Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DainTi Hill

Swiped from williamnyk.
There are many things that I have not done with KH before. Many things that "normal" couples take for granted. I'm NOT talking about candles and leather straps in the bedroom, but I could be. These are the things that make LDRs sucky. But never mind, better late than never. On the Friday that KH was still in town, I took a 3-hour lunch break (just a few days later I received an e-mail broadcast from HR regarding punctuality, :P) to sing karaoke with KH, SK and Apollo. Yes, people, I have not done this thing that is to be done by all Cina Punya Cina couples-- Pay money to sing off key in a dimly-lit room. Well, I found that KH is not an exceptional singer, but at least he does try. Didn't sing any yuk ma duets and there was nothing as romantic as The Chief's declaration of love for Janvier through song during Apollo's birthday KTV session, but I ain't complaining. Holding hands and singing something together does generate a special feeling. And the stolen kisses are definitely a plus (must be on CCTV somewhere, :P). I got back to work and they went off for a movie at The Pavilion.

By the time I got there, their mmovies had not ended, so I went shopping for underwear at Tangs. MYR50 for 4 pieces of Private Structure! o.O. At around 7:00pm, I met up with them and a special guest, Pikey for dinner at DainTi Hill, The Pavilion. The reason we went there was because the menu was quite unusual and fresh. And I'll just nonchalantly mention here that everything is 50% off with a Citibank credit card. Hehe. Ordered loads of stuff-- Grapefruit and Diced Chicken Salad (must order!), Chicken and Papaya Soup (boobs can never be too big), Prawn and Broccoli Consomme (recommended), Pork Ribs Seafood Soup, Sauteed Imperial Beefsteaks (tender and juicy, best had with white rice), Baked Escargots (too much cheese, too little escargot), Sauteed Asparagus (good!), Grilled Eel in Special Sauce (served with tonnes of bonito flakes), Baked Rice Stuffed Roll (giant roll), Seafood Udon (too Singaporean), Spicy Chicken with Pine Nuts (overly-fried), and Braised Clam & Frog Meat (sedap). Phew! In the beverages section, they have interesting vinegar drinks. Do avoid the shaved ice desserts. Nothing special.

It really made my Friday seem extra long and work (if I even accomplished anything at all) more tolearable.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Watching Someone Sleep

"My name was not mentioned enough in your BKK posts.", complained my sweet KH. I do admit that I didn't mention him that often so I have this post to compensate. So, don't lou gai, k? This has nothing to do with the fact the KH payed for my hotel lodgings at BKK. Hehe. Anyway, as you all know, I'm in an LDR with KH, so we hardly see each other often like the majority couples. Even rarer still for us to spend the night together in each other's embrace. Hence we always make it a point to do that everytime we get the chance. And I must give to due credit to my mama-san, SK who made many encounters possible.

Anyway, have you noticed the way your partner sleeps? KH is a person who adores touching and closeness, hence in bed, we always cuddle close and if possible skin on skin. Whenever we get ready for bed, I will be in the crook of KH's shoulders and chest (or vice versa). I have noticed we somehow "fit" each other better. No more awkward limbs and the feeling of being stifled. It just feels right. Like the way the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle clicks into place.

As far as I remember, KH would fall asleep before me. Without looking I can tell, because the breathing changes. It drops a notch. And I watch. Sometimes after just sleeping or in the morning when I am the first to stir. Sometimes the eyebrows furrow a little, like in deep thought, but oft times the mouth parts and one can see the wetness at the edge of te mouth. :P. Often, KH looks peaceful and angelic in sleep, hopefully not having skanky dreams of someone else. In the morning, when I try to get KH up, a kiss would often suffice (but there other buttons to press). Morning breath or no, KH still still says I have a lemon-y taste. Hehe. Good night everyone. Sleep tight.

