Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gimme Gimme Gimme

Months have passed since my birthday in October and you know what? I have yet to finish blogging about it (QueerR, choke or not?). Quite an injustice to the loved ones around me as all your gifts are precious to me. Time to reveal the final gifts:
  • A Nokia 5220 cellphone from KH-- We talk everynight on the phone and my old Samsung SGH-X700 was a bit giler according to him. He could hear a fan-like noise in the background and it irked him to no end. Therefore, he bought me a new phone! Love its music playback quality. Thanks again, baby!
  • A scrapbook from SK-- With lots of love, she made a scrapbook from scratch, highlighting events along the year of 2008. A very thoughtful gift. Thanks dear!
  • A Japanese procelein rice bowl from Jaded Jeremy-- For some reason, I love eating out of Japanese rice bowls and for that same reason, he got me one. KH lugged it back to KL for me. Arigato, JJ-kun!
  • A Braun Buffel half-rim spectacle frame from Apollo-- Chosen out of his personal collection, it is truly a useful gift for me. An alternative from my usual rimless style. Thanks, Apollo!

  • That about wraps it up for Project Birthday 2008. Until next year...


    Fable Frog said...

    Wah Lau! Envious~ that's a lot of gifts~!!

    JD Cole said...

    u sure got a lot of gud frens to hv such a sumptuous gifts~

    TZ said...

    Nice nice gift ... :)

    Silencer said...

    why was mine not mentioned geh??!!!

    Cheryl said...

    silencer: urs not so fast la... mine also belum habis mentioned :P. kena ikut hirarki tahu tak? kaka...

    ikanbilis said...

    i love your title.

    what about a man after midnight?

    William said...


    Blogged about it ages ago la.

    It was unintentional! :P