Monday, April 30, 2007

Pseudo Haircut

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Since my last trim since before CNY, I had grown quite a crop of 'grass' on my head. The heat and my hair constantly in my eyes (I don't flip my hair for no reason, like *some* people think) was already driving me nuts so I quickly headed over to my regular stylist, KK for a trim. I took the 11am slot and I was so early that I was the first customer of the day. My appointment finished in record time, just shy of half an hour. Back to my point. KK took a look at the unruly mop of hair on my head and declared that I should go for a longer style since I already had the length. He said cutting me short for the past year is already getting boring. I concurred. Therefore, he just thinned the hair at the top and sides and left the fringes. As a result, the hair is still in my eyes and people stare at me in disbelief after I tell them that I had a haircut.

The next day after my trim, I brought SK to Eric's stylist, KK as well, but the guy has the prefix Alex. Not so much to check out his skill, but to verify that he's as cute as Eric reports. Heh. Well, the fella came half an hour late. As we walked out due to boredom and annoyance, he walked in. Kinda of guessed it was him. Cute face and smile ala Daniel Lee, complete with blazer over jeans. Heh. SK seemed impressed enough. He was quite chatty, but a bit slow in cutting. As with my own stylist, he came over and fiddled with my hair, though I was just there to observe. I notice that it's some kind of habit that stylists have. They have to fiddle with hair. Or they're just looking for fleas.

*Grope grope grope* "What hair products you use ar?"

"Your hair a bit heavy hor..."

And he asked me the damning question:

"When was your last haircut?"

"Err.... yesterday."

"Oh, ok."

Anyway, he immediately went into sales mode, coaxing me to colour my hair... yadda, yadda, yadda. Maybe later in the year. SK left the shop satisfied with his skill and service, but still, he was tardy, knowing full that he had an appointment. But I guess she forgave him, on the grounds of his cuteness. Heh.

PS: Still never bring my di for haircut... XD

Friday, April 27, 2007

Queer Card

Queer Card
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Guys have been wearing pink and toting their girlfriend's handbags to get brownie points. Venturing into territory that was once considered taboo, no man's land (or more precisely "all man's land"). Nowadays, it's cool to show a little of our feminine side. To skirt the other side. A good way to soften the rough edges. The desirable men of today is no longer gruffy and rugged, but rather pretty and preppy. Painfully androgynous. As such, the same concept is being employed in the corporate world. Citibank brought you the Clear Card. Now make way for the RapidKL Queer LRT Card and the MidValley Queer Parking Card. In eye-catching pink and purple respectively. Get your's today.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BKK Day 3: No photos here sir!

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The 3rd day at Bangkok is quite a blur for me. Can't really remember the details, but I'll try anyway. Spent most of the day at the wholesale clothes outlets at Pratunam, kind of like the Ho Ching Yuen beside the Hang Tuah LRT station. Clothes, clothes and more clothes. We were mostly at Indra Square and the Baiyoke Garment Center nearby where my sister was staying. My sister and mother bought tonnes of clothes, handbags and other accessories. All at cheap prices. After baking in the hot and humid Bangkok weather, we decided to move to someplace with air-conditioning, so it was off to MBK for more shopping.

The layout is simple enough. Just one long stretch where you walk, and walk, and walk..... from one end to the other. 5 floors of shopping. Made me wish for the electric buggy from Muang Boran. Typical shopping paradise with a stronger muslim presence, for unknown reasons. Anyway, saw an interesting scene there. Two women were sitting on bar stools in front a goldsmith sipping something that looked like whisky to me. They were sitting in front of a counter where two craftsmen were setting a buddhist amulet. An interesting process using balsam wood, acrylic sheets, blowtorches and a wire saw. The Thai people's love affair with Buddhist amulets. They even have magazines!

