Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Hills Are Alive

Hi guys and gals! By this time tomorrow I'll be at Cameron Highlands, not to enjoy high altitude sex, but to be with friends to celebrate the impending 2010. As usual, SK will be with me, in addition to Pikey and his new Teddy Bear. Of course it would be much better if KH's able to join us, but I'll keep my sexual frustration for mid-January (the dam will burst!) when I'll be going down for a visit. I look forward to the cool air, the fresh produce and beautiful landscapes. Do say a little prayer for us so that we get a smooth journey and a fun trip. See your next year! (but I might just pop a quick post, :P)

May 2010 bring new challenges and friends, heal old pains and bring peace to all!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cobra Woman

This is my favourite Hindi movie from my childhood. The exorcism scene is a classic! Look at the Sridevi's eyes. Mesmerizing! They don't make movies like this anymore... All the must have's are there-- pretty heroine, macho hero who loves his mother and kicks ass like he's chopping lumber, catchy music, great dance scenes and lovable villain. You may say that all this is standard, but the supernatural premise of the film is what gives it its charm. Hehe. A snake-woman who finds her way into a rich family, only to scare the shit out of her mother-in-law. She calls in an "exterminator" and a great struggle for power ensues! Memang best!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bad Bad Badminton

My neighbour's children play badminton everyday. Sometimes even several times a day. It's like some sort of commandment in their home. Some kind of disease or compulsion. It's amazing. Even at 11:00pm, they'd be sweating it out on the road. No electricity? Rev up the car, turn on the headlights and play badminton! Makes me feel like I'm staying with the Sidek family. :S. Why can't it be Lin Dan look-a-likes running after the shuttlecocks topless? Is that asking for too much? :P

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas was quite quiet this year. My first order of business on Christmas Eve was to get SK's tire patched. And God was kind enough to bless me with eye candy at the shop. Yummy. Lunch was mixed rice and I later babysat my bratty nephew, Cyan. He's such a Duracel bunny these days. Mum asked me to look after him for a while and she found me zoned out on the couch. Luckily the kid didn't set fire to the house or anything. At night, mum and I went to the Christmas Eve mass and luckily the jam on the LDP did not make us miss the cantata. But the carols were quite a let down anyway. Kids did it this year and somehow, it wasn't 'powerful' enough to put me in the mood. Perhaps it was just me. Noticed that the dominant colour in the congregation was black! Weird. Anyway, the interior was decked out with plenty of decorations and flowers. It was high mass and the censers were out. The priest brought in the wooden figurine of the El Niño Dios and put Him in the manger. After mass, mum wanted to see the light at Sunway, so we braved the jams and got our glimpse. Then, we went to Asia Cafe for supper. So many varieties... of mediocre food. I ordered a really horrible duck mee suah. By the time we got home, it was already 11:00pm. I just heard one burst of fireworks this year.

On Christmas morning, I woke up late and cooked a simple breakfast. No waking up early to check for presents under the Christmas tree. Mum had gone out to the opening of a convenience store nearby. She had come back with sale items just costing MYR0.10 each. 1kg of red onions, 5 oranges, frozen crab filament and rice noodles. And so, mum had me go over to buy more stuff. I spent MYR0.30 there and spent 35 minutes in queue. Ugh. After going back home, I was online the whole time while mum had gone out again to help out a friend with some major cooking. Had a late lunch of chicken rice nearby and bought some DVDs. The usual offer is buy 5 free 1. Nowadays, they have loyalty card system. You can accumulate the DVDs and get the 6th free. Just register your name and phone number. NOT A GOOD IDEA in my opinion. But I'd go back to the shop, at least for the cute kid's good service attitude.

Before going home, I made a short stop at Jusco to get some magazines and thymol gargle for my scratchy throat. Feeling bored, I went out for a swim, but I had to sit at the poolside for 20 minutes waiting for the rain to stop. :S. Did my laps and headed home. Mum had ta pau loads of food home-- kam heong crabs, fried beancurd, chicken in wine, butter prawns, stewed duck, meat dumplings and oyster croquettes. And SK had also bought a bunch of Seremban siew pau and pineapple tarts! After dinner was fruits and later on we had some port with the Nadeje layer cake. So creamy. Negated my earlier workout!!! Blegh. What do you think? Doesn't sound quite Christmas-y hor?

