Friday, August 25, 2006


"d Red Kokeshi b"
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Do you listen to music in the office?

Do you use headphones?

If you answered "true" to both questions, proceed to the final question:

Have you been so intent on work that you plug in your headphones, but there's no music playing?

If you answered "false" to the first question, goodness, tak tahan!. If you answered "false" to the second question, I hope your colleagues approciate your choice of music. I know mine won't

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Yoga can be bad for health (AP)
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Gotta love the new Carefree Sanitary Pad advertisement on TV.

Setting: Yoga class
Characters: Handsome yoga instructor, Beautiful yoga student who need I say is having her menses and of course is using a Carefree sanitary pad, extras

The pretty boy yoga teacher goes around adjusting his students' poses. Desperate to gain his attention, the female protaganist does some advanced poses and falters. Guess what? The advanced design and materials coupled with tea tree extract give her the confidence to attempt this cheap attempt to score.

Does the instructor bite?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Holy Trinity"

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Another fun-filled Sunday. Woke up at 7:00am to get out to Confucian Independent Chinese School for
a charity thing. The school was celebrating its 100 year anniversary. More than a hundred students were dressed in Tang Dynasty costumes of officers. Most of them decked out in red, looking resplendent with their matching black headdress, ala God of Prosperity Convention. Instead of gold ingots, they were holding a staff topped off with a long feather (like the Monkey King) and a tasseled flute. The honour guard stood at the side, in green, holding staffs with plastic dragon heads (think the Yang Family Matriarch), war hammers and etc. After a lengthy speech, they honoured a giant banner of Confucious, performing a little dance and offering flowers, while acompanied by traditional music (something like those tunes you hear at Taoist funerals). The ceremony ended with red crackers and a dragon dance. I'd never thought that at this day and age, there are still students honouring Confucious like in the days of the Imperial Examinations in ancient China. A little bit of history still survives, nestled between the narrow Jalan Petaling streets. But the jarring thing I want to mention is that while people were honouring Confucious inside the school, Methodists were having a praise and worship session at their church right outside the school gate and opposite the church, Falun Dafa followers were meditating and handing out VCDs. After reviewing the material, I'll give a report on the content! Diversity-- Don't cha just love it?

Confuc3 Confuc2 Confuc1 TmnTaTiti

After a few hours there, had to leave for the next destination, Temasya Masyarakat Penyayang at
Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. Another charity event organized by a buddhist association. Had to stand under the scorching sun peddling magazine back issues, celery, mineral water and bananas. Pengz. Ran off to take a breather under the cooling trees every half hour or so, or I would've ended up like beef jerky. A very big crowd there. Left a round 3:30pm. Had a hearty dinner at a Chinese restaurant and on the way back, stopped at A&W for rootbeer, fish burger and waffles (!). Way stuffed. Too deprived during the day perhaps. But I'm glad I dragged myself outta bed that day.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blessed Union

Congratulations to Atok K and Makcik Siti on the occassion of their marriage!

PS: The happy couple are in no way related to Datuk K and Siti Nurhaliza.

Home Alone

Coincidently, with Venge's parents off for two weeks on a trip to Australia, my mum just came back from a holiday in China. The "7 Day Trip to Wonderland" had her travelling to Jiuzhaigou, Mount Er Mei, Leshan and other scenic places in the vicinity. While she was soaking in China's beauty at thousands of feet above sea level, I was home alone. The weekdays were ueventful. With work leeching much fun out of life these days, I usually only leave the office late. Dinner would usually be a simple affair. However, I had to be more creative on the weekends as my mum stocked up groceries for me, so hafta clear stock. Sometimes, soup in a slow cooker before leaving for work, or have SK and HP do some cooking with my raw materials. The little cooking I did was really weird, I just combined misc stuff that was lying around. Bread with fried fish fillet flakes, with a pumpkin soup on the side. Or instant ramen with tomatoes, seaweed, egg and coral lettuce. Don't flinch, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. *grin*.

Monkey Peaches crazybowl comb

Goodies aplenty from China. My mum bought me my favourite peaches. Really sweet. Reminiscent of ass cracks, but an ass you would want to kiss. :P. Unfortunatey, she only came back with one photo as the camera she brought went on the fritz. A waste. But she's no fan of taking photographs anyway. She also bought me a comb made of yak horn (!). Truth be told, I haven't used a comb in 6 months, but my mum assures it can be used for scalp massage, so I guess it will be of of some use after allo the . The trip really wore her out. Sick before leaving and now she's sick again. Some real rest will do her good. Speaking of holidays, I haven't been on one in ages. Next one coming in October. Rediscovering my roots in Kuantan.

Friday, August 18, 2006

See you in the Water IV

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Progress is slow at the pool. My fourth post. My fourth lesson. And yes, you've guessed it, my fourth instructor. Jordan this time. Seeing my lack of progress, Jordan has advised me to revisit fundamentals. Just focus on the hand portion and getting maximum air intake. It seems that I'm not opening my mouth big enough. Thus, I kinda sink like a rock, midstroke. So, his advice:

Open your mouth wide!