After just 3 floors, our legs refused to go any further. We dragged ourselves up to their posh food court, The Fifth. A culture shock really, a concept food court that seems to be taking hold everywhere in Bangkok, from Central Chit Lom to Sky Loft Suvarnabhumi Airport. The idea is that every customer that goes into the food court will be given a prepaid card (usually preloaded with THB1000). Every single order is made via the card through a barcode scanner or other electronic means. Before you go out, your card will have to be surrendered and they will charge you accordingly. If you lose the card, you must pay the maximum amount (plus a fine at certain places). The concept is upmarket, with fantastic decor, good ambiance, attentive service staff (who in addition to clearing tables will sometimes carry you food for you) and expensive food. Food is normally segregated by country, the usual fare being from Malaysia/Singapore, Japan, Italy, Vietnam and Thailand. The idea was alien to us, but we did quite well ordering a Vietnamese Tangerine Salad that was very refreshing. And their mango slurpee is to die for. Practically drinking sweet mango pulp. On the way out, only did we notice that the cheaper food court was just one floor down. Dang!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


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For some unknown reason, I have been getting a few SMS and MMS from Indonesians recently. There are only a few explanations I can think of:

1) Pure coincidence (then why have I not hit the lottery!!?)

2) My number is wrongly posted on some Indonesian migrants classifieds somewhere (lo mau cowok ganteng? kontek 016-XXXXXX)

3) DiGi screwed up big time (not surprising)

The first set of SMS I received was addressed to a woman by the name of Sri. The contents were in Javanese, which I promptly asked my counterpart in Jakarta to translate. It roughly went like this:

Sri, you're really shameless. No man would willingly take you as their wife. That's why you have to steal other people's husbands!

I just sent a reply to tell the fellow that I'm not 'shameless' (most of the time, at least) nor a woman and promptly blocked the number. Thinking that it was fluke and brushing the whole incident off, it then happened again. This time, a little more high tech-- MMS. It was just a picture of a plain Indonesian woman with the subject "munaweroh". As you can see from the pic, she's not in any state of undress, but God knows what was to come had I not blocked that number as well.

Any similr experiences? Please tell me I'm not alone...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Eastern Delight

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After more than 20 years of enjoying the soup-based steamboat, I have finally tried the porridge-based version at Eastern Delight, Seri Petaling. One of my mother's friends won big at the agensi nombor ramalan, so dinner was on her. Being the remora I usually am, I got to go along to. Hehe. For one thing, I did not have very high expectations of it. I'm definitely a "soup guy" and as such, the porridge I prefer is also the Teochew kind. However, they use the congee type with the beras hancur.

That aside, it's pretty much steamboat lo. It's just more filling and it's quite weird to put leafy greens in porridge. If the idea of porridge doesn't appeal (I have a colleague who refuses to eat it because she associates it with being sick), the place also serves the normal variety of steamboat. The price is not quite cheap and everything is ala carte, so the costs can add up to quite an amount. However, it's quite justified as the stuff is really fresh. I love their fish paste, fish balls, prawn balls and etc. Extremely fresh, translucent with good texture. None of the mass-produced stuff here.

The interior decoration is quite nice. Very oriental with lots of wood carvings. But as with most steamboat places, it's quite stuffy, though not as horrible as the experience I had at Seoul Garden, Plaza Pantai-- water vapourizer above my head, smoke from the grill directly billowing into my face and the fantastic carbon monoxide fumes from the Federal Highway at my back. Die. Anyway, for reservations, please call Sky Tham at 03-90593545.

Yes, Sky. And no, I don't know whether his brother is Running Water Tham.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mo Far Kor

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Before you freak out, that's not the head of a mountain troll bubbling in the pot. It's actually a fruit by the name of my post. It has real weird properties. The reason for the "eye sockets" is that my mother whacked the fella with a hammer before putting it to boil. The insides are spongy and white, but the second you boil it, the water turns black and nasty. Supposedly, it has detoxification effects-- think trips to the loo and freaky-looking stools. Boil it with some dates and it tastes quite good really... if you can get past the fact it scrubs out your bowels. Heh.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


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Spent some quality time with my di, Jase at Berjaya Times Square after work. He supposedly had a big secret to tell me, but he didn't really tell anyway (see! I'm not a mulut tempayan. I didn't tell anyone about your Antonio Banderas blow-up doll. Kidding. Kidding). Anyway, my throat was flaring up, so I decided for something mercifull to my throat. Wanted to try Chikuho Ramen, but apparently it had closed down, replaced by Mr. Ramen. What the heck. We ate there anyway since thanks to my great sense of direction and BTS fantastic layout (from the architects who brought you the Mines of Moria), we were too tired to look for another eatery. I ordered the Miso Ramen, whereas Jase had the Chicken Katsu-Don. Food was crappy. The service staff was mostly Myanmarese, making it a real unique dining experience. Cheap though, I'll give it that.