Hope your Christmas was more interesting than mine. :)

P.S.: Sorry for the sub-standard photos.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Monorail Celebrities: Carpet Muncher

Monorail 0198
Swiped from williamnyk.
Overheard on the Monorail:

(Black Vest keeps on putting her chin on the White T 's shoulder)

White T: The first time my mother saw you, she asked whether you were a lesbian!

Black Vest: So many lesbian meh?

(Black Vest playfully bites White T's shoulder)

What did I just witness? I'm not too sure myself. Heh. I think I don't see enough lesbians on the streets. But then again, I have no reliable les-dar. :P

Friday, December 25, 2009


Dong Zhi falls on a Tuesday this year, so my mum decided to make the big celebration on Sunday. It's supposed to be an important celebration where family reunions are supposed to happen. It's said that 冬大于年, meaning that it is more important than the Chinese New Year. However, the inverse happens. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that there's a holiday for CNY and it is a giant economic exercise. During our Saturday round at the wet market, mum bought lots of fresh ingredients for the dinner and the glutionous rice floor for the 湯圓. On the night before, we rolled up the dough into little bite-sized balls. Some were coloured blue with some natural colouring from flowers. They turn an even deeper shade of blue after cooking. In one of her rare moods for something new, mum attempted to make some with peanut filling. A real challenge of getting everything in while avoiding the skin from breaking! Mine ended up with some "pimples". At my home, 湯圓 is usually eaten with jaggery and screwpine soup or savoury pork and mushroom soup (my fave!). Breaking from the norm, mum made the ginger soup version this year. Early in the morning, she knocked on my door and asked me to take pictures of her culinary masterpiece! When I was young, I would eat the number of 湯圓 that corresponds to my age... these days, I eat however much that corresponds to my allowed calorie count. :P.


Dinner was stewed pork ribs with mushrooms, steamed pomfret, prawns steamed in egg, green apple + capsicum salad, teriyaki chicken, stir-fried scallops and pan-fried salmon steak. All amazing, especially the ribs because mum added roasted pig bones and dried scallops into the pot. Cyan had a great time walloping the food with a plate Bario rice. The kid's appetite is growing bigger and bigger! Hope everyone had a fantastic Winter Solstice!

P.S.: I had leftover 湯圓 for 2 days in a row!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

When A Child Is Born

A Blessed Christmas to all my readers.

Let us love the Child of Bethlehem. Come souls and love a God who has become a Child, poor and so lovable, in need of our tender love, who has come down from heaven to give Himself entirely to you. If we but ask for pardon and salvation, He has come to pardon us and to save us.

-- St. Francis of Assisi

Peace and goodwill to everyone. May this be season of glad tidings and fullness in family life. May all of you receive the blessings and grace of God and in turn pass it on the others.

** muacks ** and ** hugs ** ^_^

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Olfactory Hate List

Little Dove's post somehow got me to post a list of things that I totally HATE to smell.
  1. Rotiboy
  2. Lovely Lace
  3. J. Co Donuts
  4. Bread Talk
  5. St. Cinnamon / Cinnabon

You'll notice that 80% of the list is bakeries. I just can't stand the 'stench'. It's not that I don't like the smell of fresh pastries and bread, but the 'aroma' from these places is too concentrated. Makes me wanna hurl. As for cinnamon, there's just something I don't like about it. The reason why I hate Rotiboy? The same reason why people like it. And frying doughnut batter in lard? So greasy! Lovely Lace has a special place among my tahi hidung. The powdery fragrance that emanates from their shop (it travels one floor up and one floor down) can really cause me to suffocate and end up with a sneezing fit! There you have it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Begitu!!

Swiped from Photo David.
Note: This is the follow-up to my last irate post about DiGi's service

My problem with DiGi's SMS reload registration finally comes to an end. By any decent customer service standards, the SLA has long been violated! And you know what, they could have closed the case if their staff were a little bit more knowledgeable or were smart enough to escalate the case to the relevant people. Buuuuuut.... as usual, I was given the ding-dong treatment. Well, on Friday morning before my dim sum breakfast at Deli Taste, Serdang, I logged on to DiGi's D'Chat. I had no patience for their IVR that day. As usual, I was greeted by Nur Syuhada, the name they chose for their customer-facing. I repeated my problem and once again I got the standard answer of..... "they will contact you". Cheh! So I got bitchy. The customer service officer even insinuated that I did not fill in the form properly and suggested that I get a photocopy of it from the BTS center. I outright rejected that stupid "suggestion". Why the hell should I waste my time to prove their incompetence?!