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Look, Old Ways

Saw in the Star Metro sometime back that Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya had changed the uniforms of their staff to project a "friendlier" image. I don't know about you, but I don't see how changing the shirt from blue to white can achieve that. Perhaps if they took up clown costumes I would agree more. And anyway, what difference does it make if the person wearing the supposedly friendlier uniform also behaves like an arrogant prick? Always with the appearances. But anyway, good news for the uniform supplier.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Honeymoon" Day IV: Back to Life, Back to Reality

Arrangements were made for the van to pick us to the airport at noon, so we had a couple of hours after breakfast to burn. It was quite sad to learn that the Robinsons and Central Department Store nearby only open at 11:00am. Terpaksalah lepak at McD to wait for the shops to open. KH tried a Thai Tea Float and I must that it was super sweet. At Robinsons, met up with Damon who bought some racy magazines at the neighbourhood bookshop (note to self: borrow mags from Damon). Bought a pair of transluscent HOM underwear and KH finally found a suitable gym bag. With whatever remaining time was left, we headed to Central and Jason Jr. managed to buy the plates he had promised his boss. Saw Savante in action, racing down an escalator at break-neck speed. Rushed back to the hotel to check out. The van turned out to be a little too small for ten passangers, so we had to squeeze a bit.

At Suvarnabhumi Airport, the check-in line at Air Asia was really long. Took ages. Janvier met his friend in the queue. Small world. By the time we gotten our boarding passes, cleared immigration and gotten our VAT refund there was only half and hour left for lunch. Ate some overly-fried chicken from Burger King and a Super Deluxe Pizza. The flight home was uneventful (KCK met his sister's friend on the flight, an even smaller world) and dinner on Malaysian soil was fried noodles at Taman Universiti with Apollo and Peng. Soon after, we sent KH home. It was such a short "honeymoon", but it was very memorable. Going on a trip together can be very fun, but at the same time it can also create stress. I welcome both sides of the coin. Another milestone in my relationship with KH and managed to see some aspects of KH's personality more clearly. Hope to be able to do it again soon.

Tips for VAT Refund:
  1. If have purchases of over THB2000 from one merchant in one day (receipts can be combined), you can ask them to issue you a PP10 form.
  2. After you have accumulated more than THB5000 in one or more PP10 forms, you can proceed to make a refund at the airport. Make sure all the PP10 forms are under one passport holder.
  3. Before checking-in, get the PP10 forms stamped.
  4. After clearing immigration, proceed to the VAT refund counters to get your money back!
  5. They reserve the right to inspect the goods.


-- the end ---

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Honeymoon" Day III: A Grand 'ol Time

The first order of the day was the Grand Palace. A sweltering day to visit it and dressing down wasn't an option due to the dress code, so we had to sweat buckets. It was just as I remember it, just that this time I didn't sneak in as a local. THB300 gets you in to the Grand Palace, Vimanmek Mansion and the Anantasamakom Throne Hall. A perfect place to camwhore and spot sweaty hotties. We visited the Royal Thai Decorations and Coins Pavilion, Phra Siratana Chedi, Phra Mondop, Hor Phra Gandhararat, Temple of the Emerald Buddha (currently in hot season costume) and the Chakri Maha Prasat Hall. Didn't visit everything there as we were kinda eager to leave the heat (Janvier was melting like a Madame Tussaud on a hot plate).


Lunch was at Fuji, MBK-- the epitome of cheap and delicious Japanase food. For THB220, one can get a bento set with chicken, shrimp, fish, calamari, sashimi, maki, miso soup, omelette, chawanmushi, fruits and coffee! In addition to that, we also ordered salmon belly sashimi and bacon enoki rolls. Definitely value for money. Tried to get a gym bag for KH, but didn't see any suitable bags. Attempted to buy the "Mirrormask" pirated DVD, but failed a second time (first time was also in BKK!). The pirates took 15 minutes to get me the disc and when KH opened the sleeve, it was "American Crude". They refunded my money. I memang takde jodoh with that movie. Ended up at the Big C buying some local products.


