It was the last Sunday mass before Lent, hence it was a high mass. Everything was sung and the liturgy was extra long. Joss sticks were offered at the altar and at the end, there was even a ceremony commemorating ancestors. Something to show our respects to those who have gone before us and remember their works. The songs were also more CNY-oriented and at the end, everyone got red packets and mandarin oranges. To top it all off, a lion dance went on outside. SK left Kuantan at 6:30am in the morning and drove at an average speed of 160km/h to make it to church on time. An amazing woman. Crazy. But amazing.



Lunch was at home. We recycled the leftovers from the day before. On the pretext of a swim, I went out to meet KH again. It was a nice swim as we had the whole pool to ourselves. Fooled around a little and then we chatted at the poolside. KH passed me a V Day card and I was so smitten with it! The cover of the card had a half-naked hunk on it! Definitely knows how to get my attention. :P. I so wanted to kiss him there and then if not for the pesky kids at the playground. KH also passed me some of the new underwear I ordered and SK's Victoria's Secret parcel. He walked me out and at a strategic corner planted a parting kiss on my cheek. Hehe. After dinner, SK and I went out to meet KH since his parents were out of the house. I redeemed the "prize" that he promised me for finishing my laps in the afternoon. It was well worth the exertion. We then went out for tea at 3K3 at Kuchai Lama. Orang KL memang bosan, semua keluar minum teh. Had their special toast of peanut butter, kaya and condensed milk. Quite novel, but a little too sweet for me. Their hot and cold drinks are quite nice too. That's all for day one...

Friday, February 19, 2010

LNY 0: Be Reunited With Your Tummy

The run up to the Lunar New Year is always hectic. A flurry of activity. Days and days of braving wet markets... dragging heavy groceries, sloughing through concentrated market fluids, surviving massive jams and surviving elbowing aunties. Days and days of spring cleaning, with mum looking for every single menial chore imaginable to do. And things at work were also busy, just that I chose to ignore, but I know that will come back to bite me in the ass come the 22nd of the month when I get back to work. The culmination of all that? The Reunion Dinner!!! A quiet affair really. As usual, just mum, my brother and I. Twelve years since my late father joined us at the table, and sis was with her in-laws in Melaka. This year, the dining table served five-spice powder stewed duck (the shops had a shortage of the spices, crazy!), steamed herbal chicken, fried garoupa, roast pork (compliments of a neighbour), drunken prawns, lotus root soup and mixed vegetables. We washed the food down with a bottle of cab sauv.

Reunion Dinner: Dad

Reunion Dinner: Vegetables

Mum forgot to buy chilli sauce for the stewed duck, so she made her own. After grinding the chillies, she noticed that she was missing the limau kasturi, so she summoned my brother to buy 'em from a nearby convenience store. My brother being my brother, bought limau nipis instead! Not a total waste, I used them to make some hot honey lime juice to soothe frazzled throats. Anyway, I had to go out to pick up some carrot cake from mum's friend, so I used the opportunity to meet KH. Such a coincidence that he wore a matching jersey with me. Haha. He helped me hunt for the limau kasturi at Central Hypermarket. It was a success and after buying some keropok lekor for my bro, I sent him home. Post-dinner exercise involved mopping the floors and washing the car. :S. After all that, we were pooped. At midnight, the fireworks roared. But I was too tired to care. Sleep awaited...s

Reunion Dinner: Drunken Prawns

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get Your Armour

Mother-Son relationships can be so complicated and difficult. One can even call 'em love-hate relationships. It's even harder when your mum's a Dowager like mine. "Off with your head!" is something that might just pop up in daily conversation. And so, when OneFM (88.10FM) started having Jordin Spark's "Battlefield" on their playlist (yeah, they're so outdated), I immediately identified with the lyrics.

One minute it's love
And suddenly it's like a battlefield

I never meant to start a war
You know I never wanna hurt you
Don't even know what we're fighting for

Things are volatile. Just one wrong word and things could get ugly. Is it easier to get angry with your loved ones? Is it easier to accept a stranger's anger than from your own blood? Would life be boring if we just got along without any hitches? Haha. I dunno. That's NOT gonna happen. LOL. Here's to a smoother ride at home for everyone! Cheers.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Say No to Pork Balls!

