Wednesday, April 30, 2008

News from the Frontline

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Here's an update on my facial condition. After my third appointment with Dr. Chang, he declared that I need not go back for follow up treatments anymore! Yay! Prescribed me a two-month antibiotic course and asked me to continue with his cleaning regiment ("your skin will become prettier and prettier"). My forehead is now back to normal after two months (and more than MYR300) and the ones on my cheek have begun to subside. Since I was there, I let him check out the itchy and scaly patch on my foot. Tried all sorts of fungal creams on it, but it still didn't go away.

"I'll have to scrape it. It'll only hurt a little."

He put on his surgical mask. Pulled on some latex gloves and a scalpel magically appeared in his hands. He scraped the dried skin on to a piece of glass. Some chemicals from reagent bottles were then dripped on it and put over a flame. Having done that, he examined the dried skin under a microscope! After ten minutes:

"It's not fungus. It's eczema."

No wonder the creams didn't work. This is what I get for consulting a pharmacist instead of a doctor. I'm just glad that I have control over my skin again. Thanks doc!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The koyak you see in my post is not the same as in Janvier's context as you will see:

Bina ayat dengan menggunakan perkataan "koyak". Ayat anda haruslah menunjukkan maksud perkataan tersebut dengan jelas.

Semua plan I pada hari ini koyak kerana keadaan yang tidak disangka terjadi.

OK. It's not clear, so minus one mark. :P. Anyway, I was working on Saturday (my stupid client declared a mock run), so I couldn't make it to Frankie's birthday party. It was the perfect chance to meet up with the bulk of the gang. One stone kill many birds. :P. But, no choice lah. So, I thought that I could meet them after the party. I was already quite late, work ended at 6:00pm and I called the gang to ask about post-party entertainment. I was torn between staying in KL and leaving for home.

However, I couldn't get a straight answer (for tersirat and tersurat reasons, hehe) so I just decided to go home. I found that KT would not be going too, so I planned to have dinner with her. On my way back, I finally received confirmation that the gang was going to The Pavilion for dinner. But the time was also a variable and I was already halfway home, so I ditched that plan. However, after reaching KT's apartment, my dinner plans with her also went down the toilet due to some miscommunication.

Remembering that Mel had an open engagement with me, I tried asking her, but she was swamped with assignments. Sigh. Oh well. My stomach was already drumming like crazy. So I called up KKO, my ex-coursemate whom I had not seen in months. Also managed to get the wedding invitation that my other coursemate passed to him (celaka, tak bagi by hand). Told me about his health problems and he really looks more haggard than I remember him. Hopefully it's just a phase he's going through. I guess it wasn't a complete koyak situation.... :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Recently, I've been going through a rough patch at work. I'm still in deep shit. And you know what, the effluent is up to my nose. There is a chinese saying that best describes my current status: Attacked from ten sides. Yes, the workplace gang rape of sorts. These are days when the phone doesn't stop ringing, the e-mails don't stop coming and the problems don't stop popping up. Mutiple sites. Multiple environments in one site. Ad hoc demos. Politics in the office. Resource constraints. Pressure from the management. Double shifts. Felt like I was being pulled apart. Too much on my plate. No focus. And good help is hard to come by these days. But I'm grateful for whatever I have right now. Can only hope that I'll emerge from this stronger. And I noticed that my social life is kinda zilch at the moment. Does this mean that it's time for a promotion? Heh. No interest in that. Being caught in the between elephants like the proverbial pelanduk is definitely no fun.

Management A: When are you coming back here?

Management B: Looks like you'll have to support the team until late today.

A won't talk to B. B has more power than A. A and B are just looking after their own asses. So me being C, actually si kiau kiau in the middle. :(. I have expressed displeasure to my immediate supervisor:

"Why am I wasting my time here when we very well know that this client is not interested to purchase our product? I have more pressing matters to attend to. Sigh. But at least things will blow over after 20 something."