Headed back to the hotel for our spa at the Royal Natural Spa. Came upon it by accident while walking to the Sam Yan MRT station the day before. The gold exterior and classy interior caught our eyes, but the 50% renovation promotion convinced us to try. Initially wanted to try Bangkok Oasis Spa or Hapa Spa, but the price and distance deterred us. Anyway, it was a good choice. Recently re-opened after an extensive renovation and rebranding from a traditional massage parlour to a contemporary spa. SK took the thai traditional massage with herbal compress, whereas KCK, KH and I took the body scrub and aromatherapy body massage package. Never have I been given the choice of massage oils and scrub. Customers can choose from Peppermint and Orange ("for Asian Men", I dunno why this was repeated many times), Lavendar, Balsam or Jasmine oil. 6 choices for scrubs-- red wine, mangosteen, peach, etc.


KH and I took the couple's room. Normally in Malaysia, they ask you to change into disposable underwear, but Royal Natural uses a sort of cotton fibre seamless trunk that is very sheer-- but it is for practical reasons. Before beginning, we were given a sea salt foot scrub in hot lemongrass-infused water with rose petals and kafir lime. Then began the mangosteen scrub. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep halfway through. At the end of the scrub, I showered and the lady masseur beckoned me to change into another pair of their scandalous trunks. She held up a towel for me. Was a bit hesitant, but I stripped anyway. After putting on the new pair did I notice that I was facing a mirror. Pengsan... The massage was VERY good. Her strokes were extremely controlled and fluid, incorporating opposite movements and asymmetric patterns on the body. Pressure was applied at all the right spots. And they pay more attention to the buttocks than I'm used to (but I welcome it even if it's from an auntie. :P). The trunks make it easier for them to expose the whole cheek and sometimes they just pull it all the way down. Lastly, we were given hot ginger tea a refreshing plate of fruits. Heavenly.


Dinner was at Lek Seafood, just at Chong Nonsi BTS station. A gem of cheap local seafood discovered by SK online. Ordered the Curry Crabs (kinda like Ketam Masak Lemak but with egg, very different, we finished the gravy), Scallops in Red Sauce (very chinese), Steamed Seabass in Lime Juice (we drank up the juice too), Stir-fried Bitter Gourd Shoots (also a first for me, very young), Tom Yam Gung (aroy mak mak) and Pork Ribs in XO Sauce (a little too dry). Washed it all down with some Singha beer. Post-dinner entertainment was an Aquarium Show at Silom Soi, but Team William sat it out. Instead we were shopping at Boots Pharmacy. It amazes me the range of in-house products that it manufactures. From eye gels to corn pads to shower scrubs. I pigged out on the bed with potato chips (the USA ones mind you, not the crap "For Sale in ASEAN Only" variety) and soft-baked cookies. Already the last night and we had to pack our bags...

--- to be continued ---

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Honeymoon" Day II: KH and Will in JJ Land

Swiped from williamnyk.
Sunday was reserved for the Jatujak Weekend Market (since we didn't have enough time on Saturday), where I knew the bulk of my shopping would happen. The ultimate example of variety under "one roof". We braced ourselves for the long day ahead by getting enough sleep, dressing light and bringing enough water (but still most of my fluid ended up as sweat rather than pee). From the hotel, we took the more direct route via Sam Yan MRT station. On the way to the station, we got a glimpse of Wat HuaLamphong. Security is stricter on the MRT with required bag checks and camera bans.

On arrival, we immediately experienced why people flock to JJ every weekend-- a Prada key chain sold for THB20 on the roadside vs. THB120 at Patpong. T'was my 5th trip to JJ and come to think of it, I think I've only managed to cover 40% of the place. It's too big to manoeuver. We were there from 10:30am till 5:00pm with numerous pit stops in between. Had a nice brunch of fried pork neck meat and papaya salad. Fantasticly fragrant and cheap mocha frap and hazelnut coffee at Coffee World. Lunch was ice-blended fruit juices, tom yam, omellette and mango with sticky rice. Also stopped for coconut ice cream and barbequed honey pork ribs (sedap giler!!! I love to crunch on the ribs) before we left. Basically bought 4 t-shirts, 1 polo-t, 1 pair of linen bondage pants, 1 pair of slippers, pork floss rolls and misc. souveniers.


