Friday, February 29, 2008

Annual Dinner

"The Sexiest Voice"

"The Most Kissable Lips"

"The Best Ass"

"The Most Sparkling Eyes"

Believe or not, those were the awards given out during my company's annual dinner at the KL Hilton recently. The recipient's weren't exactly the best candidates as it turned out to be like past year's popularity contests. The recipient of the sexiest voice award even did a stupid William Shatner impersonation. Sexy? Not. Well, come to think of it, if I combine two of the above awards, one can get:

"The Most Kissable Ass"

Now, THAT would be something. Attended the dinner in quite a zombified state as I was out the whole day menziarah my married colleagues. Got some red packets and won at blackjack. :D. When my colleagues and I arrived at the venue, we entered into the lift with a family of three.

(Why this mamat so familiar one?)

("Oh shit! The Chairman!")

The Chairman gave a 45-minute speech on his theories of abstract algebra and what not. Here's a transcript:

"What is our business? We sell software. What is software? Even I can't answer that correctly. But just tell our clients that software is deductive systems. What is a deductive system? It is a category. But a category is not a deductive system... If we can categorize life into 4 things-- A, B, C & D, it is inevitable that we will say that A is better than B, B is better than C, C is better than D and D is better than A... phenomenon of symmetry... Burnside Theorem.. Theory of Relativity..."

What a way to work up an appetite. The turnout for this year's annual dinner was quite dismal. Didn't do much cam-whoring. Not many outstanding dressers. Nothing to gawk at. Luckily, it was a Chinese style banquet this year rather than a buffet. 5-star service. You're served every dish. But so sad that the food sucks. The only honorable mentions were the hors d' euvres and shark fin soup. After dinner, a few collagues and I went off to The Talk, Bangsar for a couple of beers. Called it a night pretty quickly as we were exhausted and my colleague's wife had begun giving him pressure. Kesian.

On the next day, my team was treated to dinner at Souled Out, Sri Hartamas by a fellow colleague who had left for a project in Jakarta. I ordered the lamb chops and a Dragonfly (dragon fruit juice mix). Good service, but the food is average. Ended the night a FreeZone, Kuchai Lama for a round of beers. A flurry of activity and I'm still recovering from the lack of sleep... zzzzzz.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Let Down

Shokubutsu Grapefruit Sparkle stinks! Long live Orange Peel Essence!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's a Sony VDay

Swiped from williamnyk.
Technically it was KH and I's second VDay, but we didn't celebrate it last year because we had just started off late January and were away from each other. We really haven't really understood how much we loved each other. So, this year, we officially celebrated it as as our first VDay as described here. Since most of the salient points had been blogged about, let me just fill in some of the holes.

Yes, we did celebrate it the "tourist-y" way at KL Tower. And true enough, I did pull a long face when I had trudge around Bukit Nanas carrying a 3kg laptop bag in the sweltering heat. Oh, wait... KH offered to carry my bag, but still I sulked. :P. KH had wanted to exchange some SGD, so when actually stopped at a money changer near the Bukit Nanas Monorail station and the guy actually offered to give us a "student rate". This has no importance in the story, just trying to jemur nyawa a bit. Indulge me.

By the time we found our way there, my mood had lightened and we started cam-whoring already. So long since we actually took photos as a couple. Too little in my opinion... The walk up was quiet and we had the chance to be ourselves for a while. To be less restrained. At the counter, the overly-courteous staff asked where we from, to which I answered, "Kuala Lumpur". That answer got us 50% off the ticket price. Yay! At the observation deck, I had a hell of a time trying to find the best setting for capturing the KL skyline behind the main subject. It was always too bright. Will have to consult Alex or Apollo.

Dying for a Lychee Frappacino, we walked to Wisma Genting's Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. In between the sips of blended ice, I handed KH my handmade Valentine. One of my rare attempts at DIY cards. The card I made has a sister card, and that is in SK's possession. We didn't really have any dinner plans, so we joined SK and Apollo for dinner at Heaven Fusion, Sri Petaling. More customers than usual on that day, but I guess that is to be expected at other places as well.

It was a poignant trip sending KH home. Due to some employment pass problems, the trip was cut short. Had to bid each other adieu. Held each other close for quite some time. But still, goodbyes had to be made. Our hands had to let go. Lips had to part. Until next time, my dear...