(20 something was actually referring to the demo date, but my boss thought I was talking about pay day and the rumoured pay rise)

"Errr, matters of money is serious. Will have to talk it through with higher management."

(The fatty actually thought I was asking for more money!!!)

"Aiyoh. I'm not asking for money la. If I want more, I'd ask from my future employer."

SK thought that my final statement was very blunt. Later in the day, my techical manager called, reassuring me that there would be a pay rise and "important" staff would be rewarded accordingly. Heh. Talk about accidentally dropping hints! Will their money be a big enough carrot? We shall see...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tanggal Tiga Puluh Satu

Remember "The Sound of Music"? The courtship song for one of the Vonn Trapp girls sung in a garden?

"I am sixteen, going on seventeen..."

Yes, the nocturnal crooning of a sexed-up teenager trying to get into her knickers. I kinda feel that way right now (not referring to the sexed-up bit as that's a universal truth)-- lemme explain. My cover version is a little different:

"I am thirty, going on thirty one..."

In case you're confused, no it's NOT my age I'm referring to. It's not even near my birthday (for the ignorant ones out there, it's on the 9th of October by the way). It's my girth. My waist in inches. Pants size. Ugh. Just as BAD as age. I'd never thought that one day I'd slip into a pair of pants and actually FEEL my ass filling it up. Then, uh-oh, can't buckle it.

Crap. Have to go shopping for slacks. DanielH... discount card oh.....

P.S.: Have yet to try JC's hor fun diet.
P.P.S.: Is the pic related?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Running then Blocked

Recently, I made another short business trip to BKK and it wasn't pretty. More of those last minute ad hoc things. Here's the gist:

  1. KUL-BKK in the evening after a full working day.
  2. Had slight flu.
  3. Had a painful descent to the flu.
  4. Arrived at the hotel in BKK at about 10:00pm local time.
  5. Discovered that a room wasn't reserved for us. Blamed us for not booking. Stupid. Can request us to go over, but we have to request for a room to stay. Takkan tidur bawah jambatan?!
  6. After a quick shower, started to work past midnight because my boss wanted to show something not available in the demo system.
  7. Slept.
  8. Woke up feeling like crap.
  9. Had a horrible runny nose all throughout the demo.
  10. Had lunch.
  11. Caught the flight out (BKK-KUL).
  12. Had another painful descent.
  13. Found my ears blocked.
  14. Immediately consulted a doctor when I reached KUL.
  15. Started to cough.
  16. The cough has persisted till this day.

Declared to my boss that I'm doing that again. Prepared a Virtual PC image of the system for him. A Windows Server 2003 image which requires at least 1024MB of RAM to run smoothly. I think he hasn't got that much memory on his laptop to spare. Hehe. He can go on these rushed jobs all he likes now.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


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For those of you who know me, I'm crazy about Japanese food. The raw variety more specifically. Nothing salivates me more than succulent pieces of premium salmon sashimi with side of shoyu and wasabi. So far, Xenri tops my list of top-notch sashimi, but recently, a close second was added to it-- Gen Japanese Restaurant, The Legend Hotel. It claims to to have the longest Japanese buffet spread in KL. Finally tried it since Citibank Clear card holders get a 30% discount on Thursdays and Fridays in the whole month of April. Was there with Kenzon, Rich, KT and SK. SK treated me. :D. Thanks dear. Other than the salmon, their sashimi spread included maguro, squid, tako and butterfish. The raw oysters were also quite fresh (got horny later in the night after half a dozen, but I doubt it's related :P).

Noteworthy dishes also include their sukiyaki (I loved the broth and the beef slices were tender), grilled crabs, unagi, clams in rice wine broth, marinated butterfish. The teppanyaki section was also quite good. My only complaint was that the chawanmushi was too salty, the dessert too sweet for my taste and the place a bit cramped (think one way traffic with a food-laden plate). We sat in the tatami room, but I would recommend a table outside in order to appreciate the night city view afforded by the large glass windows. And it's quite troublesome with shoes though we had a waiter to assist (I think a Filipino by the name of Jerson, I thought Jetson :P). Overall, a nice dining experience, even nicer due to the discount.