Next on, we moved onto ice cream. t was either Baskin Robbins or Gelatomio. I chose the latter. We ordered the weekday special-- 4 flavours for the price of 3. Had Rum & Crunch, Banana Yoghurt, Mixed Berry and Hazelnut. Not bad really, but the mixed berries had too much seeds and the Hazelnut didn't really have any decent hazelnuts. But I highly recommend it for health freaks, even their *spoons* are 99% fat-free (*JASE NOTICED THIS* lol). Tee-hee. Go check out their kiosk to find out what I mean. I was burping 4 flavours the whole night. One after the other. :P. Everyone's a health freak these days. Secret Recipe now serves High-Fibre Cheesecake, Low Glycaemic Index Chocolate Cake and Transfat-Free Peach Cake. Next thing you know, they'll be serving the I-Can't-Believe-It's-The-Good-For-You-But-Doesn't-Taste-Like-Styrofoam Cake. No place to eat, so we had to adjourn to the bench, watching the emptiness of BTS.

Finishing that, we went off to Metrojaya to sniff the fragrances. My Davidoff Cool Water is on its last legs, so I thought I'd check out some new scents. Tried CK Euphoria-- reinforced my dislike for CK. Too strong. Tried several from Kenzo. Didn't appeal. Kenneth Cole Black. Didn't appeal. Armani Code, Armani Mania, Aqua di Gio. Not bad, but didn't really like them. I think I liked the coffee beans the best.

Before leaving, we had some kwai lien kou at Kwoong Woh Tong to soothe my throat. A very interesting journey back. We actually met Fabio and Alicia Keys (male version). Fabio had long-flowing hair and a body to match. It looked so wrong. His hair was too pretty (kinda like Taboo's hair from Black-Eyed Peas). And he let it to the one side of his head. Like a Pantene commercial. Alicia on the other hand was in 'her' corn roll phase. But it looked weird coz the hair was dyed a kind of blonde. What a lucky day. What a lucky day indeed.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

1 Day 1 Question

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Here I am trying to do a version of David's side-blog (with the name above):

Why the FUCK must some guys sit on the LRT with their BLOODY legs so wide open?

It really makes me wonder. It's rush hour. People are packing into the trains. Everyone is looking for a place to sit on the long journey to the city. And some idiot comes along, sits on the limited seats like his balls have swollen to the size of grapefruits. For goodness sake, keep your legs together and let an extra person sit down!
If you're wearing a skirt, and would like to air your family jewels, then by all means, spread those legs, but if not, please keep them together. Extremely inconsiderate.

The same goes for idiots who like to read the papers of the train, especially Chinese newspapers. They're already so unwieldly, so please have the common sense to fold up the papers before you read, not open them all the way like you're sitting in your lazy chair at home. For the love of.... And if you have luggage, or a some bags, do put them on your lap or on the floor, not on the seats where someone might want to sit. Inanimate objects don't get tired. They don't need the seat. But if they're too precious to be on the floor, then I think you're an inanimate object too.


Sunday, April 15, 2007


There are things in our life that are very private in nature, hence not usually shared with others. But when the time comes to share it, we may have hang ups about it and perhaps develop a kind of mental block that prohibits you from sharing that inner part of yourself. However, with perseverance, patience and a strong will, all obstacles can and will be removed. As it is said, good things happen to those who wait. And I am glad that I was given the time to adapt, given the chance to show my worth, and most importantly, given the love and gentle, guiding hand tofind my way around the difficulties and make myself comfortable with the situation. So far, the discoveries have been mindblowing and I am very grateful. In time, I hope the harvest will be plenty...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BKK Detour 1

Queer Graffiti
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Note: Dear readers, this is just some random observation from my trip that would not fit to well in my daily vacation report.