Pork Balls
Swiped from zerowindez.
Ever since SK's IBS, she has been ingesting a lot of pork balls as it agrees with her G.I.T. (her guts la). And so, when she cooks lunch for me, or when my mum cooks dinner for her, more often than not, pork balls will be on the menu. And after like my 1000th serving of pork balls, I think I now officially hate it. The very sight of it makes me a bit nauseous. And when my mother puts it in my breakfast noodles, I just throw them out the window. The funny thing is that she knows I deplore them. >_<". Now, I can only tolerate the 3JC variety. But I guess if I eat too much of that, it will end up banned sooner or later. LOL. Hope you guys are enjoying your holidays in this stifling heat! Keep hydrated and dress skimpily, k? ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

V for Valentines

Hello everybody! It's already day one of the Lunar New Year! New clothes and underwear are already out of the closet. The big reunion dinner is now a flush in the porcelain throne. Met family and friends for fellowship. And some of you have most probably gambled and dabbled in some illegal fireworks displays. Now lets remember that today is also a day of love-- Valentines Day! May lovers also be reunited, emotionally and physically (YES!). May they remember what brought them together in the first place, to rekindle that first spark that started it all. And for lost love, may today be a remembrance of all good things in the past and hope for more fruitful love in the future.

Happy V Day everyone! *Muacks* all around.

P.S.: I got this in my red packet from church: "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." - John 13:34. Kinda apt, don't you think?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Yee Sang Sayings

The Fatty Boss treated my team to a Yee Sang lunch at Golden Sun, Kuchai Lama. My second for the year. Nothing special about the food, but what got my attention was the procedure during the serving of the Yee Sang. Each step was accompanied by flowery words and flourishes. Basically those goody-goody and positive stuff that people like to hear. I'll give you some examples:

- During the pouring of the sweet sauce - "May your relationship with each other be tim-tim mat-mat!"

- During the pouring of the golden-brown crispy stuff - "May your house be filled with gold!"

- Before the waiter dumped in the fish slices - "May your year be blessed with abundance!"

Lame kan? But if you're really into that kinda stuff, then it's good lo. But anyway, this should be last day of work for most people before the long weekend! Wishing everyone a wonderful Lunar New Year! Hopefully the Year of the Tiger will be a good year for everyone. If you're tired on the road driving back to your hometown, do stop and have some Biskut Tiger dipped in Nescafe. :P

P.S.: Can't wait to see KH!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guests from Sporeland

Swiped from FotoBob#.
Over the weekend, POD and Nic were in town to visit a sick friend and do some shopping. So, they asked SK and I for some good makan-makan and shopping at The Pavilion. Managed to meet them slightly earlier at Sungei Wang after SK and I finished up with the CNY decorations at church. Just filled in several hundreds of red packets and tried to turn a 水樱 into an artificial 樱花 tree. We left soon after for lunch at Aman Suria. Had the yuckiest BKT I ever tasted. Pork in brine. Eww. The pork stomach soup was just as sad. Having filled our tummies, we headed to Tropicana Mall for a while. Couldn't get anything, so we just went home for a short rest and watched a bit of "Sex and the City".

Since POD and Nic had finished their hospital visit early, we decided to head out early to meet 'em. Parked at The Pavilion and walked over. POD tried to give us directions to the shop they were at, but the labyrinthine layout and POD's confusing instructions got the better of us. By the time we found them, we were pooped. POD withdrew some money and did some shopping at Romp. By that time, Nic was already restless (he was dancing to the music in nearly every shop and kept asking me to high five him!) and hungry, so we walked to Restoran W.A.W. at Jalan Alor for dinner. Never been to the place myself, but it was recommended by Junior.


Ordered stir-fried balitong, grilled chicken wings, roast pork noodles, barbequed stingray and chicken satay. The food was excellent. Nic was really enjoying himself. He was quisetly whacking the food of the plates. It was his first time eating the balitong too. So funny seeing him attempt to suck out the morsels from within the shell. He obviously needs to work on his 'blowjob' skills. :P. That was only the first round. The second round saw us at Restoran Chu Chau eating mixed fruit lolo (sedap!), squid kangkung salad, lin chee kang, oyster omelette and herbal soup lala (overcooked!) by the roadside. Food was accompanied by a game of gaydar pinging. By the time we left, we smelled like chicken wings as our table was very near the grill.


With our hunger satisfied, we walked over to The Pavilion to burn off some calories. From my last visit, I saw that they had added giant lanterns to the Bintang Circle. No expense spared. Amazing. Did some shopping at Topman and Philosophy Men. POD and Nic were quite impressed with the concentration of queerness at the place. We kept bumping into the same fabulous shoppers. Before we called it a night, we stopped at Toastbox for some black coffee, eggs and toast, while POD had his Milo Dinosaur. I find that drink so icky. Coagulated cocoa powder. Errr. Then, we sent POD and Nic back to their hotel at Jalan Petaling. As Bunny's mother would say... THAT kind of place.