P.S.: For my 1st Year Anniversary and VDay, KH bought me a Sony PSP. It was something I had been hankering for for quite some time. From the fat predescessor till the release of it's slimmer brother. I had always brushed it off as a whim, but KH actually made it a reality for me. I got it two days before VDay as it was too big a secret for KH to keep. Pulled me aside, kissed me and pulled out a black plastic bag (such a romantic). I took a peek in and I saw the picture of a PSP emblazoned on the side. I didn't know how to react. I couldn't believe it. I put it down and just hugged KH into little itty-bitty pieces. I on the other hand got KH a leather and silver bracelet, customized with two charms-- a lock and key and an anchor.
P.P.S: Even SK got me a card and an etching knife to kick-start my art craze from my undergrad days. Still have not found the mood back...

Monday, February 25, 2008


Swiped from Seloy.
Note: Pathetic filler post until I get my photos in order for the next "proper" post.

It's so disturbing to see someone cosplay as Gai-sensei....! I'd rather do a Mayuri. :P

AND... the office air-conditioning system is on the blink till the end of the week. I'm dying here.... lack of oygen... ack!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pearl of the Orient III: The Journey South

Herbal Duck
Swiped from williamnyk.
... continued from previous post ...

As soon as the food tour ended, we drove out of Penang Island to Sungai Petani, Kedah. Destination: My brother-in-law's sister's place. It was my first time in Kedah actually. The sister lives at the industrial area of Sungai Petani-- a up-and-coming township. The roads were good and the housing areas looked organized. I felt like I was in KL. Spent the night there watching "The Fellowship of the King" and playing "Brave Story" on my brother-in-law's PSP. The next morning, I met the little prince of the house, Yang-Yang. An extremely shy and xenophobic kid. I heard that he won't even let his aunt carry him though she had lived with him for a month! Surpisingly, the kid took a liking to me. I had been told that the odds of him letting me carry him is like striking 4D. Heh. An interesting fact about the house-- there are no mirrors, except at the dresser in the master bedroom... jeng jeng jeng.

Had breakfast at a nearby food court that is also self service (so Singapore). Curry Noodles at MYR2.40. Goodness. I ate herbal duck noodles and curry chicken with mantou. Mum and bro actually queued for 30 minutes waiting for curry noodles at another stall, but it was worth it. After breakfast, we visited the nearby clubhouse. Yang-Yang was practically tearing up the play area. Security guard monthly charges = MYR20. Clubhouse membership monthly fees = MYR20. The ringgit really stretches further up north. On the way back to KL, we stopped at Auto Mall for lunch at Pelita. Had a delicious naan set. Since it was the last day of the long weekend, people were leaving the northern region in hordes. It was practically bumper to bumper traffic at the Sg. Perak stretch. 20km/j -> 15km/j -> 0km/j. Resorted to the emergency lane for a bit, but that plan was abandoned after seeing over-zealous patrol cars cari makan that way.

"Slim River 20km"

(1 hour later)

"Slim River 15km"


After the tunnel, the traffic returned to normal because the highway had opened up to three lanes. I noticed something about three-lane traffic: the left lane is the new right lane. For some inexplicable reason, most people will drive on the middle lane with annoyingly moderate speeds, leaving the left lane empty and the right lane for the habitual speeders. Naturally, I turned the left into my personal right. Heh. I was quite lucky to be driving my brother-in-law's automatic Avanza, or my leg would have patah already. Had to rush back as my brother had train tickets back to Singapore on that night. He thought it was the 10:00pm train. But upon arriving home at 8:10pm and checking the ticket, he found out that it was actually for 9:10pm. He quickly showered and packed up and we were out of the house again to KL Sentral. Had to have a dinner of cream crackers on the road. Luckily he made it on time.

A truly different and fun CNY.

P.S.: Thanks for calling, Zemien. As usual, our stars didn't align. Hopefully we'll have the chance to meet up. :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Blues

It is Friday and I get no TGIF feeling at all. Had a farewell KTV lunch for my resigning colleague this afternoon, and no amount of fooling around with mic cheered me up. Understaffed with no replacement in sight. 101 problems and matters to attend to. Then I received an sms from KH. More bad news. Something was lost. Was a bit sad, but KH was quick to console me and something Jaded Jeremy told me about the importance of the intangible over the material things made me snap out of my gloom. Sorry I made you worry dear. I am ok now and it is not your fault.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Pearl of the Orient II: The Journey Around

... continued from previous post ...

Woke up to this:

(Mum on the phone)

"Do you have a hairdryer?"

"Sudah habis."

(1 hour later)

"Are the hairdryers available yet?"

"Actually we don't have any."


