Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blow your Mind

Dewan Bandaraya never ceases to amuse. Overkill seems to be a buzzword
for them. Nearly every night on my walk along Jln Sultan Ismail, I get
to see their workers using a leafblower on less than fifteen dried
leaves at a time. Something that can be accomplished with a lidi broom
is poorly-handled with something that guzzles kerosene, is noisy and
spews exhaust. And the leaves are just blown away to another stretch
of the sidewalk, together with our tax dollars. Go figure.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I recently changed my brand of toothpaste from Colgate Total to Oral B
Tooth and Gum Care. I regret it. The lack of mint in the formulation
leaves a horrible aftertaste in my mouth- as though it had been
bloodied. Anyone care to swap?


Monday, November 24, 2008


"Money No Enough II" was definitely not high in my list of "must-watch" movies, heck, it's not even in the list. But that didn't stop me from watching it anyway. Watched it with my mum at GSC IOI Mall as some kind of family activity. Mandarin and Hokkien definitely suit her as the last time I brought her to a Hollywood action movie, she kinda dozed off in the middle. GSC IOI is really like a blast from the past. The disorganized feel and the aged feel of the interior reminded me of the cinemas from my childhood-- Rex and Golden.

I did not watch the first movie, but from what I gather, it's not critical. Same characters, different story. Jack Neo raises many issues that are quite close to home-- toll collection, disillusionment with the government, MLM, business failures, reality TV shows, traffic demerits, ungrateful kids, caring for the elderly and infirm, family ties, brotherly love, living in debt and survival. Veteran Malaysian actress Lai Ming played a central role in the movie, playing the role of the perfect selfless mother and how sacrifies were taken for granted. The scenes of loneliness, despair and pain really touched me. The last I cried was when I came out of the closet. It had nearly forgotten what it felt like to feel tears stream down my face.

Not all doom and despair, true to his style, there is plenty of laughter sprinkled around, not to mention product tie-ins. So blatant. Sometimes it feels like a commercial-- OCBC, Mio TV, Wu Ling, Old Town Kopitiam and some canned green tea. Overall a pretty good movie. Towards the ending, things got a little far-fetched and dramatic, but I guess it's to be expected of Jack Neo. The songs in the movie are also quite good and the lyrics were penned by the director himself. Give it a try.

P.S.: I think Lai Ming won a best supporting actress award for her performance... bravo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunction

Cute boy walks into Monorail car sporting JPop hair and a preppy knit sweater open down to mid abdomen sans an inner shirt. A backpack is slung over his left shoulder. Unbeknownst to him, that exposed his left chest and left his nipple perky under the air conditioning. Disbelief was painted on the womans face beside him. I merely smiled. Priceless. Ok, I admit it, I took a second look. Haha.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Details

Swiped from williamnyk.
Note: It has been more than a month since my birthday.... better late than never!

The 9th of October was a weekday, so my birthday celebration was very low key. On my way to work, SK passed me several gifts. Firstly was a Jean Perrie stretch T from my beloved KH. Full of crosses and pink triangles. Make your own interpretation. Haha. Also a card with yukma stuff that's for my eyes only. Next was a couple of paper Japanese paper etching books from SK and Pikey. HP completed the set by buying me a cutting mat. The President of my Di Association posted me a cute bear and card that made me smile. Lunch was with colleagues at Xenri D' Garden Terrace, Menara Hap Seng. It was a real late lunch due to a horrible meeting with my boss. My colleagues from my previous site waited for me for 1.5 hours! By the time I arrived, they had finished eating. But it was just in time for my boss to pick up the tab. Hehe. I had their sashimi lunch set. Dinner was a simple affair t home with my family and SK. Sis cooked up a big pot of Hainanese chicken rice. It was accompanied with a bottle of German sparkling wine and ended with mini birthday cakes from Riche Montana.