The bed had creaky springs and it was kinda depressed in the middle. No doubt from the countless sex trysts that it had witnessed over the years. If you pull a black light over that thing, I'm sure it's glow like floodlight! POD passed SK her birthday present of two watercolour paintings from his art gallery and we camwhored a little. She was elated. She had chosen two smaller pieces, but it ended up the bigger pieces that she thought was too expensive! Nic was already half-dead and no doubt wanted us to leave earlier so that he can get the bed springs creaking. Hehe. The end of another long day...

P.S.: Was searching for pictures of Sakura on Flickr and the 'relevant' results that were returned included Sakura from the Naruto manga in a threesome with Sasuke and Naruto. :S

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can A Cheese Cake Get It Up?

FYI, Zen no longer has the tea time promotion where with every order of coffee or tea, you get a free slice of cake or dessert. For that, you'd have to go to Secret Recipe. And so, I was at the Taman Desa branch the other day and ordered a slice of Yoghurt Cheese Cake. Bottom layer cheese. Top layer yoghurt. You can see it in the picture. You see how it kinda flops down? That's the first time I've seen a cheese cake with erectile dysfunction. Not very appetizing hor? It would be different if after a few licks, the slice of cake stiffens back up, but that's just crazy talk. Cake, anyone?

P.S.: The new Black Forest Cheese is horrible. It kinda collapses on itself. A cheese cake with a black hole in the middle. So Star Trek.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gee Eleven

The first digital camera that I owned was the Canon A95. It was a partial birthday gift from SK and Jaz way back in 2005. SK would remember how difficult a choice it was. One year of R&D. She had nearly strangled me. Well, it was a very good choice. It had served me well over the years. Many happy moments and beautiful scenery were captured all over Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. It had even made one trip to the camera hospital and emerged as good as new. But of late, my trusty camera had begun to show signs of old age. A type of macular degenration. The pictures come out dark and noisy. I suspect that the CCD is dying. With restarts, it will regain it's "sight", but after a few shots, it reverses back to its semi-blind state. :(. So sad right? So I made a decision to get a new camera. A successor to my trusty A95.

After years and years of using the articulating LCD to frame my shots, I find myself handicapped with "normal" digital cameras. It just feels weird. So, this requirement was a curse and blessing in disguise. The bad thing is that my choices were limited to the Canon G11 and the Canon SX20IS. The good news is that I only had to decide between two models. Being the fickle and indecisive Libran, it was probably for the best. I asked around and did some research. The SX20 uses AA batteries and has 20X zoom! Unfortunately, its quite unwieldly and plastic-ky. On the other hand, the G11 is more compact and packs more punch, but the it's pricier and has only 5X zoom. Asked the resident expert, Apollo and got the following remark:

Apollo: The G11 is so ugly!

Moi: But is there anything wrong with it? Functionally?

Apollo: But it's sooooo ugly!

Well, I got the G11 anyway... and I love it! It's so smart. It can decide everything for me. I don't even have to tell it to go to macro mode. It is a little bulkier and uses a lithium ion battery, but I can live with that. A big thank you to SK, Jaz and KH for forking out the cash!!! Muacks, muacks, MUACKS!. And so, I have received my super early 30th (such a dirty number) birthday present from SK and JM, and KH calls it my V Day and 3rd Anniversary present all rolled into one. :D.

Gee! Gee! Gee!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Beware of No. Eight

For years and years I have been in a way the Chinese term as 八字腿 (number eight leg). Why? Cause when I walk my foot points outwards rather than straight ahead. The problem is more prominent on my right leg and I have recently decided to finally make a conscious effort to correct it. So far it had been pointed out by several people, namely my mum, Jase and KH. Even Psycho Ah Long says I walk funny. Likened me to Lat characters! WTF! Just after a few days of walking posture awareness, my leg has started to protest. At first, I experience pain below the knee, then a dull ache at my pelvis. Now, both sensations have gone only to be replaced by a slight tiredness in my right leg. I think it's starting to work. If you do see me walking incorrectly, do give me a gentle reminder. Thanks. :).

Friday, February 05, 2010

The Lesbionic Woman

"Poor SK", as Alex would say. "Poor, Poor, SK". From the end of 2009 till February 2010, she got 3 "perhaps lesbian" comments from different people that she met for the first time. I dunno whether she's really exuding a strong les scent or it's just all the BFF's gay aura that's messed her own aura up. Well, anyway, lemme set the record straight:

SK is straight. Straight as an arrow.