This is the kind of service one gets for MYR110. I wonder if this was the case when I asked for an extra bed the night before. Even our doors had to be opened using the hotel's master key since the keys were "misplaced". Oh well. We checked out and had our breakfast at Restoran Shiang Hai, at Wisma Red Rock. Kinda a shock for me-- self-service dim sum. Get the food yourself. Refill the tea yourself. Average fare. The only thing worth praising is the char siew bao and the steamed pork ribs (love the fragrant rice wine gravy).

Our food tour started at 11:00am on Saturday at Restoran Chopper Board, Gurney Plaza. Met the rest of the foodies there, around 45 of 'em with our tour guide, Vic Shuang. A TV host on Astro and an ex-singer. But his face doesn't ring a bell for me. Loves to do a fake laugh. "Ha Ha". To short syllables. "Ha Ha". But he did give me a fake compliment that I look like an Astro Talent Competition contestant (or perhaps he meant reject), so ok la.... boleh diterima. :P. We had Chopper Signature Soup (thick szechuan style soup with fried meehon), Black Pepper Chicken Rice (thumbs up), Stewed Lamb Rice (thumbs up), Cuttlefish Noodles (spaghetti in prawn paste, eeee), Sweet and Sour Fish Rice, Soda and Nutmeg Juice (must try!), Nutmeg Juice, Soda and Mango Yoghurt, Sago Pudding in Gula Melaka and Biko Moi (diabetis-inducing black sesame tong sui).

From there on, we drove to the Tropical Spice Garden, somewhere past Batu Ferringhi. Had a guided tour. Took lots of pics there. The most interesting thing I learnt there is that Tongkat Ali is called Ali's Umbrella-- Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh. :P. Had another refreshing cup of nutmeg juice at a quaint little cafe overlooking the sea. Next was a visit to a nearby orchard where we had rojak buah and fresh fruits. We didn't bother to look around as we were still drained from the Spice Garden (the relentless Penang sun!). Since we were being crabby, Vic brought us to Balik Pulau for Assam Laksa. Sold out. So we tried to find another shop on foot and that was closed. Was quite pissed. Ended up having Char Kuey Teow again, but this time it ony cost MYR2.40. The stall was mounted with a charcoal stove that has a hand-powered propellor. So interesting.

The "highlight" of the trip was the seafood dinner at Restoran Hai Boey, Teluk Gadong. A make-shift restaurant right by the beach. Had dinner with a fantastic sunset view. Started with Wasabi Yee Sang (didn't taste a speck of wasabi), followed by Stir-fried Lala (fresh and large), Claypot Pomfret (interestingly steamed with a layer of chicken fat, but I wasn't impressive in terms of taste), Hor Fun with Large Prawns, Sea Cucumber with Beancurd and Broccoli (thick, succulent sea cucumber!), Steamed Whole Crabs (had to remove the gills, eeeee. Also not impressive) and Sea Cucumber in Soya Bean. The end. Come to of it, we hardly ate MYR60 worth of food. o.O.





... to be continued ...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Pearl of the Orient I: The Journey North

Almost half of three centuries had passed since I last set foot on Penang Island. My last visit there was with a rombongan sekolah for World Children's Day. I was also supposed to visit during Mel's sister's wedding but that plan somehow fell through. Normally, my CNY is spent cooped up at home. This year is an exception to the norm-- my sister invited the family to a food appreciation trip there. Never passing up a chance for a family trip, mum, bro and I signed on for it. 138 smackeroos per head. We left for Penang on CNY2 and also managed to cram in a pit stop at Taiping to visit an old friend of mum's. Traffic conditions were good, except at the Penang Bridge. Now I understand why I keep hearing the same traffic reports everyday. Bountiful toll booths, but they all eventually converge into a measley two lanes.

Lunch was at a random food court as not many places were open. Ordered chicken rice, Char Kuey Teow and Yong Tau Foo. The YTF was quite good, but strangely the only noodles they used were Cintan and glass noodles.

Since our departure date was determined quite spontaenously, lodging was not arranged beforehand. Sis had made some phone calls, but most of the hotels she called were fully-booked. To avoid sleeping under some flyover, we made walk-in inquiries. Starting from Tanjung Bungah, we wound our way to Georgetown. One does not even need to walk into the lobby, the valets will save you the trouble.

"Room sir? Sorry, fully-booked."