"I assure you that I registered a total of 4 numbers in the form. The numbers ARE THERE UNLESS SOMEONE USED LIQUID PAPER ON IT!"

Sensing my temper, the officer apologised and repeated the same old spiel about a later contact. I harumphed and logged off. To their credit, someone actually called me the next day to explain that I could fix the problem myself by registering at their OCS website. It worked! But why did it take so long and so much customer dissatisfaction before they could pass me that piece of information?


Monday, December 21, 2009

The Bijou Fault Line

The last BFF gathering was for Froggie's (I noticed that I always switch between Froggy and Froggie) birthday at Alexis, The Gardens. Since then, everyone had been busy with work. All the sampat e-mail threads and group chats nearly ground to a halt. This latest gathering was organized by JL for the occasion of Alex's belated birthday party. Due to the unique circumstances, it materialized with VERY little correspondence and the turnout was quite good really (even Adik came clutching a dead black chicken). Well, it was at Bijou, Mont Kiara Damai and SK and I found it quite a challenge to get there. SK was fumbling with the instructions and I was screaming from the steering wheel. Luckily, JL managed to reel us in near Plaza Mont Kiara. SK was supposed to wear a dress for the occasion, but her persistent throat infection (which has since been diagnosed as caused by a sinus infection) had left her fatigued and the thought of her Dear 3 (Alex) ignoring her feminine charms put her off completely.

The place was quite cozy. All woody, painted in white and pink. Organza curtains here and there, with books lining shelves and candles providing ambient light (I couldn't read the menu properly). With an Amex card, we each got a free glass of wine for each main we ordered, which was quite worth it considering the prices average at about MYR35++. My dinner was the Catch of the Day, grilled King Mackerel with a side of arugula, chickpea and red bean salad. The fish tasted like something more at home at a banana leaf rice restaurant, but the salad was good! Service was quite bad though. Firstly, the waiter poured Chardonnay on Leesh's back. She yelped and pushed over her own glass of wine, causing my cellphones and jeans to be baptized with Sauvignon Blanc. It's very fortunate that red wine wasn't involved and we both now know how it feels to use wine as perfume. :P. Secondly, Leesh's King Mackerel wasn't cooked properly and she had to wait for some time to get a replacement. I would have pulled a blackie face dy. The cake was Tiramisu (with soggy bread and sago in the middle!) and unfortunately, Alex's candle got blown out before finishing his wish for a more 'honourable life'. :P.

Post-dinner was at the condo nearby. JL had secured it from his 'supervisor' for our drinking party. Alex sponsored sparkling wine, port and vodka with Kettle chips! The condo was quite posh, filled with oriental furnishings. A freaky thing happened while we were there-- the floor tiles creaked and moved! Imagine tectonic plates on the earth's crust crashing against each other! It was so loud and we could see the floor tiles tenting up. After it had settled, a whole 'mountain ridge' ran across the hallway! We would have evacuated, but Ken assured us that it happens if the renovator did not leave enough space for tile expansion. Halfway through, JL revved up the projector to air "500 Days of Summer" (was quite disappointed that it wasn't their sex video). EarlyGrey arrived last at 11:00pm and by then, SK and I had left.

P.S.: Alex, sorry I only brought 2 sikat pisang, will deliver your gift later!
P.P.S.: I did not get to see Nase's pun fei sau char siew as his flight was delayed. :(
P.P.P.S: I am anxiously waiting to receive Adik and Siti Norhaleesha's wedding invitation! Touted to be the wedding of the year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Die Suneo! Die!
Swiped from chibialfa.
Cepat bagi tau nehbors-nehbors yang siri komedi "Datin Wan Abe" dah menang anugerah Komedi Terbaik di Anugerah Skrin 2008 baru-baru ini!. I'm so elated!

Someomne searched for this keyword on Google: William Look Like Suneo
(*)&(*&*%^&$#@%$#^%#@. WTF!