After spending 6 days in Bangkok I've come to notice something that I missed while I was there for 5 weeks, 3 years back. The Thai seem to have a thing for phallic symbols. They come in all shapes and sizes (as do the real thing, hehe), from the obscenely large to easy-carry versions. Mostly, I've seen them carved from wood, but the smaller versions can also be found cast from metal (with extra dragon motif). At first, I thought them dildos, until I started seeing them all over the place-- from taxi dasboards to altars to food stall counters to keychains. Frankie even tells me that are tied to waist like an amulet. As far as I can tell, it has some kind of religious significance. They seem to be revered. I can see garlands of flowers placed over them. Some even have inscriptions and gold leaf. And for those on the altar, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that it's being worshipped. Should've gotten some mini-sized ones as souveniers, but I wonder if I'd have gotten stopped at immigration for trying to bring in sex toys. Oh well.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hobbit Feet

Hobbit Feet
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Neither am I talking about the Small Office, Home Office concept nor the place in US, but actually a foot treatment company. I guess I could say the cheap version of a podiatrist. The don't give pedicures and are not qualified to correct your foot problems but they specialize in cracked heels, bunions, calluses, toenail infections and the other sort of nasty skin conditions of the foot. They set up a booth at Jusco Seri Kembangan and the response was amazing. Young and old were lining up to get the the dead skin removed from their at RM25. Quite cheap seeing that the results are quite obvious and that the treatment takes around 2 hours and much disgusting effort on the part of the staff.

Their Hobbit-Feet Reversal Treatment
begins with an alcohol rub. Who knows were those feet have been. After that, some kind of skin softening cream is applied to the feet. Don't know what the active ingredient is, but for all I know, it could be some kind of meat tenderizer. Subsequently, they wrap both your feet in shrink wrap and put a towel wrap over it. Let it simmer for 20 minutes. After that, the scraping begins. With a special plastic scraper, pointed scissors and a something resembling a lightweight kukur parut they start removing the layers of dead skin cells from your feet. And it all comes out easily. Practically like snowflakes when they use the shaver. If it wasn't just the first quarter of the year, I would have sworn it was Christmas.

The treatment results in much nasty shavings and black paste. Blech. Most of the people undergoing the treatment do not seem to experience any discomfort at all. Several people I asked just said that it was ticklish. All dead skin, so I guess there are no nerves involved at all. My mum had a really severe case. At certain parts of her foot, the calluses had gone quite deep and the people can't scrape off too much since the skin at the surrounding areas would would be too thin and might bleed. So they did what the could. They did what they could and at the end of the treatment, they would do their sales pitch and encourage you to buy a home kit at just RM179. Yikes. Didn't buy it.

As I was standing there waiting for my mum, I was once again mistaken for the service staff and I wasn't even wearing a white shirt and black slacks (another story regarding Jusco). I don't know. Perhaps I just have that budak tunggu SPM look about me. Hehe. Perasan. I remember another time at Bata too. Ugh. But I played along and answered the prospective customer's query anyway. They should pay me commission!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Di Maria

This is only my second lyrics post. I'm at a loss for words (don't laugh! It's actually possible. :P). I have no way to articulate my feelings and situation at the moment, so I'll let the nuns do the talking / singing:

How do you solve a problem like Maria?
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you find a word that means Maria?
A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!

I laugh. I frown. I smile.

How does one solve a problem like Maria?

Friday, April 06, 2007

He-Man reads John Steinbeck

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An interesting character I saw on the LRT one fine morning:

1) First impression: looks like Lim Kok Wing sans spectacles (I know many would disagree, it's just a first impression).

2) Hair: reminds me of the He-man alter-ego (Prince what's-his-name).

3) Book: reads John Steinbeck.

Interesting character #2 was an elderly man who was torturing a young couple standing in fron of him. He kept on talking about the good 'ol days and giving them grandfather-ly advice about life. The guy couldn't have cared less, but the girl layan him by nodding her head and sometimes agreeing with certain points he make.

I'm so pathethic. I'm so bored. Time passes oh so slowly on the LRT...


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

BKK Day 2: You don't want go Crocodile Farm?