After about 10 hotels, we finally found 2 rooms at Grand Paradise Hotel at McAlister Road. Very dingy. The sight of their sheets made me itch. The linen still had hair clinging to it. Ewwww. The bathtub was peeling and the carpets were severely water-stained. Makes me wonder what their motto "Now Everyone Can Stay" actually means. Anyway, I didn't wake up with any rashes or anything, so I guess it was OK. Dinner was right at our doorstep as there were plenty of hawkers around. Had Chu Cheong Fun (with prawn paste, not sweet sauce, weird!), oyster omelettle (tasty, crispy egg), Char Kuey Teow (over-priced at MYR5.00 due to CNY), Popiah and Assam Laksa.

Post-dinner activities were held at Prangin Mall and Batu Ferrenghi. The mall was kind of a let down. Reminded me of the shopping complex from my childhood in Kuantan-- bad lighting and cheapo shops. At the beach, it was more promising as we did some shopping at their version of Petaling Street, only with better ventilation, cheaper souvenirs and DIRT CHEAP DVDs (a mere MYR4.00!). Quite surprising since it is a tourist trap. Tired out from the journey, we adjourned back to the hotel. I tucked myself in and bored myself to sleep watching Tsui Hark's "Seven Swords". At least it got my mind off fearing that I'd catch some dreaded skin disease from the sheets...


... to be continued ...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Walk Away

Swiped from ·BigGolf·.
With phase II of my development in full swing, my resource pool has taken another hit. A colleague has decided to resign after 6 years with the company. Didn't even bother to wait for the increment that was to be in one or two months time. Can't really blame her. Promises are made, but they are never kept. You either wait or you leave. Sigh. But I must say that it's really bad timing. The requirements are pouring in and other projects are starting too and this constantly puts a strain on my small kingdom. The Emperor will sooner or later raise troops for the looming war ahead, and sad to say, my holdings will be commandeered. Good troops are hard to come by and replacements slow to be found. The Emperor plays a dangerous game of balance. Shifting his troops here and there. Too little butter spread over too big a piece of bread.

"So when is it your turn to leave? Are you still learning anything from your work? Too comfortable already ar?"

"See how first lor..."

KH raises valid points. Perhaps I am too used to the situation. Perhaps I fear a worse situation. But I am definitely missing out on the possibility of a better situation too. However, the pay is getting better and I see path for advancement being in a "pioneer" situation. We shall see...

P.S.: At the time of posting, another junior colleague told me the he too would be resigning... Masyallah!

P.P.S.: Baby, all the best at your new job!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Princess XX

Princess XX
Swiped from williamnyk.
The newest addition to my STAR LRT celebrity member is Princess XX. Aptly named so because she is the epitome of femininity. The XX sex chromosome. She is the Puteri Lilin of legend. The damsel in distress. A fragile flower petal. The moment she enters the train, she will glide to the handrail and cling to it-- barely. As if the lightest of secret farts from nearby passengers can dislodge her from her place. She rests her weight on one foot. She lightly bends her leg and cocks her head to one side, letting her curls dangle. She looks up with hooded eyes, bedroom eyes. She pouts. Ever in the most feminine of dresses (perhaps she buys XXL at "Little Princess" outlets?). Strappy dresses (often the bellpepper variety! ) with a cardigan over. Sometimes a giant bow on her bosom. Her dainty feet are always in shoes fit for a ballerina. Crystal bracelets crawl up both her forearms. I wonder if she stirs interest in the men who share the train with her? Would men rush out to protect her from the crushing crowds of rush hour traffic or will she just be trampled to a pulp, her gentle cries of help drowned out by the din of the train? Until the next sighting...

Thursday, February 14, 2008


No Yasmin Ahmad CNY ad for Petronas this year. Read in the papers that the "Go home for reunion dinner, if you can" ad was visualised by a young hotshot from some gweilo firm. Thinking about it, reunion dinner is getting to be a smaller and smaller affair with each passing year. When I was a kid, my whole family would travel from Kuantan to Teluk Intan (a 7-8 hours trunk road drive) to have dinner with my grandma, uncle and cousins. As the years passed, nearly all my cousins started their own family and it was quite a challenge getting everyone together in one place anymore. Later, dad passed on, my grandma passed away and even my uncle called it a day. Eventually, we had reunion dinner in KL and my lengthy CNY trip eventually became a day trip to see my aunt and cousins. With my sister married, reunion dinner is just me, my mum and bro. A quiet affair, but still mum outdoes herself every year though she complains that she's getting old and all.