SK bought me a new foam mattress for Xmas! Wakaka. Feels great draped with KH's 450 threadcount sheets.... Mum also nailed the bed the other day! The last time KH and I skanked on it, the whole thing collapsed. :P.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Right of Way

Swiped from PedjaP.
Ever since the road connecting Jalan Mega Mendung and Taman Esplanad was opened, the numbers of cars that ply that road have increased at least two-fold. Your's truly uses it to cut from OKR to Bukit Jalil. However, that road is quite narrow (due to the infamous road shoulder that was built and teared away and built again by DBKL over the years) and ridden with potholes and traffic lights, making it a Hell to use, especially on Thursday-- night market day. And so, being an ex-resident of OUG, I know shortcuts through the housing area to avoid that jam during rush hour. I usually cut through Taman United to get to Jalan Hujan Emas, a road that is kinda parallel to Jalan Mega Mendung. It's one long, straight road that is full of crossroads. In this month alone, I had two close shaves with motorcyclists on that road. Never in my long years had I encountered such idiotic people on that road.

During the first near-accident, I was approaching a junction with an Alphard that was waiting for me to go past. Little did I expect, a stupid motocyclist just zipped out from the side. I slammed on the brakes but I did not stop in time. Luckily the motorcyclists realized that he overshot the junction and stopped just in time. If not, terbanglah dia. The latest incident happened during a heavy downpour. It was at another junction and I was slowing down because an Iswara zipped across the road in front of me. In my mind I was thinking if there were any more idiot motorcyclists. As I drove though that junction, an IDIOT motoyclist did speed into my vector. He was so fast that by the time I had noticed, the side of the bumper had already banged into his rear wheel. God smiled on us-- the motorcycle just wobbled and he did not fall off. Both of us stopped at the roadside and by the time I got out to inspect the damage, he had already left the scene.

Unfortunately, SK's car's bumper was scratched and the bracket got busted in. :(. DBKL should really put more stop signs and speed bumps. Everyone thinks that it's a "straight road". A "straight road" to the afterlife if you don't stop and look left, look right! Drive safely people.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Midnight Train

Last Tuesday was the deadline for the submission of a big proposal I was working on. My company bid for a total of 4 modules and I worked on one of it. The bloody Request for Proposal (RFP) document was 600+ pages long with 7 parts to fill up. Part 4 alone had 2400+ items to answer. In reality, only me and my colleague Chinz worked on it. The Fatty Boss merely gave vague comments and criticism. And he keep on chiding the rest of the team for not helping out and quizzing unrelated colleagues about the content when obviously he also did not know heads or tails about it. He even remembered the submission date wrongly. What a great way to "train" your staff. During the final week to the deadline, Chinz went on leave, leaving me with the deadweight. Since many uncertainties were left, I just quickly chose to mark the items with non-compliance to avoid future problems and proceed to fill up the gaps in the other parts.

With just 3 days left, we starting printing and organizing the documents according to the submission instructions. Fatty reviewed the document at THIS juncture (although he had more than a week to do so) and started complaining that thing's weren't satisfactory and he had to REDO it all over, spending ALL night (kononnya). I couldn't care less. It was his responsibility to begin with. It wasn't easy getting everything done. And everything that could go wrong, went wrong-- last minute changes to the answers and format, difficulty in sourcing a 3-hole puncher, empty printer ink and toner and can you imagine even the staplers in the office weren't in good working order?! It was so frustrating. And don't get me started on the stupid Fuji Xerox printer that kept on having paper jams and error messages. And as expected, Fatty was there at the last minute giving his stupid comments again and "helping out" and acting all busy so that he can claim credit. On the evening before submission, we moved the stack of documents to my parent company in Bandar Utama. And you know what? The people there were still struggling with the printing and compilation. They had the nerve to ask us to wait 7 hours there for them to get the time to verify our work. We went out for a 2-hour dinner to calm ourselves. The woman was so infuriating with all her strings of pearls, gesturing, bad make-up and fake angmoh slang. She did not give the proper instructions and when we came with our own format and style, she complained and asked us to follow her standard. Fine!

"OMG. I'm trying to figure this out. So much to do... so much to do..."

"You know or not? The last time we did this, we stayed the whole night."