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A colleague and The Searcher recommended me to visit The Ancient City of Muang Boran. It's 40 minutes away from the hustle-bustle of Bangkok, located in Samut Prakan. It's basically Thailand's history, culture, architecture and art all condensed into 320 acres of land the shape of Thailand. Think of it as Mini Malaysia, only *much* better and less cheesy. It boasts of 112 attractions in 6 sections. The entrance fee is THB300, inclusive of bicycle rental or a tram ticket. We took one double bicycle and a golf cart. It was a sweltering day and shade was few and far in between. At the start, we were very keen to see the sights. Took many photos. But as we went on, the attractions were losing their lustre. All of 'em started looking the same. And the sun was unforgiving. Towards the end, we were hurrying ourselves through, just giving the magnificent structures cursory glances and quick photo shoots. However, while we were at the replica of the Grand Palace, a bollywood movie shooting was taking place and we were asked to stay put a moment:

Crew: Just wait a couple of minutes please.

Us: Bollywood movie shooting?

Crew: Yeah. You know Minty?

Us: Errr. No.

Crew: Ibrahim? (or something like that, I forgot)

Us: Errr. No.

Crew: You know Shah Rukh Khan?

Us: YEAHHHH. We know!

Crew: (he's not in this movie).

I didn't get a good look at the main actor and actress. Oh well. We left a little after lunch time. The nice people at Muang Borang even gave us metal bookmarks as souvenirs. They even got a taxi driver to send to a nice local restaurant for lunch. English proficiency is even lower in Samut Prakan. We had a difficult time ordering, but we did end up with a delicious Tom Yam, Omelette, fried mixed vegetables and spicy minced pork with sweet basil leaf. Very satisfying. The taxi driver waited for us and later sent us back to Bangkok. The heat had gotten to us and by the time we reached the hotel, we showered and dozed off.

I woke up and got down to check out the pool. It was quite small really, but there weren't many people in the water. Most of the tourists were busy working o their tans. Practically lobsters and cha siew's on deckchairs. One woman was walking around in her thong, and she even had a nice tattoo right beside the crack, to add focus. Heh. Luckily she had the body to pull it off. I swam for a bit and found that the water is quite salty. Hard water. Easier to float too. There was one guy in the pool that just got down at the deep end and held on to the the sides. He didn't move a muscle. Just "stood" there for around 40 minutes. I was shivering although I swam and yet he managed to remain static in the cold water for so long. Siao.

Later that night, we headed over to Suan Lum Night Market for some dinner and shopping. Overall, the stuff there was more expensive, but the environment much more comfortable due to the night air and the absence of the crowds. We ate at the food court and boy was it sprawling. It even had live performances (on a weekday no less). The food was good, taste and quality-wise. We ordered stewed pork trotters on rice, roasted pig neck meat (delicious!), pad thai, fried rice, ABC (had some kind of nasty bread soaked in syrup), fried springrolls and sausages. There was a ferris wheel (Eye of Bangkok?) there as well, but we didn't try it. That concludes day 2 of my trip.

......... to be continued .............


Tuesday, April 03, 2007


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I'm not talking about Luc Beeson's movie here, but literally taxis. Of late, I've been relying on them to get to work because I have to go to Taman Tun Dr Ismail and there is no easy way to get there with public transport from where I live. So, each morning, my mother drops me off at Old Klang Road and I hail a cab to go to work. I've noticed that most of the taxi drivers I've met are quite interesting. Here are a few examples:

Driver 1: Uncle Wong
Uncle Wong looks like a nice enough guy. He's the kind of driver who will make small talk you even though you ignore him. Talk about paying to be tortured. But most of the time, I will layan them coz the jams at OKR are no pretty sight and it can get helluva boring. However, Uncle Wong has one trait that is quite scary-- one second he will be talking to you, the other second, he'll transform into a road bully. The transition takes less than 0.005 seconds (something like Gaban). If someone cuts him off, he'll follow closely behind and honk his horn incessantly. Sometimes, he'll cut in front of them. One of the drivers that happened to annoy him was a woman, and he immediately spewed a long list of "pseudonyms" for female genitalia. Well, turns out he's my neighbour now. Such a small world.