This year, mum made stewed five-spice duck, white chicken, old lotus root soup, fish maw and mushroom stew, stir-fried vegetables, alfalfa (I know, so Margaret Phuah Chu Beng) and lettuce salad with my brother's apple cider dressing, fried pomfret and butter prawns. It's really a whole lot considering there were only three of us. But it's good to have an abundance of leftovers anyway, if one believes in the symbolism. Dinner was accompanied by a nice Cabernet Shiraz that my brother picked out. We were really stuffed. And the leftovers lasted us for days.

On the subject of reunion, reunion dinner kinda coincided with my reunion with KH too. On reunion dinner eve, we met up and went to a spa together at Jojoba Spa, Berjaya Times Square. The experience wasn't quite as nice as the one at Royale Bintang. The receptionist looked like a disgruntled, grounded airline stewardess. My therapist was also quite bad. She didn't know how to focus the strength of her fingers, so the massage was kinda wasted. The room was also too bright, and the treatment didn't let KH and I have much interaction as everything was quite separate. The red wine hydrotherapy was also unlike in the brochure-- they just gave me a measley cup to pour into the jacuzzi. Talk about watered down and "for illustration purposes only".

Having done with our spa, we headed back to SK's place for a little alone time. A private, homecoming celebration. And it was great.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Grand Millennium

"Sir, would you like to do a balance transfer? 0%..."

"Sir, the holiday season is coming, interested to take a cash advance for a well-deserved vacation?"

"Congratulations, you've been given a free check-up with the Heart, Stroke and Cancer Center..."

"Hello Sir, we are offering you a free-for-life platinum credit card..."

"Just for a small membership fee, you get to enjoy our dining benefits and you get a complimentary night's stay..."

I said no to all of them, but I kinda caved in to the last telemarketer. Benefits and privileges. You actually pay for them. The whole year I was holding the card, I just used their free buffet voucher and treated my sister and bro-in-law to a 50%-off high tea. Since the complimentary stay I had was already expiring, I decided to use it on FT Day lor. When I purchased the membership, the hotel was called "The Regent", now it is called "The Grand Millennium". Pengz, sampai management pun dah tukar. According to the press releases, they had spent USD30 million to renovate the whole place. A far cry from when Potato Bill was staying there. The new lobby was finally open and everything was spick and span. All the old restaurants were revamped (missed my chance to try their non-halal dim sum buffet, sobzz) and it looks quite promising. The toilets were freaking shiny with all the dark marble they had-- when I took a pee at the urinal, I had three reflections looking back at me.

Checked in on Friday, but I had to wait for 1 hour to get a non-smoking room, coz they kinda screwed up my booking. So mum and I killed the time by camwhoring around the lobby. Had a nice chat with their staff, Angeline who was super-friendly. The service level is really that be expected of a 5-star hotel. After settling into our room, we then went shopping around Bukit Bintang. Spent the whole afternoon plying Lot 10, Sungei Wang, BB Plaza and Berjaya Times Square (hideous CNY decor-- giant lion choking on a kumquat with cocktail sausage tail?!). We didn't buy a single thing. Ugh. Dinner was at Crystal Jade La Mien and Xiao Long Bao. Shared a plate of Fried Shanghai Noodles with mum. Was quite entertained by a Japanese family beside us. The patriach kept on calling for a waitress every 5 minutes. I pity his wife back home.

We nursed our poor legs back at hotel room while having cold beers and wasabi rice crackers. I knocked off after watching some B-grade horror movie on Vision Four (Aquos LCD TV!) and reading some "Golden Compass". Had a nice sleep under the warm blankets. The next morning, SK joined me for a swim. We replenished the lost calories by pigging out at a lunch buffet at "The Mill" with KT (only now I realize that it's a wordplay between millennium and spice mill). Quite a nice spread of local and international food. Reminded of the buffet I had in Genting. Not too many people when we started. The staff were so free that they helped us into our chairs and spread the napkins on our laps nearly every time. The manager even came along and asked us if we had any grouses. He comp-ed us a plate of sashimi for our suggestions. :). Ended the day at The Pavilion.

However, SK, KT and I ended up at The Pavilion again after sending my mum home for a yee sang dinner with the gang. Created a ruckus in front of Crystal Jade only to end up at Dragon-i. The service was superbly lousy that night. Messed up our orders. However, the lou sang was kinda fun though the long table made it kinda challenging. The highlight of the night was Jason Jr.'s plunging neckline and a intellectual discourse on eye bags, phoenix eyes and dead phoenix eyes. Ended the night at TGIF. Left the rest with a quarter bottle of Shiraz on the table and with Adrien half-drunk. Sekian...


