Monday, January 26, 2009

Art Class

Hi people! I'm sure you're all enjoying the CNY holidays, stuffing
your face, watching tv, sleeping, gambling, and running about town in
the sweltering CNY weather. I'm not here to blog about my CNY yet for
fear of ruining my tardy image. I'm just here to make a random
observation-- did you know that if you pee into a cistern that uses
toilet blue, the water turns green. The mixing of prime colours!
That's all for our Ox Year Art Attack! You can now get back to eating
that last piece of bak kwa. :)



Silly Little Prince said...


Twilight Zone said...

This is kiddies Art class boi. LOL...

Ban said...


YUCKS! I'm sooooo buying you toilet blue for your next bday!

JD Cole said...


Fable Frog said...

that's so random! i thought this would be Martha stewart crafts suggestions~ :P

*Anton* said...

The bak kwa somehow looks kinda green too! :P


Cheryl said...

i also thought of this when my toilet Blue works with the urine :P

Janvier said...

And now you will know if someone didn't flush after using a bowl of Toilet Blue.

William said...

Why do children always find their parents lame? :(

Hehe. Adults too!

Please do, dah naik harga.


Hahaha. She freaks me out.

Pandan flavour!?

Our minds think alike!

A very good application!