And that did not teach you to do things earlier?! Can you imagine that by the time I left, they were still updating the document?! Crazy. Anyway, by the time I got home, it was already past midnight..... The following morning, the big bosses submitted the documents... all 8 boxes of it. :S. I really hope we DON'T get the job. It's bad news anyway. The stupid customer has been toying with vendors for years and until now have not awarded the contract. Cheh!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

JB to KL

Out of the blue, JB notified me that he was coming to KL with his BF, Griff. They initially suggested dinner, but seeing that they had not settled on lodging and what not, it was deferred to lunch the following day. And so, on Sunday, he asked me to meet him at 2:00pm at KLCC. Since mass ended a bit past noon, I asked SK to drop me off at Kelana Jaya LRT. Halfway there, I received news of some change of plans. Time and venue. Preparing for the worst, I downed a pretzel to fuel myself for some Christmas shopping at KLCC first. At the end, we met at The Pavilion for some Japanese food at Ichiban Boshi. And luckily they made it for the original time slot. Quite a challenge to catch 'em. :P. Had a long chat about lots of things-- food, 7th Day Adventists (!), life in KL, the rat race, bloggers. He looks exactly like in his pics. Griff on the other hand looks a bit like me in pictures (side profile), but the similarity is not there in person. Being the generous guest (an upside down world we live in), he treated me to lunch. The claypot salmon head miso soup was very satisfying.

Having settled the bill, we walked around a bit. Griff wanted to go to Tangs to show JB the Private Structure counter. They were both mesmerized by the footage of the Taiwan Private Structure fashion shows that continously play in there. Oh yeah, PS is finally clearing their newer range. Go check it out. MYR59 for two pairs of underwear and 50% off the T-shirts. Also managed to take a look at the new local designer brand Stud. MYR85 for a pair of trunks, with 30% off. The cutting's really small. An S looks like something out of the teen department! Amazingly, I did not buy anything. I'm practising self-control. LOL. Sigh, even the salesman recognizes me.


At around 4:00pm, we went our separate ways. JB and Griff went off to Petaling Street and I headed back home. Perhaps we'll meet again on my next trip to Singapore (KH's grumbling dy!). JB's definitely a nice guy and easy to talk to. I barely had any time to rest before mum suggested that we go out for a jog. I sweated like a pig at Taman Bukit Jalil. Went up and down their tangga maut. I was pooped after my session there. In the middle of my jog, I saw a father "training" his two sons like drill sergeant. He expected them to walk along an uneven stone wall that had a moat at both sides. And when they slowly balanced themselves on the wall, he would shout for them to run! Nuts. Psycho. Dinner was Bario rice (gonna be trademarked soon I heard!) with an Ayamas Honey Roaster, blanched vegetables, herbal chicken soup and steamed fish heads with wine. Satisfying and nutrituos. The end to another Sunday....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Dream of 劉德華

I've been having quite a lot of skanky dreams lately and KH is irked because he doesn't star in 'em! My latest episode has Andy Lau in it. Yes, you can go, "Ewwww!". Even I was like "WTF?!" when I woke up (luckily I woke up "dry", or it would have been a double "Ewwww"). I dislike the fellow. Never found him cute. But there I was sampling some sloppy HK banana in dreamland. A first for me really. A celebtrity. Any requests? Another Canto Pop King tonight? All also over 40 dy. :S. Hehe. Oh wait. KH first. :P.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pos Malaysia Sucks!!!

Another reason why I hate Pos Malaysia. I ordered a pair of Movere Jeans off the internet early November and I have not received it until today. Feeling pissed, I wrote an angry e-mail to the seller and asked about the status of the delivery. He gave me a reference number and I checked with Pos Malaysia. I quoted the reference number to their customer service staff via I got a reply in one day. According to customer service, the postman delivered the package to my place on the 18th of November and left a collection card. Since I did not collect it after 2 weeks, they have sent my package back to the sender. However, I did not see the card's batang hidung. From my past experience, I found their stupid collection card on the road in front of my house once. It's not the red card, but a thin, yellow and white piece of paper designed to look like hotel's "Do Not Disturb" signs. With such lousy paper quality, I'm sure it would have flew away with the slightest of breezes! I replied that I HAVE A PERFECTLY FUNCTIONAL POSTBOX AND I DID NOT FIND ANY COLLECTION CARD IN IT. They have yet to get back to me. Stupid.

Monday, December 14, 2009


One of my colleagues recently went to a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner to get his back pain looked at. The usual stuff-- acupuncture and herbal concoctions. When he first sat down with the quack:

Quack: You got a problem right?

Colleague: Err.... yeah.

Quack: If now no problem, next time also sure got problem!