I think we were the last group to leave. Before leaving, SK even camwhored on the grass in JJ Park. We went home and freshened up before dinner at Suan Lum Night Bazaar. Treated ourselves to a 50-minute foot reflexology before dinner from all the shopping at JJ. I admire the massage promoter as he could speak Thai, Mandarin, English and Japanese. Not just the usual marketing spiel, but he could actually make conversation with Japanese businessmen. SK requested a heavy duty treatment, so the masseur was told, "Nak, nak". She treated her like a piece of meat to be tenderized and she enjoyed every minute of it. KH was famished halfway through. The masseur must have pressed some digestive points. Spent about THB400 at the food court ordering minced pork salad, fried pork neck (yes, again!), stir-fried clams and sweet and sour calamari. Didn't buy anything substantial there.


Back at Silom Soi, we watched a show at Tawan Club after much bombardment from the promoters. You can even stand for five seconds. One must move, move, move! They pester, grab, pull, beg... So memeningkang. The show didn't excite me. I was more interested watching the patrons. It was definitely an eye-opener for SK and KCK. I just found the bodies of the performers a little too unnatural. But it was an experience nonetheless. Post-show refreshments were at Kaldi Cafe where we had some azuki tea. KH and I went back to our room after that and did a little show of our own. :P.


--- to be continued ---

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Honeymoon" Day I: Grasshoppers in a Land of Pussies

I have no idea when the tickets for the trip to Bangkok (BKK) was bought. A good guess would be months ago. At that time, I just agreed to buy it and if the trip happened, it happened. If my work schedule was sucky, oh well, I would be prepared to let it burn. Just bought it and pushed it to the backburner. However, I really wanted it to happen ad it did. My first trip with KH and I must say it's very memorable. The trip itinerary was not fleshed out until only a week before departure. Thank goodness for skillful planners like JL who took care of accomodations and transport. :P.

On Friday, KH arrived from Singapore by flight. We spent the night together at SK's place. Had her transform into pimp mode again. Hehe. The next morning, we were driven to LCCT by David. It was KH's first time there experiencing the Giant Hypermarket-like interior, low security, semi-manual baggage handling, kedai runcit duty-free shops and wet market atmosphere. Before taking off, had breakfast at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. We all finished half a chocolate chip muffin before realising that it was not blueberry. -_-".

The flight was incident-free except for a super-scary arrival at Suvarnabhumi. It was as though the plane encountered an air pocket prior to landing. My heart nearly leapt out of my chest. A van took 10 of us to the hotel-- Take A Nap. It was nicely nestled between a men for men massage parlour and a boy's club. But both establishments seemed to be experiencing poor business. KH and I checked into a room with a giant painting of "The Great Waves of Kanagawa". So very Jap porn. The place was quite cool with breakfast provided, housekeeping, heated water, internet access and air-conditioning.

After settling down, we wasted no time and took a cab to Central World. Did some major shopping there and we had accumulated enough purchases to do a VAT refund. Dinner was at Central Food Hall and it was surprisingly quiet and cheap. We had stewed duck noodles (with a generous serving of curdled duck blood), a sub-standard pad thai, a deliciously crispy oyster omelette (beats our jelly-ish, starchy version), spaghetti in tom yam gung and rice with stewed pig trotters.

Later in the night, we ended up in Patpong. Never been there in 5 years and I must say that I see it in quite a different light now. The murals of the busty women are still the same as I remember them. The neon signs still shout "Super Pussy", "Pussy World" and other tasteful names. A whole bunch of women tall, leggy women congregate on the bar top in fluorescent bikinis and stilettos, while the marketing staff bombard any tourist that walks by with their menu of a 1001 pussies. Prices at the night market were also noticeably higher.

We had supper at the roadside and had a nice meal of beef noodles and barbequed pork and chicken. I just love the fact that every table has a boquet of fresh basil and other salads to go with your meal. KCK met up with his Thai friend, Chunporn (gotta love all the "porn"'s) at Patpong, and he was kind enough to help us buy some insect snacks from the roadside seller.

Chunporn: Chim dai mai? (bisa cobain pak?)

Seller: Mai dai. Yi sip baht. (nggak bisa pak. 20 rupiah aje.)

