Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jom Heboh

OMG. It was TV3's Jom Heboh again last weekend. Naturally, the roads were congested due to haphazard triple parking right down to the highway and the sheer amount of people who would brave such pening conditions to walk around in the blazing hot sun, visiting booths selling cheapo biscuits, 3-in-1 coffee and instant noodles. And the cherry on the pile of shit is the free concert that happens on Sunday night. I managed to catch Jaclyn Victor belting out her songs without much emotion on TV. From the news, I also found out that the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation put up a booth there to "educate the public". I'm sure they successfully reached out to their target group. I got a feeling that the Munchy's booth was more popular than them. So, is it any wonder that when I arrived at Bt. Jalil LRT station on Monday, what greeted me was a scene of devastation? Rubbish was strewn everywhere. Rotting food, styrofoam cups and plastic bags were ground into the wet floor. The toilet was practically muddy and overflowing with water because someone broke the faucets. It stank to high heaven. It's disgusting. Malaysian civility at its best. It's just a stupid excuse to act like hooligans. The best thing is that it's a success each and every time! I guess there's no fighting it.

Hey people, Jom Heboh!


pikey said...

Very sad we are still very lacking in civility, queue cutters, over speeding, punctuality, littering, bla bla bla.... maybe another 100 yrs?

conan_cat said...

walao eh, thats a whole lot of garbage! D: usually these things are cleaned up overnight after concerts so usually it's clean the next day, i wonder why it's an exception this time. :/

and meh, why are you at bukit jalil? :o i live near there! lulz

Evann said...

A biotechnology corporation booth at a recreational fair? Wow, that sucks. Marketing genius!

Bravebear said...

Don't we just 'love' Malaysia for all the shit that happens around here =)

成亿 said...

that's malaysian for you...whenever there's an outdoor event of such scale, the ground will be littered with rubbish...i still remembered the time when 8tv was having the summer concert at Padang Ipoh...when the whole thing was over, all the rubbish on the ground...embarrassing...

nicky05 said...

I don't know who came out with the concept "Kitaran semula" (recycle)..littering all over the place..haiz...

Legolas said...

That is one lousy event. I'm surprised people would go.

SJ said...

in the name of msia

A smile from SJ =)


why cant malaysian keep malaysia clean? its very pathetic...

and malaysian, please stop grumbling and being pathetic tat we're not compatible to thailand or singapore... jst look at ur own attitude and behavior...


William said...

I doubt it. :P

They're still cleaning up. Haha. So when wanna yum cha?

Biasalah. Stupid right?

I <3 Malaysia. :P

Welcome. They should ban the selling of food and drinks!

Kitar Semula means-- it happens again and again and again.

You wouldn't go. I wouldn't go. But plenty will. :P

In the name of TV3.

Perhaps Thailand also not so better off actually. :P. Singapore would be a different story.

Gratitude said...

Jom Heboh, Mat Skank! :P

Paul said...

such activity only malay will join 1 isnt it? i dunno, i never join Jom Heboh even keep heard of it.. XD

Little Dove said...

I share your sentiment. Moreover, with loud speakers, they play the Jom Heboh Heboh song on loop!

Ban said...

Ew. Cannot use dustbins

Bengbeng said...

if u think abt it, if nobody litters, there will b no litter to clear up. :D a simple concept yet ppl jus dont get it

William said...


Welcome. Bingo! Mostly la. Can't generalize also. :P

Catchy tune. :P


Cause they sell food.