On Friday, Mel caught up with me and we had lunch at Leboh Ampang. Ordered Rava Thosai, cow's milk coffee (hopefully Melamine-free, but it was just superb!) and a plate of Chicken 65 (would have ordered 69, but they were all out). Had our bitching session. At the end of lunch, she presented me with a beautiful crystal bracelet that's supposed to improve my career luck (definitely could use more of that right now).

The big bash was on Sunday with the bloggers. Also at Xenri, but it was their D' River View branch at OKR. Actually more of a drain than a river. :P. The restaurant was renovated since I last visited with indoor river canals and lattice work. Quite nice. Some unexpected guests turned up, so we had to occupy their biggest room. Managed to catch a glimpse of Apollo's buddy and it was nice having KT's boyfriend and Sam attend. But the biggest surprise guest was DanielH. So nice of him to drop by with in spite of his busy schedule and recent ill health. Finally managed to pass him his super belated birthday gift. I shared a Sashimi Kaiseki with SK, but the MYR108 set was a little bit of a letdown. But the rest enjoyed their food. Plenty of cam-whoring with us roaming around.


Gifts in chronological order:
  1. "Cakes & Desserts" from Bunny & Sam - I'll start whipping up a storm in the kitchen right away! Thanks guys!
  2. A Borders prepaid card from the Jaylex Foundation - Always a champion of reading and literacy. It's the closest thing to cash! Thanks!
  3. "Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel" + Philosophy Men cardholder from Janvier, LamLam & Des - I'm a Dilbert fan! Used to make scrap books of the strip in my younger days. Terima kasih!
  4. Greenwich Polo Club gift set of belt, wallet + cardholder from EarlGrey & Dent - Came in a beautiful cascading box and I could really use a new belt. Thank you!
  5. A Cole Haan wallet from DanielH - A real nice wallet with cool details. Thanks!


Post-dinner was at Wings Music Cafe, Kuchai Lama. Treated the stragglers (most had left to prepare for work on Monday) to drinks and some makan (I was still hungry!). DanielH had his first dose of cafes with budding singers as entertainment. The waiter was kinda cute... :P.


P.S.: Nearly a fortnight after my birthday, SK, Ryan and KT presented me with a Tommy Hilfiger watch (which has seen been replaced due to a faulty unit)! A super surprise. I never buy any watches and the last Casio Edifice I received from SK and Ryan around 7 years ago I still use. Thanks guys and gals!
P.P.S.: Last but not least, I received my last birthday present for the year from Takashi and Jase-- a belt, wallet and pen set. Thanks!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Recurring Theme

Pulp Fiction
Swiped from magnusmagnus.
After so many years after its release, I have finally watched Quentin Tarantino's movie, Pulp Fiction. Never really knew what the movie was about. Whatever preconception I had was from the classic scene where John Travolta and Uma Thurman were dancing to the tune of Misirlou (gotta use that for my ringtone one of these days). I give it 2 thumbs up. It was 2.5 hours long, but it was very engaging and the pace was good. Although I watched it over the span of 3 days (one of my bad habits when it comes to non-pornographic movies, :P), it was good. Maybe because the whole movie was separated into nice inter-related short stories that are told in a broken timeline.

Kill Bill was also told the same way. Other similarities include the character of the rapist. In Kill Bill, The Bride was regularly raped by Bud in her comatose state. Marsellus Wallace, the gangster boss in Pulp Fiction was buggered by Zed while in captivity. Bud died a violent death by having his head bashed in between a door and the doorframe, whereas Zed had his nads blown off by a pump gun and later tormented to death with a blowtorch and pliers. Bud's ride was called the Pussy Wagon and the tow truck keys had a signature keychain with the same name. Zed on the other hand rode on a chopper, and his keychain was a giant "Z". Zed's accomplice Maynard was slashed to death by a katana and the finishing move a backhand stab, the same way one of O-ren Ishii's bodyguards died at the hand of The Bride in Kill Bill.