He recommended some kind of giant freshwater roach, but we chickened out and settled for the grasshoppers. Truth be told, it would have been quite tasteless if the seller hadn't sprinkle in the salt and spray on the mixture of soy sauce and chilly oil. I was amazed that SK downed a whole grasshopper in one bite.

After buying water from the neighbourhood Family Mart (the one at Sala Daeng is patronized by agogo boys and all manner of customers), we headed back to the hotel for a good rest. KH and I gave each other a good rub down with bergamot oil. And as the tiredness was kneaded away, sleep came easily...



--- to be continued ---

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hair Icon Studio

KK, my stylist has officially opened his new hair salon, Hair Icon Studio, Citrus Park OUG. He left Snips with another senior stylist Josdon, and they practically brought the whole clientelle over. Passing by his old place, one can really see how quiet things have become. Kinda like a soft launch, there was no extravagance involved. No lion dance or ribbon cutting. Just lots of food-- curry chicken, fried beehoon, fried rice, fried springrolls, fried chicken, stewed pork with monk ear fungus, sushi, fish fillet, sausages and butter prawn, Even vodka was poured. Quite a quiet affair with his regular customers and family (all either in the hair or makeup line!). His new place is very simple. Clean lines and the main colour theme is BnW. SK and I didn't get him any flowers but went a little unconventional with an aromatherapy burner and essential oils from Australia. Threw in a beanie fortune cat as well.

The week before, I had already visited him for my hair cut and thank goodness there were ongoing promotions. Since chemical services were half off, I dyed my hair as well, but the result was too natural. Can only see the colour clearly under the sun. -_0". Cheryl also got her hair done that day. Normal prices are kinda like what I paid for at Snips. Hope his new business goes well.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kitchen Fresh Chicken

Swiped from ovalspleen.
Can anyone enlighten me on the meaning of kitchen fresh chicken? This new slogan of KFC (OMG, even the abbreviation is the same, sooooo clever) really baffles me. What does it mean?! Some kind of specially-bred chicken that is only stays fresh in the kitchen? Or are they serving us a type of chicken that actually freshens up any kitchen through some sort of genetic splice with Ambi-Pur? Hope you have the answer to their "12th Secret".

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Government Mouthpiece

Same situation, different treatment. That's what I got from TV3's primetime news, Buletin Utama. People say that The Star is pro-government, but I find TV3 is even more so. Their first piece on Monday was on PROTES, the anti-price hike thing at Kelana Jaya. Was reported as unhealthy and a threat to public safety. Police commented that the rally was obviously politically-motivated, so all the speeches would be recorded. After that, a rally of support at Perak for our embattled PM was covered. It was on the other hand described as "peaceful" and "positive". Even had a clip of a fiery speech going on. Biased? Anyway, our DPM declared PROTES a failure because the attendance was poor. Mestilah, blok sini-sana. Just on Jalan Puchong itself the police put two roadblocks causing massive jams.

Other news included comments from our dear MIC President regarding his ex-Youth Chief. He described him as "ungrateful" and a "coward". That was his personal opinion on the issue, and our dear TV3 reported it as a fact that the ex-Youth Chief was "ungrateful and did not make use of the chances given to him in the party". To report comments is one thing, but to present them as facts and the truth is really irresponsible. Not like we're asking the media to be pro or anti-government, but for goodness sake just try to remain impartial! I guess it's diffiult when one has a license renewal to worry about every year. Bah.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

La Senza

Swiped from williamnyk.
Remember my shopping spree not too long ago? Well, I participated in a HSBC contest on that day and I actually won! Filled in about ten entry forms. Had to guess the value of the Guess products on two mannequins. SK and I guessed from a range of MYR10k to MYR30k. Guess we were close to have won MYR1000 worth of shopping vouchers. Hehe. Unfortunately for me, the vouchers are all for La Senza. -_-||. No La Senza Men in Malaysia, dammit! Sigh. Perhaps I'll start wearing lacy panties...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

BKK Foodblog

I had highlighted all the unhappiness in BKK but I had failed to mention the happiness I had found in the wonderful food there. So unlike me hor? Sorry to say that I don't have any photos to salivate you, so I guess you'll have to turn up your imagination.