Unfortunately, I have no proof to offer you. And some of you might even say, "to explain, is to hide the truth". Hehe. I'm sure people like Janvier will have lots to say about this subject. Whatever the case, I've fulfilled my obligation to vouch for her sexual orientation. Hehe. Ingat ya!.

P.S.: Do drop me a comment if you have any nice STRAIGHT friends to recommend to her. :P

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Pooh Has Pecs?

Swiped from japanfan20.
Some weeks back, Pooh and I connected on FB after he left a note on my blog post. Turns out, Zeem is a mutual friend of our's. Kinda like the Penang Chapter I guess. He had planned a trip down to KL during the Thaipusam weekend (just last year, I was in Penang for Thaipusam, and this year, Penang comes to me) and had messaged me that he wanted to arrange a gathering. Going through the usual rounds of "ding-dong" planning, we finally decided on dinner at Champs, Centerpoint. Pikey and Bear had arrived way before the appointed time and did some exploring of their own, while SK and I arrived with time to spare to shop for some winter clothing for her upcoming Japan business trip. But as luck would have it, the guest of honour had some real difficulty getting to the venue. Seventy five minutes and several phone calls later, Pooh finally arrived-- just in time to see us finish our dinner. LOL.

The poor fellow had mistaken Centerpoint for One Utama and had wandered aimlessly from one end of the mall to the other. Well, being the positive chap that he was, he claimed that the cardio helped him to burn off some off the chocolate he had earlier. Champs is supposed to be famous for their Prawn Noodles, but I wasn't in the mood to pay MYR20 for that hawker fare that night, so I ordered the King Prawn Pasta while SK tried their honey-glazed pork ribs. Both were quite nice actually. Well, the first thing I told Pooh was that Zeem had asked me to pinch his pecs. Well, he was gracious enough to offer it to me, so he's the report:

Size: ****o
Bounciness: ****o
Perkiness: ****o
Overall feel: ****o

Just joking la. He was gracious enough to offer it to me, but I was too shy to do it. :P. Sorry Zeem. Pooh seems like an easy-going guy. Doesn't take much to get a conversation going with him and he tells interesting stories about his life. And he wasn't visibly-cranky though his stars definitely did not align with the scheduled gathering. And he told us about his "special occasions" where he would do things "out of the ordinary", such as go down to KL, club, and eat CKT. But I suspect his "special occasions" are more ordinary that he led me to believe. Hehe. Post-dinner, we had coffee at Black Canyon Coffee. We sat there until we overstayed our welcome and moved again to the mamak outside.

Being the small world that it is, Pooh ran into his friend Mike and he joined us at the table. Before I proceed, let me warn you that the mamak at Centerpoint really serves the WORST Milo kosong I've ever tasted. One sip and I pushed it away. Ish. The conversation somehow veered towards lesbians and lesbian bars and that somehow touched a nerve with SK. LOL. Later, we said our goodbyes, and Mike sent Pooh back to his friend's place. After I had arrived home and did some FB-ing, I received a message from Mike. Turns out that I have his friend request lying around since some months back... :P. So blur. And so I clicked "Confirm" button and went off to dreamland....

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wring Your Neck

Due to some work commitments, now and then I have to deal with Psycho Ah Long. The last time I met him during a demo setup in Bandar Utama, he cornered me and talked my ears off. I was like a kid being reprimanded by the off-kilter discipline teacher. I just sat in my chair staring at him blankly. And so, I was forced to quickly arrange a meet up with the fella to iron things out. Luckily, he was in one of his better moods that day and we managed to talk things through. And so, after the meeting, I brought several close colleagues out for Coffee Bean during lunch and whaddya know, we bumped into my GM's entourage. Pscyo Ah Long was there too. He stood behind me and wrapped his long fingers around my neck!

"You know what? I've never strangled a person to death before."

And proceeded to squeeze a little. The crazy bastard! After satisfying his twisted urge, he went to the GM's table and joined them for coffee. :S.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Go Flat, Flat-Broke!

My trusty CRT Sony 25" TV finally gave its death throes some weeks back after we sent it to the ICU for a month in '09. At least that couple of hundred bucks managed to lengthen it's life for one year plus. This time round, I've decided not to call it back to the Land of the Living. The time has come for me to embrace the LCD TV. Over the course of one week, I went shopping and did some research on the matter. The first shop I visited was Legend at OKR and the stringy-haired saleswoman zombie-ly told me:

"Definitely Sharp Aquos. LCD 32" A66. Full-HD. MYRX950"

And before leaving she gave me a long price list of all the popular models. I was very impressed. Just down the road, I stopped at TBM. The salesman there kept on telling me the virtues of the Panasonic Viera. Told me that Sharp looked crappy with Astro and that only Panasonic has the IPC LCD which has two layers. No charge for credit card and an interest-free 6-month installment plan.