Thursday, April 17, 2008


Suneo & Maxine
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Faux Bachelor No.: 9 (a tribute to Love Potion No. 9)

Name: Suneo Honekawa

Occupation: Software Simian (year of the monkey mah...)

Age: 28 (coming birthday, so insurance)

Zodiac: Libra (fickle!)

Fave Hangout: Old Town Kopitiam (where's my VIP card?!)

Talent: Being a Negative Nancy

3 things you can't live without:
Good food, good friends and good money!

What is the sweetest thing a guy/girl has done for you?
SK has done the most thoughtful things for me. Too many to count.

The most daredevil thing I've ever done is:
Had some hanky-panky in a hotel restroom (no details forthcoming!)

What’s one thing you’re glad you’ve outgrown?
My baby clothes.

Your biggest mistake is:
Not admitting the truth to myself earlier.

Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?:
Saiful Apek.

Why do men...
love women?

If you were a product, how would your advertising campaign read?
Buy Suneo, or he'll get Jayan to beat you up.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Come to think of it, it's been ages since I've gone out with friends-- mainstream and alternative. Mainstream even less. Mainly talking about politics, general knowledge and gossip about ex-coursemates that truth be told are not relevant in my life anymore. Thank God they don't talk about about cars and football. And even then, only Mel is the only active member in this group. SK doesn't really count coz I see her nearly everyday. Kinda like a semi-permanent fixture in my life. For the alternative group, there has been not much regular face-to-face contact. We visit each other's blogs when the topic has the skankiness factor of at least 5; join some "e-mail-chats"; random SMS and IM. The last gathering was at SK's unofficial belated birthday dinner at Le Bouchon. Kinda feel like I'm drifting apart from the core group. It takes effort and I guess I can't spare much in that area at the moment due to a hectic work schedule. Even KH is suffering as it has been quite some months since we met (sorry, dear). And I'm certain I'd get an earful from Takashi regarding this matter. But sometimes, the situation does permit for us to "click" again, especially small group activities like swimming, which I have Kenzon and Kai Ting. Friday lunches are also useful, where venture to KLCC to have a long lunch with the group there.

I have noticed that we have a stronger affinity to some more than others. Kinda like our stars are "more aligned" so to say. Perhaps it's mutual interest; compatible traits; we stay closer together?; the situation is more conducive? Sometimes, less is more, but still better than none.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Always Best Choice

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Such an opulent ceiling, right? Could it be from a

a) Five-star hotel?

b) The lounge in a rich man's house in Damansara?

c) Government office in Putrajaya?

d) Place of worship?

e) Posh restaurant at Changkat Bukit Bintang?

Well, the nearest answer is (e). But it isn't exactly true either. Well, the picture was taken in Kuchai Lama. At a kedai mamak-- ABC. Impressive isn't it? Don't worry, the roti canai does not cost MYR5.00++. How standards have gone up.


Monday, April 14, 2008


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"Congratulations!! You are at school."

The above signboard was spotted at SMK Seri Indah, OUG, smack dab at the entrance of the school. Were you ever THAT enthusiastic to get to school? I'm sure it galls students who trudge to school each day, eyes half-burdened with sleep and their backs bent over with textbooks. Perhaps the teachers hate it more. Hehe.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Squirrel, Orange Peel & Crazy

Yet another edition of William's STAR LRT Celebrity Watch. This time round we spy Squirrel Boy, Cellulite Sally and Boisterous Biatches. Never seen Squirrel Boy before, but if you do, you can identify him from his large backpack. When he sits, he puts it in front of him and fidgets with it like a squirrel does with a nut. The way he bends his hands, the fidgety movements, while his eyes dart left and right (predator alert!). Come to think of it, he could've been a LRT terrorist with Sarin precursors stored in his bag. But he got off at Tasik Selatan, so I'll just let KTM Kommuter worry about that. Oh yeah, on the right side, is Cellulite Sally. Curvaceous body with long legs and sweet face, but still she has the confidence to flaunt her orange peel thighs with those ultra-short hotpants. My female colleague was VERY impressed.