You're so awed by that statement, right? >_<"

And the best thing is, he signed up for a course of treatments there.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Swimming Instructor

KH was in town again for a company trip to Cameron, so we arranged a date at KLPAC. "The Swimming Instructor" was playing and he wanted very much for me to see it (ever since we saw the promotional postcard at Rhythmic Roots). He had watched it before in Singapore and found it good. And so, I bought two tickets for Wednesday night at KLPAC's Pentas 2. It had been a busy week for me. Everyone was rushing to complete a big proposal for a local bank and the instruction from the Gods in management was-- "Make sure we're shortlisted". Bah. My General Manager was in that day going through the document with us, and I was dreading that I couldn't leave work on time. Lucky for me, he only had time to review the main module, so I managed to escape. KH met me at KL Sentral at 6:00pm and we later drove to KLPAC.

I was worrying about the traffic, but it was suprisingly OK. Even had ample time to have our dinner at the 1-Stop Cafe at Jalan Ipoh. We had Hokkien Mee, Meat & Brinjal Mee (the minced meat tasted like my mother's cooking!), taufu fa, pumpkin paste and loh bak. It was all quite good. 'Artisanal' noodles I suspect. A very home-y taste. After having our fill, KH surprised me with a ring and a Suneo keychain (bonk!). So sweet of him. :). He received negative feedback about the ring, so when I told him I liked it, he was quite relieved. Red on stainless steel is quite uncommon. But then, I like weird. :).

Suneo Me, Suneo You

Since it was a mid-week night, KLPAC was quite quiet. We loitered around, looking at some naive art by Numpueng. Bumped into Ry's "maid" and one of the cast from "I Have a Date with Spring". By 8:20pm, the doors were open. A simple stage-- one corner of a swimming pool, 2 deck chairs and a table. With that, they played out the love triangle between Dave, Guan and Jan. Michael Chen plays Guan, the title character. His pictures really don't do him justice. Much cuter in person. And he has a great smile on an even greater body. :P. Niki Cheong (Bangsar Boy) plays the part of a jumpy and nervous advertising agency director. He played the part quite well, but he made a few mistakes along the way. And Davina Goh is the flirty and spoilt rich brat. Reminds me a bit of the sister from "Ah Steve".

90 minutes of sexual innuendos. 90 minutes of skin. Wet skin. 90 minutes of nylon and spandex. 90 minutes of womanly curves. 90 minutes of rippling muscles. According to KH, the play changes with each staging. According to KH, the story is more light-hearted, and more openly-gay. The ending was changed in addition to other tweaks in the plot. It was entertaining. At the end of the show, we shuffled back to the car. The dark and quiet parking lot tempted us to be cheeky and we had our short time together. After that, I drove KH home. I was drained from work and the exhilaration of seeing KH again...


P.S.: I think Niki was having a semi-hard on at one point of the play. :P

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Psycho Along II: Dead Man's Chest

Remember the psycho manager from my office? Well, I've been at the other office for a few days rushing for a proposal and he did his 'thing' again. I was walking into the toilet as he was exiting it. And you know what he did? He touched my cheek. I really hope he washed his hand after using the loo!!!!

And as I walked past his cubicle, he announced that he could see that I have a little tummy. >_<". Oi. Pelan-pelan la cakap!. Ish. Why o why o why?!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


As I was going through my flickr contacts' photos just now, I came across this photo...

For my father... ....who left us the evening of 1 Dec 2009.

That evening I saw the fattest glowing moon hanging over the Fez Medina. Ignorant, I basked in the glory of the moonlight which cast a long shadow behind me. Amidst us, the muezzins' calls for prayer rallied from the hills, culminating in the belly of the Medina.

Then death's silence broke; it felt like a million needles were piercing through my childhood, suffocating my hopes and choking my present.

It suddenly jolted my memory back to a dozen years ago. To the ICU where my dad sighed his last breath and left for God's pastures. I was 17 and I can still remember kneeling at the side of the bed, holding on to his lifeless hand. I did not know how to react. My eyes were dry. Did I not love my father? Was I heartless. My mother had lost it. They dragged her out. My mother hugged me and said,

"Your father is gone. What are we to do?!"