>> Day 1: Robinsons Bangrak Foodcourt for lunch and dinner due to the rain
Stir-fried bacon and sausages in hot basil. Simple and yummy.
Stewed pig trotters with egg and rice. Fragrant and smooth meat. With a sinful helping of fatty skin.

>> Day 2:
Breakfast buffet at Blue Spice at Centerpoint Bangrak. Love their boiled rice with spicy salted egg salad and belly meat.
Grand China at Wall Street Tower for a Chinese lunch. Price is on par with Crystal Jade Palace. Had loads of dim sum (ha kau, siew mai, cha siew pau, custard pau, wu kok), cabbage wrap and seafood kuey tiao and fried rice.
Dinner was at Gwei Lo Shop at Bangrak. Plenty of succulent seafood in their Tom Yam, spicy vermicelli salad and stir-fried asparagus in oyster sauce.

>> Day 3:
Breakfast buffet at Blue Spice at Centerpoint Bangrak again. This time went Western.
Due to time constraints, lunch was at the cafeteria at the customer site. Had cheap rice noodles in soup. With curdled pig blood, fish cake, fried wantan skin, kailan and fishballs. Dessert was sweet pomelo.
Dinner was at Gwei Lo Shop again. This time tried their green curry, crispy squid and fish maw salad, mixed vegetables and Tom Yam.

>> Day 4:
More of the breakfast buffet at Blue Spice. Hari-hari makan will pengsan.
Lunch at The Ninth Cafe, Lang Suan. Had spicy stir-fried spaghetti with prawns after having fried chicken wings with plum sauce, pizza, salid fish salad, fried beancurd and yam and rice sheet wrap.

BURRRRRRRRRRP. Smell the basil?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango
Swiped from Kressara.
Recently, I've noticed that I always scan through the obituries section in the newspaper. Not that I am expecting to see anyone I know there, but I once found out about the death of my university lecturer through it. Don't worry, I am not getting into a depressive state or getting morbid, just one of the weird things I do, I guess.

I have done my best in the race, I have run the full distance, and I have kep the faith. -- Timothy 4:7

P.S.: Jaded Jeremy, you still weirder. :P.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Why can't we do the simplest of things?

Why can't we tell a person to their face how they feel rather than run away and sulk?

Why do we always have to be right and want to rub it in each other's faces?

Why do we say things that only serve to cause hurt?

Why can't we do the little things that we know will make each other happy?

Why do we neglect the concern's of others because in our little myopic minds, we think it makes no sense?

Why do we pretend to understand but still continue to be oblivious about each other's feelings?

When will we ever learn?

Friday, July 04, 2008

Rainy BKK

A string of unfortunate incidents in BKK. Really not "smooth"...


I arrived to find that my room wasn't booked, so I had to share a room with my boss. Ugh. And I forgot to bring my camera!


Been in BKK for four days and I didn't even get a chance to go sight-seeing. Work. Work. Work.


Due to the rain, dinner was confined to the food court near my serviced apartment. Ugh. From the balcony, I saw that the weather was clear, but when I went down to swim.... I saw dark clouds swirling behind the building and gale-force winds startng to blow.


On the morning that the driver was supposed to pick us up, the engine couldn't start. When we called for a cab, the car managed to start. And we had to run in and out of the lobby to make and receive calls while lugging a heavy projector.


During the last minute, my boss (the main presenter) had to fly back to KL because his wife delivered ahead of schedule. His son is now under observation due to contamination in the womb.


Before my boss left, he told me to move into his room. I spent 15 minutes in the dark because I couldn't get my card to work. And after I moved in, I found out that they had found another occupant for it and I had to move out again.


The people who attended the demo were quite troublesome and they kept asking stuff that stumped us or was difficult to proove. My other boss was also not in his best form as he had only slept 9 hours in the span of 3 days due to a previous demo.


Saw quite a number of cuties.


KH cheered me up.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008