Salesman: I tell you, get the Panasonic Viera. IPC LCD. Got SD card slot also!

SK: How come last week your other staff recommend Sharp to me?

Salesman: Of course la. Last week no stock. Where we dare to recommend to you? But if you want Sharp mah sell you Sharp lo...

At SenHeng, I nearly vomited blood.

Moi: Panasonic Viera LCD 32" S10 you berapa?

Salesman: Dua ribu la.

Moi: Tolong check la. Dua ribu berapa?

Salesman: Dua ribu la.

(then grudgingly went to check his price list)

Salesman: MYR2400.

Moi: Baik you cakap MYR2999.

I ended up buying a the Aquos at the first shop. Really the best price. Cash and carry. Unfortunately, I had to wait more than half an hour for them to transport the unit over to the shop.

"Eh, sorry ah... my guy just out from the other branch... now only he tell me he went to pick up his daughter. Wait a little while more ah?"

Turns out that my TV wasn't brought in by the delivery guy, but by the big boss-- it came in his sleek, black Mercedes. :P. Once I hooked everything up, my living room kinda looked "upgraded". Haha. Unfortunately, the TV reception is even worse now. Ish. I popped its cherry watching "Star Trek". Sharp's LCD rendered Chris Pine's 2xist-clad buns quite well! Time to read the manual... zzzz

Monday, February 01, 2010

Taxi Talk

5 €uros
Swiped from Edward Barnieh.
Delegate. That's what I though when I told my subordinate to set up a demo system for my Fatty Boss. She did help me do the ground work, but the subsequent problems that followed (very common when working in an environment with super-strict and downright annoying IT infrastructure policies). It's understandable when you're at a client's site, but when it's 5X more horrible in your own office, that's just stupid. And so, I let things be for a few days hoping that she can wade through the shit by herself. However, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Ish. The deadline was looming and her scrambling at the office had alerted the senior VP. And soooooo.... I was called in to salvage the situation. And there began some days of hell trying to solve problem after problem. With everything finally in place, I waited for the demo that was initially scheduled for Tuesday morning. On monday, my Fatty Boss called me at noon to tell me that things have been moved forward to 2:00pm that very day.

Shit! And since I was wearing casual that day and coincidentally I did not drive, I had to take a cab back home to change into formal clothes! Double shit! I rushed out and grabbed a bun from the convenience store downstairs before flagging a cab. The taxi driver turned out to be a very friendly Malay guy. He even asked me whether he wanted it normal or warp speed. I told him it was OK, but he drove like an ambulance driver anyway. He kept mumbling to himself, "Cannot waste time, aisyeh, faster! FASTER!" :S. He sent me back home, then ultimately to the demo site. During the whole trip we talked about many things-- about how the movie "Legion" sucked in comparison to "Avatar"; About the stupidity of the "Allah" issue (I dared not respond too much); About which Petronas station gives the best NGV pressure; About the election seats where the Opposition won with the biggest majority;

And when he saw that a squad car had crashed into a car in front of it, he went berserk and exclaimed:

"Saman sendiri! Saman sendiri! Macam mana pun dia sendiri salah kan!?"

Then he proceeded to tell me stories of "police stupidity". Apparently he argued with a police officer who tried to summon him for curtains in his car. Since the police officer refused to let him off even after he explained his situation nicely, he called the policeman "Bodoh". And added "Bodoh punya bodoh". It concluded with him generalising that most police officers took bribes which angered the fella more. According to my amusing taxi driver, one can insult police officers like this as long as no expletives are used. I dunno the truth of it, but he survived the incident. Well, my taxi ride cost me MYR41 (he gave me a discount on the toll and even prepared a printed receipt for me to claim). Cheap hor, when you take into consideration the entertainment value? I arrived there at 1:30pm, but my Fatty Boss was no where to be seen.

I did some testing by myself and after looking at the schedule, it turns out that the demo doesn't start until 3:15pm. Kanasai. And you know what? They were already late by nearly half an hour. I told him I was going for lunch first and he had the nerve to reply:

"Eh, you not yet eat yet meh?"

What an idiot. Luckily, the demo went fairly smooth. Sigh. I hate demos!