Sunday, December 06, 2009

Unjust Rewards

After waiting for years, my company finally paid my increment. Nothing to shout about. Just something to get my neck above the rate of inflation. Although the amount was "amusing", the way the letter of increment was worded "amused" me even more:

Please note that the increment is given based on your contributions and effort that have helped maintain our present level of business operations.

I'm glad that I worked enough to keep the company alive. To write off the overhead costs of keeping me on the payroll. At the rate of things, I guess there is no point to floor the gas pedal. Let's "maintain" the current speed.... Time to turn on the cruise control. Hehe.

P.S.: Let me just pre-empt this-- No LifeBook, I'm not treating you to dinner. :P


orange-wee said...

awww. was thinking of a free meal from you at Pavilion, LOL

Bengbeng said...

No dinner for Lifebook? I guess it will b pointless to ask u to send me something for Xmas :)

Evann said...

That's awesome! Proof that hardwork pays off! :)

Cheryl said...

we cant control how much the increment is. too bad u r not the apple in the eye of the big boss lo :) when u think ur dear max increment is only 5% ... MAX ya.. so u will feel bless liao :) haha

Little Dove said...

They are so stingy. They need to be spanked.;)

conan_cat said...

lol! well yeah thats what they write on all increment letters, oh well! as if we don't work hard enough to seserve more, gah!

Gratitude said...

Congrats! Fatty boss finally decided to sweeten you with a small slice of his lard.

Belanja, belanja..... a bowl of bkt won't cost much mar!

Janvier said...

Hahaha you know well to expect this already!

TZ said...

Let's go YUEN... we go dutch :p

Bravebear said...

owh.... u got it at last... that took some time =)


no dinner for lifebook, wat abt me? :P i jst want some nice lemak in madam kwan ~

William said...

In Pavilion, your mouth makan, or your eyes makan? :P


Errr... doesn't pay that well. :P

;). But your increment so often.

Can I spank you?

IT companies!

Can I cook him into BKT?

One call always dream...

Another prawn carnival?

Tambah poket money. :P

High class!

simonlover said...

Not even for me?! ...Yer!

Bengbeng said...

oh. yr reply confirms nothing from u this Christmas season. :) Si chai kiam siap hahahahahaha

William said...

See your luck lo, if I ever meet you in KL. Hehe.

I'm the Scrooge!

kenni said...

I've got my increment too!
One word : so-little-can-die-dot-com

Definitely based on my contribution towards the company.