I've met the Boisterous Biatches on numerous occasions already. I think they attend the sports school at Bukit Jalil. Hallmark behaviour includes talking loudly, sitting on the LRT floor and guffawing like a Minah Rempit high on glue. I once saw them gang up on a goodie-goodie soft-spoken boy. I guess he has never dealt with such in-your-face girls.
"Siapa nama awak? Hahahahaha."

"Saiful." (in a small, shy voice)

"HAR? Apa?! Sakit Perut? Bwahahaha. Lawak betul!"

This ends this week's edition of
William's STAR LRT Celebrity Watch. Stay tuned for our next episode.

P.S.: I need professional help, don't I?

Crazy Girls

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New Politics

Mr. Rocket
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Read a great article by Joceline Tan in the Sunday Star (30th of March, 2008), entitled "Keeping Up with the New Politics". Was basically about the politics of the Malaysian Chinese as discussed in a Sin Chew post-election forum. A very honest piece. Here are a few excerpts that caught my eye:

"The Chinese are not angry with the Malays, but they are angry with UMNO's arrogance." --Rita Sim, INSAP

"We keep asking the Chinese for full support so that they will be well-represented in government. But wasn't that what they gave us in 2004, total support?" --Teng Chang Yeow, Gerakan

"Leaders like Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein and Khairy Jamaluddin must realise this. People equated their behaviour with UMNO's inability to change with the times. If an Oxford-educated guy still talks like an UMNO politician of 10 years ago, what hope do we have for the rest of UMNO?" --Teng Chang Yeow, Gerakan

"The writing is now on the wall. We cannot hesitate over reforms. I won't say the Opposition will do much better than us but they can't do any worse than us" --Dr. Sak Cheng Lum, MCA

Just lip service?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


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It has been years since I've actually went for Ching Ming. Think I've only done it twice when I was a kid. Have vague memories of running around my grandfather's grave (sometimes on, cucu celaka) and eating roasted pork after burning hell money. This year, my mum decided that we should visit the columbarium holding my uncle's and grandma's ashes in Kampar. I had not been there since my uncle's death years ago. So, mum, SK and I drove down on Sunday to Kampar. SK was nicely speeding at 140km/h. Hopefully there were no speed traps. We stopped by at Bidor to buy food offerings and have breakfast. The food was really disappointing. Seems that Bidor-ians like to eat dry yellow noodles. Ergh. Reached the columbarium at around 11:00am and I thought that things would be much simpler since it wasn't a graveyard, but boy, how wrong I was.

After pulling into the parking lot, could alreday see the hustle and bustle, smoke and ashes, fire and brimstone! People crowding people. Food offerings piled over food offerings (chicken rice seems like a popular choice), joss sticks and candles fingting for real estate. After years at the church, mum and I were really shocked by the scene. We quickly burnt the joss sticks and hurried up the pagoda to look for my late uncle's "unit". It was smoky even inside due to heavy duty burning happening right at the doorstep. After that, we found a little spot on the altar outside where we could put the offerings and lit the rest of the joss sticks and candles (aku kena bakar trying to find a spot!). Chaos! Mum quipped:

"Aiyah, no need to put all la. So much food. Can share-share. Here like buffet style."

Quickly left the place and headed to Kampar town for lunch. Had the supposedly famous Yau Kee herbal chicken in bread at one of their "resellers". Horrible place. Dirty. Bad service. And it was cold.

"Wah, if each of the bread must heat up then mah I very not free?!"