Driver 2: Uncle Gangsta
Uncle Gangsta is also a real nice bloke. Looks harmless enough and has the penchant of talking your ears off. He talks about everything under the sun-- global warming, the melting of the polar ice caps, the sinking of SEA in 2037... etc. Throw in some eexpletives now and then. However, the different thing about him is his fondness for sharing his life story. I got to know that he started work at 13. Started off working in construction sites. Later as a tractor operator. Then a lorry driver and finally a taxi driver of 19 years. And the best thing was this:

I'm in my fifties now. And what do I have? Nothing. I've worked all my life. Nothing. Have you heard of any taxi drivers who struck it rich? Of course no la! Pokai and run away from Ah Long a lot la.....

A very bleak outlook indeed. He went on to tell me of his fisticuffs with Burmese migrant workers. How he fell big guys with one punch. How he used to follow the triad bosses. How he used to whack bricks with his bare hands... errmmm. At least he has mellowed down and is kind of reformed.

Driver 3: Uncle Dalai Lama
Uncle Dalai Lama is strangest of the lot. A man of little words, but definitely shines with enlightenment and wisdom. The top of his windscreen had two rows of car stickers with Buddhist themes. A wooden Kuan Yin was hanging from his rear-view mirror. A plastic Kuan Yin was in lotus position on his dashboard. And a piece of yellow paper was attached to the bottom of hs windscreen. Talk about protection, heh? But the best thing about him was the fact that he was very mindful of traffic rules and while he drove... he was counting on his prayer beads. Errr... is there some kind of traffic bylaw that forbids such action? Hehe.

Have you met any interesting taxi drivers?

Monday, April 02, 2007

Terri-Yucky? No!

Ever since I mentioned my Teriyaki Chicken, it has been getting a lot of airtime on my blog recently for mysterious reasons. Jase wants. Eric wants it. KH wants it. On the other hand, only Robb was interested in the humble beginnings of my teriyaki chicken which I will mention briefly here:

(Heat waves in the air, signalling a flashback) 3 years ago, in Jakarta: The mundane diet (food court, fast food, food court, fast food, ad infinitum) my colleagues and I had to endure working over at Jakarta as lowly-paid migrant workers had forced us to cook on weekends just to keep our sanity and keep our arteries plaque free. So, every weekend, we'd all contribute in the kitchen by either cooking or cleaning up. On one fateful week, I decided to whip up my famous Teriyaki Chicken. Whole chicken drumsticks. Deboned. Marinated in light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and a generous helping of pepper. That's it (don't be disappointed that I didn't unveil my SECRET SAUCE, hehe). So, I put it to the flame. I don't know if the pan was too shallow, or the oil too hot, my dish was practically flambe-d halfway through frying. The flames went half way up to the cooker hood. A good way to lose eyebrows. It did end up a little burnt, but..... it sure as hell beats eating KFC! The end.

Such a let down, hor? Well, I recreated that dish again during the weekend, but with an ang moh twist-- rosemary, basil, oregano and thyme. Quite a nice way to tsuj up my old recipe. Deboning had me scrambling to rediscover my inner butcher. The pan at my sister's place was really annoying. Though it was Amway (think thousands of ringgit), it was bloody difficult to handle. The chicken kept getting stuck on the pan. Yes, I know a good carpenter shouldn't blame his tools, but I'm not a good carpenter. Hehe. Just look at my fried rice. Even made a herb sauce for it in case tak cukup rasa. My sister on the other hand made pizza!

With her trusty bread-maker and oven, she whipped up a stuffed crust pizza with mozarella, tomato puree, mixed herbs, 3 types of sausages, salami, button mushrooms, bell peppers and tomatoes. No rolling pin was available, so she used my water bottle on the dining table! It was fantastic. 4 of us finished 2 medium pizzas, 10 pieces of Yong Tau Fu, 4 whole teriyaki chicken drumsticks
and a wild rocket salad. All washed down with pomelo fizzy drink. Hehe. Sis is fired up the oven the day after too... coffee banana cake (with chocolate coating) !!!! and nasi lemak!!! Tee-hee...

I shall go back to the drawing board... thinking of incorporating some JD in my teriyaki chicken... XD

Pizza ala Lena

Lena's Coffee Banana Cake