Tuesday, December 01, 2009


During my Sunday morning chat with Gratitude, something he said about relationships really shook me-- right down to the foundations.

If you ask me, I can also say that an LDR (long distance relationship) isn't really a relationship at all.

It had me stunned for a moment. Truth be told, it is quite an anomaly. But I have never had a "normal" relationship before. Hmmm. What am I missing out on? Or is a relationship whatever we define it to be?

Any thoughts?


Cheryl said...

LDR is defined as long distance relationship. It is a "relationship" definitely but it would take more effort in maintaining, more time to develop the understanding, more pricy to maintain it. But once both are committed to the LDR, then shall LOVE with no boundaries. :)


as long as u love the way u and KH is right now, then tats ok~ :)

pikey said...

LDR is definitely very challenging but i would say relationship is more fulfilling to have the physical and outing moments regularly throughout the relationship. My experience with the one at Kampar is eye-opening...

my 2cents...

J said...

IMO, LDR is definitely still a relationship, since there is a 'connection' between both parties but just separated by distance. As long both of you are committed to it and happy, anything else doesn't really matter. However, it has its pros and cons. As per saying "Distance makes the heart grows fonder".

Legolas said...

Maybe some people are more suitable to have LDR, because there's more freedom (not meaning fooling around with other people).

Ken said...

LDR killed both my relationship~~~

Anonymous said...

Too many labels surrounds what other perceives as being a normal relationship. To me - to hell with all that.

Being near or being far shouldn't be the be all or end all of a relationship. Infidelity doesn't only happens to those in LDR..

You love someone - without conditions, without benefits, flaws & all. And that someone, feels likewise to you.

Isn't all that matters?

Bravebear said...

I think LDR is still a relationship. But for me, I will go crazy very fast without 'him' around for me to touch touch, hug hug and kiss kiss. LOL!

And the word 'normal' is so over-rated. Dun care whether its normal or not. Happy can liao =)

Gratitude said...

Hahahaha see liao! I didn't realise it had such a huge effect on you. KH is sooooo gonna kill me. lolz

It's juz my opinion. So as long as you are comfy, that's what's most important.

Neways, you omitted to mention that I said LDR Sg-KL wuz still ok, unlike my KL-Dublin one. ISH!

C'est la vie said...

It's just another form of relationship that two persons can commit to. You two are the ones who define what is a relationship for both of you.

Don't over analyse it my dear. ;) You're having a normal relationship here. Tell me what is abnormal. :)

William said...

Across the boundaries!

Thanks for vouching for us.

That's what I'm getting at lo.

It is very fond. :P

But can we have it both ways?


I agree. Betrayal can happen at any time. But I wonder if distance raises the risk.

You memang kuat seks one. :P

It's your fault. You owe me dinner.

To each their own I guess.

Little Dove said...

It doesn't really matter. As long as you're happy and in love. That's most important.

p/s: I've been in a LDR for the longest time.

J said...

Every decision/action in life has its own risk 'value'. If you guys make any decisions from calculated risk, ie. reducing it, then it should be fine.

The important part is that, both of you have mutual respect, understanding and trust for each other. And from there try to do the 'right' things.

And on the individual part, everyone has their own set of 'moral values'. And if both of you follow and uphold the 'right' set of your own values, it should be fine. Remember we are not 'perfect', we do mistakes.

With the fondness between both of you, everything should fall into place. Don't worry about the distance, just enjoy the relationship and it will turn out nicely for both of you.

nase said...

Dunno what's the fuss is all about :-p

conan_cat said...

your frined is sure is very straightforward! @_o

but seriously, LDR is much harder to work out than a "normal" relationship. i think all the previous comments up there already stated why.

unless you've been a couple for like 10 years already and you need to go out work for 2 years or so and turn into a LDR in the meantime, yeah, maybe it works. ;)

William said...

You love life is always most interesting. :). Will we hear about it some time?

Thanks J. Yeah, will relish every moment of it.

Emo. :P

I started out with an LDR!

Ban said...

Hrm. Same worry as me. LDR doesn't have you living with the person day in day out, so for most people maybe they don't know how well they'd really get along in the long run.

Then again, your LDR is only to SG, and you share many friends. I think that makes a difference.

ichimaru akira said...

1stly,an apology to all the parties involved.

Will,the most important factor is u and KH are in love with each other and both are faithful even though ur apart.

No long ago,I thought of LDR not worth pursuing cos of the trust factor but since u and KH have built a solid foundation in ur relationship,why are u having 2nd opinions just becos of someone's words.Is ur love that weak,meh?

LDR is LDR,no matter the distance.

Derek said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for the wonderful and varied opinions. And also the support for both of us! Hugs

For me, this is my second LDR. Actually all my relationship had some element of LDR in it.

William and I are doing great, yes there are pros and cons but we're still here ;P

William said...

Yes dear, pros and cons. Hehe. More pros or cons?