Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tung Ka Em Ta, Ta Sai Ka

In my current project, the client has a project manager who oversees everything. Let's call her Madam Mu. She is helped by an assistant manager, Ong, who is actually more like a personal assistant in reality. Madam Mu is like a domineering mother and it is obvious that Ong is kinda like the meek son. Well, it all seemed "rosy" until we heard the shocking (or perhaps not-so-shocking news) that he was resigning not long after receiving his bonus. There was a big hu-hah in the office. Many managers and even one of the top management had "The Talk" with him. They openly badgered him to pull back his resignation. They told him the place that he is going to sucked. He was obviously pressured. When all else failed, talk of money was rife. 20% increment. Blah-blah-blah. 10,000 of any stock you want. Blah-blah-blah. I'll sue them if they sue you for pulling out after signing the offer letter. Blah-blah-blah. He was resolute. Like a rock. I admire him for that. Now, he is in the freezer. I had received an e-mail not to deal with him officially anymore. If Ong wasn't so sure about leaving before this, I'm sure he is now.   

P.S.: Madam Mu was pissed. Really pissed. LOL. But unfortunately, she's starting to take it out on my team. :(


JD Cole said... politics again eh?

kinda miss 'em~ XD

Fable Frog said...

Ox year is not a good start for Madam Moo. but poor thing your team have to be her punching bags... urgh!

Silly Little Prince said...

title macam salah je. ingatkan daddy yang tukar kerja.

pikey said...

When are you starting to make the move yourself? Moving from East to West?

*Anton* said...

lei hou panai yung 'abc' lei kwong kung fu wa hor!


Takashi said...

oh, why does the management sounds so like MY company management???

and why does ONG sound so much like my ex-colleagues (all those who have left) and i'm in the pipeline..

I haven't even give my letter, but people are already talking and rumouring that i have resigned...

jase said...

i told you to leave.. but you didn't want to listen!

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

Oh my God. Your team comes under her line of fire. Poor Madam Mu. She's gonna lose a meek son.

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Kudos to Ong! That's the way to go. In general, I frown on people who resign and then change their mind, especially if money is involved. Does that really solve the problem that cause the resignation in the first place? Usually not.

Also, salute Ong for being resolute and seeking cheese elsewhere.

Ban said...

It's normal - they'll mistreat and squeeze the staff as much as they possibly can. But if the staff has an escape route... too bad lar. They've lost a good employee due to misjudging how much shit he can take.

Will said...

Sounds like Madam Mu really needs to get laid

Medie007 said...

congrats to ur team lor. :P

William said...

Miss 'em? Sure bor? :P

Mdm Mu = Mdm Moo? lol

Bukanlah... I takde kerja you makan kuk chung lor...

Haha. Wait for me!

Kei panai har lor...

Haha. Same shit, different hole as Famil once commented.


The meek son left yest.

Yeah lo. I got several such colleagues.

Dunno la what was the last straw.

Will you help? :P