To cool down, we had the ABC at Foong Mun Kee. Quite nice and refreshing. Seems that the duck rice is also fanous, but we didn't try it. No pics, and I doubt I could make them look tasty through the camera anyway.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Pull and Bear

Pull and Bear
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Received an SMS entitling the bearer to a free Pull and Bear T-shirt the other day and I so happened to be at KPMG Tower slogging for some stupid demo. I immediately rushed over to One Utama and I happened to be the third person to redeem. So damn kiasu hor? The salesperson was surprised:

"SMS tu baru je dihantar!"

I took one girl's T for HP (as SK couldn't fit it, :P) and SK took one guy's T for me. Supposedly costs MYR109. Looks quite nice but the brand is blatantly splashed on the front in big, bold words and in eye-catching colours. MYR109-- that's my worth as a walking sandwich man perhaps?

Thursday, April 03, 2008


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... Continued from here ...

On the last day, the presentation was repeated for the Managing Director and it was dumbed down to make things flow faster. Good feedback but it all boiled down to monetary negotiations. The MD was kind enough to give us commemorative notes of the King's 80th Birthday. Cool. Lunch was at Esplanade Mall again, but this time we had local fare-- green curry, fishcakes, tomyam, sweet and sour fish and stir-fried vegetables. Dessert was low fat yoghurt with fruit toppings at Red Mango. Everything ended early, so we took an earlier flight home. But still, we had plenty of time to burn at the airport. I just went around taking photos for a couple of hours while my boss went for a foot massage. The flight home was much lousier than the one took flying into BKK. The stewardess were obviously ground crew material by SQ standards and had attitude. The head stewardess refused to take my tray and expected me to neatly put everything in before taking it. I should have just ignore her. They were slow in serving non-alcoholic drinks but were zealously pouring wine and VSOP. For the first time, I had pork chop for an in-flight meal and boy was it tough (reminds me of a late Lydia Sum scene in "It's a Mad, Mad World"). There was also no movie, but some focus on Beyonce Knowles. During my flight in, I managed to watch only 90% of "The King of California". I'm itching to know the ending????

Bought some DOM Benedictine for my sister and by the time I reached the baggage belt, my luggage had not come out yet. Talk about inefficent. But when the luggage eventually spiralled up, it was easy to recognize my bag this time round-- from the damage it sustained during the flight to BKK. :(.

Until the next trip...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Paragon Posse

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... Continued from here...

On my second day there, I got up early with my boss to have breakfast at the buffet line. A good mix of western (toast, croissant, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and ham) and local fare (dim sum, porridge, noodles). Took a 40-minute cab ride to the potential client, somewhere near Esplanade Mall. The presentation was mostly boring with my boss doing his stuff for the Executive Director and several department heads and me driving the slides. Luckily, just one or two minor hiccups occured when we showed the demo system. Lunch was at a Japanese fast food restaurant where orders were taken with a PDA and the ocha came in polka-dotted tea pots! So English Tea. At the end of the presentation, my boss and I took the subway (my virgin ride!) from Cultural Center to Silom to interchange with the BTS and on to Siam station where Siam Paragon is. Dinner was at the food court, and boy did we gorge. Two persons ended up with more than five plates on the table-- Pad Thai, grilled pork balls, grilled chicken, somtam (with raw oysters), vege wraps and seafood cakes.

My boss went on a shopping spree, buying himself a pair of shoes and a jacket. I left him at a coffee shop and went off to do my own shopping. Bought Daniel Henry's birthday present and "The Love of Siam" DVD that Kenzon asked for. Nothing else caught my eye. At Paragon Department Store, there was a whole Goth-Shinjuku-Cosplay function going on with loads of weirdos floating around. The amount of hair products and hair colour used was astounding. Reached home before nine, and I still found myself with the energy to go for a night swim. Always find it easier to swim in Bangkok with their salty, buoyant pool water. Was very peaceful with the dim lights and the pool all to myself. Pure bliss...