Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas was quite quiet this year. My first order of business on Christmas Eve was to get SK's tire patched. And God was kind enough to bless me with eye candy at the shop. Yummy. Lunch was mixed rice and I later babysat my bratty nephew, Cyan. He's such a Duracel bunny these days. Mum asked me to look after him for a while and she found me zoned out on the couch. Luckily the kid didn't set fire to the house or anything. At night, mum and I went to the Christmas Eve mass and luckily the jam on the LDP did not make us miss the cantata. But the carols were quite a let down anyway. Kids did it this year and somehow, it wasn't 'powerful' enough to put me in the mood. Perhaps it was just me. Noticed that the dominant colour in the congregation was black! Weird. Anyway, the interior was decked out with plenty of decorations and flowers. It was high mass and the censers were out. The priest brought in the wooden figurine of the El Niño Dios and put Him in the manger. After mass, mum wanted to see the light at Sunway, so we braved the jams and got our glimpse. Then, we went to Asia Cafe for supper. So many varieties... of mediocre food. I ordered a really horrible duck mee suah. By the time we got home, it was already 11:00pm. I just heard one burst of fireworks this year.

On Christmas morning, I woke up late and cooked a simple breakfast. No waking up early to check for presents under the Christmas tree. Mum had gone out to the opening of a convenience store nearby. She had come back with sale items just costing MYR0.10 each. 1kg of red onions, 5 oranges, frozen crab filament and rice noodles. And so, mum had me go over to buy more stuff. I spent MYR0.30 there and spent 35 minutes in queue. Ugh. After going back home, I was online the whole time while mum had gone out again to help out a friend with some major cooking. Had a late lunch of chicken rice nearby and bought some DVDs. The usual offer is buy 5 free 1. Nowadays, they have loyalty card system. You can accumulate the DVDs and get the 6th free. Just register your name and phone number. NOT A GOOD IDEA in my opinion. But I'd go back to the shop, at least for the cute kid's good service attitude.

Before going home, I made a short stop at Jusco to get some magazines and thymol gargle for my scratchy throat. Feeling bored, I went out for a swim, but I had to sit at the poolside for 20 minutes waiting for the rain to stop. :S. Did my laps and headed home. Mum had ta pau loads of food home-- kam heong crabs, fried beancurd, chicken in wine, butter prawns, stewed duck, meat dumplings and oyster croquettes. And SK had also bought a bunch of Seremban siew pau and pineapple tarts! After dinner was fruits and later on we had some port with the Nadeje layer cake. So creamy. Negated my earlier workout!!! Blegh. What do you think? Doesn't sound quite Christmas-y hor?

Hope your Christmas was more interesting than mine. :)

P.S.: Sorry for the sub-standard photos.


Darren said...

o don't worry, your christmas was definitely interesting, a lot of good food. =)

Little Dove said...

Your Christmas shopping spree was MYR0.30. Lol

Heart KL said...

merry christmas!

Legolas said...

Off for a few days and now my brain is not working.

William said...

Wakakak. Eat eat eat.

It's a Scrooge's Xmas!

Happy New Year!

Leave it off till Friday. :P


never find me to eat turkey also ~ :(

Bengbeng said...

your Xmas was a blessed one bcos the one who loves u most in the world, yr mum was with you all the time this xmas season.. hehe. i sound weird n a freak as compared to yr other regulars huh :)

Gratitude said...

Liked the few last lines best...FOOD! hehe

2512.....magnum or toto?

Derek said...

Huh? What can you buy with 30 cents? The petrol costs to go there already more than that.

William said...

Frozen turkey tak sedap!

Just a different POV. :)

Da Ma Cai.

I walked there, dear.

conan_cat said...

sounds more like any other weekend than christmas. :P

i went to church for the first time in my life this Christmas. it is kinda memorable... i doubt if i want to go back there again though, lol.