Another interesting point about the movie is the engaging dialogue between the characters. Much witty exchange and philosophical discourse, but in a very down to earth fashion. On the flipside, the most mundane things are presented in a very interesting manner. I especially liked Mia's conversation with Vincent about "uncomfortable silences"-- we can only share them with people we are really comfortable with. In Kill Bill II, we have Bill talking about how Clark Kent is Superman's critique on humanity. Superman is born as Superman and wears the Clark Kent costume to blend in, whereas Batman and Spiderman are human, and wear a costume to become superheroes. Clark Kent is portrayed as weak, without confidence and cowardly, which is how Superman sees us.

Do watch this masterpiece by Tarantino.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Wet Cat is not a Pleasant Cat

More updates as events warrant.

Friday, November 07, 2008


The merciful Lord has granted me a lull in my project, thus I will be holidaying in The City of Cats with KH starting from this Saturday till next Wednesday. My first trip to East Malaysia really. I am told it is quite a sleepy town, but I am excited anyway to see The Land Beneath the Wind with my dear KH. See ya all later. Hehe. Jellicle Cats come out tonight, Jellicle Cats come one, come all. The Jellicle Moon is shining bright, Jellicle Cats come to the Jellicle Ball.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I am wasting my youth sitting in a meeting for hours and hours without much conclusion. zzz.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Holy Smokes

Personally, I find smoking a disgusting habit. Everytime my colleague comes back from his fag break, he smells burnt to a crisp. Luckily KH does not smoke. I cannot imagine kissing a chimney. Currently at the place I work, a lot of the people there smoke in the stairwell. So basically a simple climb up a few floors can simulate a hike up Everest with the lack of oxygen. Worse yet are the people who smoke in the toilet. I do not know whether smoking helps relieve constipation, but the smell of smoke clinging to my clothes everytime I take a piss is really annoying. How I wish sprinklers would go off whenever an inconsiderate smoker lights up. Smoke less, live more.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Chmurka the Messy Glutton!

I've been going to Raya open houses ever since I was a kid. Growing up in government quarters over in the east coast has it privileges when it comes to Raya time. Everyone knows my mum because she's one of the main baju kurung seamstresses in the area. It was the good old days when the food was really good and had a homely quality to it. In addition to the neighbourhood celebrations, I would also attend the open houses at the Menteri Besar and Tengku Mahkota's residence. However, as the years progressed, the food became less luxurious, the green pau's shrank, the door gifts disappeared and the crowds became bigger. In short, open houses became ugly. It is one of the reasons I no longer attend Badawi's do at PWTC anymore. Crazy queues up numerous escalators, lousy food and a cattle sort of herding strategy for crowd dispersal.

So after stopping for a couple of years, this year I went to Tun Mahathir's open house at Jalan Kuda Emas, Mines Resort City. It was a crazy walk to his house, perhaps 2 kilometres. A great way to build up an appetite. Arrangements were hectic, but the food was good. And visitors were provided nice tables and seating to enjoy the nasi goreng, kuay teow goreng, rendang, lemang, ketupat, roti jala, kari ayam, mee soto, rojak, popiah, satay, air kacang soya, sirap kikapo(!) and Nelson's Corn in a Cup(!). Droves of people turned up to shake Tun Mahathir's hand and get a free meal off him although it rained cats and dogs.

As expected, the Ugly Malaysian came too. The profile is usually a woman of Chinese descent, at least 35 years of age. Like the soya milk? Fill it into used mineral water bottles or better yet, the giant tumbler you bought from tupperware. Fancy the crispy fried springrolls? Carry a mountain of 'em off by sandwiching them between a plate and your palm. Haven't had ketupat this good? Take at least three a person and go for more even before the former is touched. Don't want to dirty your fingers? Forget about forks, just pinch the food thong and treat it like an eating utensil. Worried about food freshness? Throw away the food you took on the first round and go for the hotter food! Raya cookies come in boxes, so take the whole box for easy serving!

The Ugly Malaysian is here to stay.