She sobbed and sobbed. And then, realization suddenly struck me. My heart broke. My tears came in torrents. The lost finally manifested itself. The mourning began. Today, we have all moved on. Every year we visit his grave during All Souls' Day or Chinese New Year. And whenever I'm in the hall, he looks down at me from the black and white photograph of him... but I know that he is really down at us everyday from Heaven.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jom Heboh

OMG. It was TV3's Jom Heboh again last weekend. Naturally, the roads were congested due to haphazard triple parking right down to the highway and the sheer amount of people who would brave such pening conditions to walk around in the blazing hot sun, visiting booths selling cheapo biscuits, 3-in-1 coffee and instant noodles. And the cherry on the pile of shit is the free concert that happens on Sunday night. I managed to catch Jaclyn Victor belting out her songs without much emotion on TV. From the news, I also found out that the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation put up a booth there to "educate the public". I'm sure they successfully reached out to their target group. I got a feeling that the Munchy's booth was more popular than them. So, is it any wonder that when I arrived at Bt. Jalil LRT station on Monday, what greeted me was a scene of devastation? Rubbish was strewn everywhere. Rotting food, styrofoam cups and plastic bags were ground into the wet floor. The toilet was practically muddy and overflowing with water because someone broke the faucets. It stank to high heaven. It's disgusting. Malaysian civility at its best. It's just a stupid excuse to act like hooligans. The best thing is that it's a success each and every time! I guess there's no fighting it.

Hey people, Jom Heboh!

Monday, December 07, 2009

The Substitute

For the longest time, I did not need to work Saturdays. But last week, I was called into office by my boss. It was a meeting of bosses, and I was only there as insurance for my boss in case there are things he can't answer. Overall, it was a boring affair and I wasn't needed. And so, after hours of seeing bosses duke it out and practicing tai-chi, I went home. It was a total loss though. I got a lunch of abalone porridge and a cup of Starbie for my troubles. Upon arriving home, I went out again for a movie. I initially wanted to bring mum to watch 2012 but she heard that it was boring, so went to watch Mulan at IOI Mall instead. Not a bad movie really. A straight forward storyline of a woman who manages to break the glass ceiling in the Wei Dynasty military. But I guess is doesn't really count since she was in the guise of a man. You get lots of war scenes, a love story and buckets of tears. Nearly every scene has her or someone else crying and shedding tears. And Jaycee Chan's in it too. Annoying. And here's another bit of trivia-- there's an ang moh in it-- Vitas, a Russian pop singer. Really random. But he doesn't sing in the movie... Cheh. Update: SK suspects he's the Ruoran Danyu's boy toy!!! LOL. Go watch it la. Not many people seem to know of the movie's existence!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Unjust Rewards

After waiting for years, my company finally paid my increment. Nothing to shout about. Just something to get my neck above the rate of inflation. Although the amount was "amusing", the way the letter of increment was worded "amused" me even more:

Please note that the increment is given based on your contributions and effort that have helped maintain our present level of business operations.

I'm glad that I worked enough to keep the company alive. To write off the overhead costs of keeping me on the payroll. At the rate of things, I guess there is no point to floor the gas pedal. Let's "maintain" the current speed.... Time to turn on the cruise control. Hehe.

P.S.: Let me just pre-empt this-- No LifeBook, I'm not treating you to dinner. :P

Friday, December 04, 2009

New Member!

Club29 has another member-- Mel, my old friend from university. She turned 29 on the 25th of November. Hehe. Had a belated celebration with her on the following Saturday. Mum, SK and I brought her to Yuen Garden (I gotta find other places to eat!!). This time round, I tried some other stuff-- century egg porridge (loses out to Mexim), fried radish cake, fishballs and etc. I still did not get the chance to try their egg tarts! Damn. Pikey's favourite waiter was there again and he did look better. And I noticed another cutie downstairs too. So many of those kiddy waiters and they break stuff so often. *shake head*. The most important thing was that the birthday girl enjoyed the food. Before leaving, we did some camwhoring. Not many nice pics came out of it. Had to hide tummies, fat faces and other fleshy bits. :S.

Cockerel's Crest

Moving on, Mel treated us to drinks at Old Town Kopitiam. Had a nice, long chat about husbands, marriage and meddling relatives over a strong cup of iced kopi c. For her birthday, I got her a gel eyeliner and an eyeliner brush from M.A.C. I could so use that and look like Christopher Lambert. :P. When I bought it, the salesgirl said I did not look like a makeup artist. Cheh. Later on, we went to a furniture shop in Taman Equine. SK was busy choosing a suitable mattress for her new rented place. I too decided to get a new foam mattress. Mine's already permanently depressed in the middle. So when KH sleeps over, he'll be getting a brand new experience. Hehe. By dinner time, Mel left and mum whipped up a great dinner of mee suah and CKT with fresh ingredients from our market excursion in the morning. Beats eating out anytime.

