Friday, December 04, 2009

New Member!

Club29 has another member-- Mel, my old friend from university. She turned 29 on the 25th of November. Hehe. Had a belated celebration with her on the following Saturday. Mum, SK and I brought her to Yuen Garden (I gotta find other places to eat!!). This time round, I tried some other stuff-- century egg porridge (loses out to Mexim), fried radish cake, fishballs and etc. I still did not get the chance to try their egg tarts! Damn. Pikey's favourite waiter was there again and he did look better. And I noticed another cutie downstairs too. So many of those kiddy waiters and they break stuff so often. *shake head*. The most important thing was that the birthday girl enjoyed the food. Before leaving, we did some camwhoring. Not many nice pics came out of it. Had to hide tummies, fat faces and other fleshy bits. :S.

Cockerel's Crest

Moving on, Mel treated us to drinks at Old Town Kopitiam. Had a nice, long chat about husbands, marriage and meddling relatives over a strong cup of iced kopi c. For her birthday, I got her a gel eyeliner and an eyeliner brush from M.A.C. I could so use that and look like Christopher Lambert. :P. When I bought it, the salesgirl said I did not look like a makeup artist. Cheh. Later on, we went to a furniture shop in Taman Equine. SK was busy choosing a suitable mattress for her new rented place. I too decided to get a new foam mattress. Mine's already permanently depressed in the middle. So when KH sleeps over, he'll be getting a brand new experience. Hehe. By dinner time, Mel left and mum whipped up a great dinner of mee suah and CKT with fresh ingredients from our market excursion in the morning. Beats eating out anytime.

Shrimp Surprise


Bravebear said...

The radish cake looks yummy! I wanna see them cuties too! Post some pleaseee... :p

Evann said...

Mmm... Looks so delectable. Arghh. Temptation temptation!! Evillll~~ :S

nicky05 said...
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nicky05 said...

everything very delicious....XD

Love me by:

William said...

Haha. I did not take their pics. :(

Diet, right?

Haha. Dim sum fan?

Jaded Jeremy said...

Get a good posturepedic mattress instead of foam one lah.

SJ said...

wow..dim sum

A smile from SJ =)

pikey said...

Ohhh.... let's sit downstairs when we get the chance... lolx

All the nice food, makes me hungry.

William said...

Too expensive.

:). Nutritious.

Haha But downstairs like very pening.

Twilight Zone said...

How do you stay so thin and petite? You eat out more than me!

Gratitude said...

You go find other food outlets.
Pikey and I will remain for the side-attractions! hehehe


i love dim sum too... but wanna manage my weight, so have to cut it lo

William said...

I barf in the toilet after every meal. :P

More like main attraction. :P

You're not fat le.