Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pay Up

Bah! The Borang BE 2008 has arrived in my postbox. The deadline is the
end of April, but perhaps they are trying to take advantage of the
Chinese custom of clearing their debts before CNY. :S



Chester said...

what is Borang BE?

Queer Ranter said...

Income tax out so soon?

famil said...

"Chinese custom of clearing their debts before CNY"

Kenot leah, Borang EA is nowhere near completion. Typical HR. :p

Lifebook said...

So fast.. .have not see mine plus hope they forget about my account.

Ban said...

Oh. Erm. I saw my brother has his. Mine is probably in the post box. Haiz.

TZ said...

I have not got mine too... errrrr... I just wondered usually i got mine very early. hehehee... maybe they forgot mine :p

Takashi said...

yeah.. so soon?

Chester: Borang BE is the form you have to fill to file your income tax so find out how much tax you have to pay (and overpaid)..

I dont usually receive mine till like March???

[SK] said...

oh?? so soon??? anyway, i always submit it the very last minute :p

William said...

Explained, hor?

Efficient, kan?

Yeah hor! Forgot about that.

@LifeB: @TZ:
They never forget. :P

Pay up!

Thanks for educating the young ones.

Online or manual?