Monday, February 11, 2008


Swiped from williamnyk.
Note: I'm back! Some stale posts for y'all! Enjoy...

Was at Neway Karaoke, Bandar Puchong Jaya a couple of weekends back with SK, HP and BeiBei for a kind of pre-CNY crooning. It was my first time at that outlet and I must say that the floor space was pretty impressive. Everything was shiny and new. Our room was tastefully decorated unlike RedBox's gaudy wallpaper. My only complaint is the English song selection. Really pathethic. They don't even have Rihanna's "Umbrella" (I can imagine KH heaving a sigh of relief)! My song list was as follows:
  1. Theresa Teng's "Don't Pick The Roadside Wild Flowers"
  2. Madonna's "Vogue"
  3. Siti Nurhaliza's "Bukan Cinta Biasa"
  4. Ella's "Gemilang"
  5. The Carpenter's "Goodbye To Love"
  6. Spice Girls' "Two Become One"
  7. Hoobastank's "TheReason"
  8. The Cranberrie's "Dreams"
  9. ???'s "Love Potion No. 9"
  10. Peebo Bryson & ???'s "Beauty and The Beast" (the male's part has damn a lot of oh-ing and ah-ing)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

CNY from The Island

Hi readers. Just a short post from my phone. Hope everyone is enjoying this Mickey Mouse Year holidays. I am currently in Sg Petani and will be making my way back to KL on Sunday. Major food post in the pipeline! Keep an eye out! Ciao!

p.s.: Dear KH, sorry that I couldn't spend as much time with you as I wanted. Hugs. I'll make it up to you. :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit

KH and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Monday. How time flies when you're having fun. It is a big milestone for us as it is the longest relationship that either of us has ever had. Looking back, I have seen much growth in our relationship and much change. I have changed. KH has changed. Even our attitude towards each other has changed. We talk of different things. We communicate differently too. And I actually asked KH about it one night:

"Dear, I noticed that we don't do (this and this and this) anymore."

"Has anything changed?"

"Of course they have. It is inevitable. We can't be in the honeymoon phase forever, right?"

KH told me so matter-of-factly that I was rather taken aback at that time. But I also eventually found much wisdom in that. I cannot expect things to stay stagnant. Things will change and we must also change to keep things moving. Each of us work hard to keep the love going. The forms may have changed. The situation may be a little more difficult or a little rosier. But whatever it is, the same love lies at the base of it all.

For those of you who do not know, it is my first foray into realm of love and I must say that I have learnt a lot from KH and from my own participation in the link that we both share so dearly. I am very glad that we have reached this milestone together. And there are others to come that would probably not hinge upon temporal factors. We still feel that we have lots to learn about each other and our geographical divide is really something to look at in the natural progression of things.

Heady issues aside, we celebrated the occasion away from each other actually, so we had to have our "agents" work for us. My Singaporean counterpart was Jaded Jeremy (the Fuku-Taicho with Hitsugaya Taicho looks) and KH's secret little helper was none other than SK. Was cracking my head about what to get KH. JL, SK, JM and Jeremy chipped in with their helpful suggestions. I contemplated flowers and JL suggested something potted with a secret message planted in the soil (that man is a romantic genius), but I scrapped that idea knowing that the plant would most probably die in KH's hands and that wouldn't be very good symbolism according to JM. :P. Sorry dear.

Jeremy then found a few online florists for me and while browsing through their online catalogue I immediately fell in love with their plush toy and flower combo-- two bears in a wooden cart laden with flowers. At least once the flowers wither, there's something to remember the occasion by. I also posted a personalized card to Jeremy (for timing reasons and the fact that the success rate of my letters reaching KH's address in Singapore is a sucky 50%) and he later hand-delivered it to KH on the exact day.

"Thanks dear! I've never received flowers before! But I didn't get you anything..."

"It's alright... (*&^%$#^^&*#@!*)"

The big liar. Actually got me an aromatherapy set-- a burner and scented candles. I can't wait to use when KH's back. I already have the essential oils (emmm...bergamot...). SK really went all out to shop for the perfect burner. And she even took leave on Monday to deliver it to me with 3 stalks of artifical lilies tied with a polka-ditted ribbon.

Perhaps in the years to come, our celebrations would get simpler and simpler. Nothing so elaborate. Maybe just a kiss on the lips. A whisper in the ear. But I wouldn't mind, I wouldn't mind at all.

Happy Anniversary Dear!