Thursday, December 17, 2009

JB to KL

Out of the blue, JB notified me that he was coming to KL with his BF, Griff. They initially suggested dinner, but seeing that they had not settled on lodging and what not, it was deferred to lunch the following day. And so, on Sunday, he asked me to meet him at 2:00pm at KLCC. Since mass ended a bit past noon, I asked SK to drop me off at Kelana Jaya LRT. Halfway there, I received news of some change of plans. Time and venue. Preparing for the worst, I downed a pretzel to fuel myself for some Christmas shopping at KLCC first. At the end, we met at The Pavilion for some Japanese food at Ichiban Boshi. And luckily they made it for the original time slot. Quite a challenge to catch 'em. :P. Had a long chat about lots of things-- food, 7th Day Adventists (!), life in KL, the rat race, bloggers. He looks exactly like in his pics. Griff on the other hand looks a bit like me in pictures (side profile), but the similarity is not there in person. Being the generous guest (an upside down world we live in), he treated me to lunch. The claypot salmon head miso soup was very satisfying.

Having settled the bill, we walked around a bit. Griff wanted to go to Tangs to show JB the Private Structure counter. They were both mesmerized by the footage of the Taiwan Private Structure fashion shows that continously play in there. Oh yeah, PS is finally clearing their newer range. Go check it out. MYR59 for two pairs of underwear and 50% off the T-shirts. Also managed to take a look at the new local designer brand Stud. MYR85 for a pair of trunks, with 30% off. The cutting's really small. An S looks like something out of the teen department! Amazingly, I did not buy anything. I'm practising self-control. LOL. Sigh, even the salesman recognizes me.


At around 4:00pm, we went our separate ways. JB and Griff went off to Petaling Street and I headed back home. Perhaps we'll meet again on my next trip to Singapore (KH's grumbling dy!). JB's definitely a nice guy and easy to talk to. I barely had any time to rest before mum suggested that we go out for a jog. I sweated like a pig at Taman Bukit Jalil. Went up and down their tangga maut. I was pooped after my session there. In the middle of my jog, I saw a father "training" his two sons like drill sergeant. He expected them to walk along an uneven stone wall that had a moat at both sides. And when they slowly balanced themselves on the wall, he would shout for them to run! Nuts. Psycho. Dinner was Bario rice (gonna be trademarked soon I heard!) with an Ayamas Honey Roaster, blanched vegetables, herbal chicken soup and steamed fish heads with wine. Satisfying and nutrituos. The end to another Sunday....


Cheryl said...

While dear is having satisfying dinner.. i think i am suffering at the stupid company dinner. kelaparan till 930pm

Gratitude said...

I thought Sunday wuz supposed to be a day of rest? :P

Bravebear said...

hmmm... the cute cute JB :p

pikey said...

Just by reading your dinner description, I'm getting hungry again.

William said...

Kakakakaka! But you got a toaster wor.

Haha. Jesus chided the Pharisees about keeping the Sabbath.

LOL. You like ah?

"Hungry"? :P

nicky05 said...

hahahahaha.. tangga maut...XD

simonlover said...

Hm.Bt a lil' exp hor the STUD trunks! Wonder is there anyone willing 2buy 4me hor. Hehehe. p/s: which salesboy?! Flirty diva!

Ed said...

good! practice self-refrain on shopping~

nase said...

wah, so warm fuzzy that homecooked dinner, me likes!

renaye said...

looks like u enjoyed ur xmas shopping!! it's hard to control when everywhere is having sales... the number of cutdown percentage makes my eyes wanna detach from the socket!

William said...

Kakaka. A great way to work up a sweat!

Hehe. He's an Indian Muslim guy I think. Forgot the name. Horny BF will "sik zhou" la!

A rare moments of level-headedness for me.

Sik fan!

Welcome! Only the words "70% off" will attract me. :P

Bengbeng said...

the salesman recognized you? ah... interesting interesting...

Jaded Jeremy said...

"Amazingly, I did not buy anything."

Yah, that's really amazing :P

deeperanddeeper said...

hmmm... tiny STUD trunks!?

Derek said...

You don't buy for yourself but can buy for me ma LOL

William said...

Good customer mah. :P

I have self control ok?

I wonder if you can fit into the S.

Dun wan!

Heart KL said...

i love stud underwear. i have 3 pairs already. really low waist plus you should buy one size bigger as it can be a bit tight.

William said...

Welcome. It looks real small le. Is it comfy?