Shrimp Surprise

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Swiped from JenniPenni.
When I speak, you don't respond. I'm fine with it. Listening is good enough.

When I speak of you, the same silence greets me. I rather you not listen at all.

But will that really make me feel better? Actually, the answer is no.


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Travelogue Tampin

"Whose sins you shall forgive they are forgiven them, and whose sins you shall retain they are retained." -- John 20:23

Hi guys and gals! I survived butt-fuck Tampin! (as RPMNut so eloquently puts it for every backwater town he names in his blog). Woke up at an ungodly hour on Raya Haji, drove to church with mum and got on a bus. Breakfast was so piping-hot vegetarian noodles and some kuih prepared by the church committee. 2 bus-loads of pilgrims. You see, the Church of St. John Vianney, Tampin was declared as the pilgrimage church of the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese on the occasion of the Year for Priests. The reason is because the patron saint of that church is the Patron Saint of Priests. A real interesting story behind it-- one that shows how genuine love for God and your fellow man can triumph over the lack of intelligence and knowledge. And so, my BEC President decided to use the pilgrimage as part of a BEC gathering.

The Alpha and the Omega

Anyway, the journey took just under 2 hours. It was quite pleasant (even better if the bus didn't sway so much) and I slept most of the time. Before lunch, we had an hour to kill at the church. After praying, I immediately went around the compound taking pictures. Not very big. Not very stylized architecture. But it made for some good photo opportunities anyway. It still retains its pre-independence flavour. The sun was blazing! Lunch was at Restoran Kam Yin Poh which literally translates to Chinese gold ingots. One could easily mistake it for a joss stick shop! So icky. We booked the whole place! The food was quite disappointing. Only the first dish of herbal chicken soup was nice. A whole chicken (head and all!) cooked in its own juices and herbs. After the unsatisfying lunch, we headed back to the church.

Random Candy
Filler: See the guy on the left? He's one of the three cuties I saw among the crowds. :P

Other pilgrims had began to throng the church. All the parasols and sheds were up and the main church building filled to the brim. We had no choice but to fry outside. Listened to a short explanation of the activities for the day and the significance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (a fancy name for Confession), everyone went about their business of either joining the Penitential Service (that's mass confession for you) or praying the rosary. I quickly joined the queue for the English-speaking priest as the other 9 lines were for the mandarin-speaking group. I finished my confession in 20 minutes I think. My mum had to wait for hours. I had blasted poor KH just an hour before confession. Dunno why I lost my temper. Hehe. Such good timing. :P. I'm bad aren't I?

Penitential Service

About an hour later, the Mass started with 10 priests in total. The celebrant was a quirky priest who spoke in Mandarin phonetically with a Hakka twang. It was quite amusing. During the sermon, he recounted St. John Vianney's history with much candour. The priest who nearly did not become a priest. The stone the builders rejected. He described him as soh soh tei (not very bright). And yet, he overcame all odds and became the "shining model of a pastor". There was another talk after that and a rare ritual of general absolution. However, I did not catch what happened in the church as I was cut-off by the heavy rain. The speakers and projector were turned off. I was reading "Dune Messiah" until the priest suddenly came out with a crucifix in hand! I guess that was it!

Food was served soon after. The rain had turned the church grounds into a muddy mess and the "queues" for food was chaotic. Inconsiderate people were blocking the flow of traffic, content to be eating where they stood. A simple meal of rice with curry chicken, vegetables, YTF and fish roll. As there was nothig else to do, we left soon after. It rained the whole journey back, and that contributed to a good sleep for me on the bus....

Cure d' Ars

"Dominus noster Jesus Christus te absolvat; et ego auctoritate ipsius te absolvo ab omni vinculo excommunicationis et interdicti in quantum possum et tu indiges. [X] Deinde, ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen."

P.S.: I did not get the chance to eat the famous mee longkang there!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


During my Sunday morning chat with Gratitude, something he said about relationships really shook me-- right down to the foundations.

If you ask me, I can also say that an LDR (long distance relationship) isn't really a relationship at all.

It had me stunned for a moment. Truth be told, it is quite an anomaly. But I have never had a "normal" relationship before. Hmmm. What am I missing out on? Or is a relationship whatever we define it to be?

Any thoughts?