Just for Vengelyne and Zemien's amusement, I'll venture to say that it sounds like some kind of fellatio lesson. I'm still not getting it right. At the end of the hour, my arms and legs were dead tired. Couldn't get a decent thrust in the water. Stiff as a board the next morning. Is it me or was there just too many double entendres in the last couple of sentences?. I've also noticed that I'm beginning to develop an unsightly tan line. Noticed that my legs were like boiled lobster tails when I came up to shower. Yikes.

However, I still found the energy to meet up some colleagues for dinner. They promised me dinner at eight, and they came late. Grrr. I was famished after the swim, I couldn't bitten someone's head off. Had a nice dinner. Hopped from LFF, OUG to Ah Loy, OUG (only to find that their famous dumplings had sold out and the tong sui pots were empty). While on our way to another stop, we shocked a few patrons there with a little late night drama:

(Walking to my car with another male colleague, while female colleagues drive slowly by winding down the window)
Female Colleagues: Leng cai! How much?
Me: Why cheap! Only RM50.
Female Colleagues: How come so low one the price?!
Female Colleagues: Charity mah.
(Couple hastens from the badly-lit road to the shop)

After that little role-playing session, we ended up at Coffee Bean instead. One amazing revelation there-- I *NOW* know why the peppermint ice-blended is buy one, free one. Try at your own risk.

PS: Venge, OUG no SB. No choice. :P

Thursday, August 17, 2006

On Sale

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The Megasale Carnival is here again and you know what? No bargains have caught my eye yet. I want to get some leather shoes for casual wear, but I haven't found the one yet. Cheap and Pretty. Hah. I was interested in a pair of suede Hush Puppies at first, but upon trying them on, GAWD. Ronald McDonald. Any suggestions?

PS: Fikiran jangan melencong on the "cheap and pretty" bit.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


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Years back, I've been told that I sound differently over the phone. Having been told that, I have never verified it myself as I can't very well put two phones over both my ears and make a call. Never thought of leaving a message on a friend's voice mail and then listening to it. This thought resurfaced recently when I made a video recording with my digital camera and it captured my speech. My reaction was:

Do I *REALLY* sound like that?!

I sound different in my head. Outside, it's kinda....... umm.... nasal?! Having your voice distorted over copper wires is one thing, but to sound differently to what I myself hear is .... I dunno, a bit freaky. It's not like I like to listen to the sound of my own voice, but I imagine that I sound cooler than that. But then, my friend verifies it.

"That *IS* your voice"

Oh well. At least I don't sound like the BM voice over guys for Doraemon. On the other hand, I've been told that I look like Sunio. But that's another story.

Saya nak pergi ke rumah Sizuka!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Toxin-Free, Light Body

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After loads of inane posts, I'm back to food posts. Back to my roots. Recently had lunch with a bunch of colleagues at Rehoboth Natural Health Land, Kuchai Lama. One among the myriad of organic shops in the Klang Valley. This particular shop is the brainchild of Dr K.C. Lin (a PhD holder, I presume). The premises are full of his books and a whole shelf of paranoid books from CAP-- the ones where you need to throw out everything from your:

Medicine cabinet - Watch that paracetamol intake
Beauty stash - Beware of the suspected dangers of PG and PEG
Pantry - Don't pop that rainbow coloured cereal into your mouth just yet
Wardrobe - Guys, throw out that microfibre underwear if you don't want static electricity frying your swimmers

Still, I don't know the guy. The story goes that his mother was stricken with cancer, and after eating healthy (the K.C. Lin way), his mother is now a cancer survivor and he would like to share this secret to health with the public. A cozy place, airy, with just a minimum of space allocated for retail.

We all had the lunch set (I don't think they serve anything else). The set changes on a daily basis, but it's pretty much the same concept. It may look different, but the taste pattern is the same. RM8.00 will get you a bowl of soup (ranging from chinese herbs to corn), brown rice (with black-eyed peas and misc. grains), fruits, salad, sweet potato (mashed or in its original form) and a side of vegetables du jour. The food is exceptionally oil-free and the taste is natural. Seasoning is minimal and everything goes well together. For those used to meat, high salt content and pungent tastes, this is definitely not for you. Another catch-- you must eat the meal a certain way. Fruits first, then the soup, next the salad, and finally all the cooked items.

I kinda like the it, but I think I can only have it once a week. Anything more frequent than that would be a little boring. An interesting thing to note is that they have a loyalty card ala Coffee Bean. Get 10 stamps and you get a set free!

Ready to trade in your frappucinos?

Friday, August 11, 2006

See you in the Water III

This is my first lesson in a fortnight. I skipped the last one because they were closed on month ends. And this time, I went on Sunday (coz I was zombie-fied on Saturday). The crowd was fantastic. Kids everywhere. A collision course in all directions. Another instructor today-- Vincent. Might conform to Zeemien's requirements. Strict. Ala drill sergeant. Precise movements. Got plenty of corrections and pointers from him. Got flamed as well.

If you keep standing around, how am I gonna see how you swim? If you don't see you swim, how can I correct you?

Corrected my breathing (Inhale into your lungs! Not your cheeks!). Corrected my stroke (higher! More to the side! can you feel the difference now?!). Learned to breathe mid-stroke (face down, blow bubbles, 1, 2, 3, up for air, hands stroke -- I still don't get it. He showed me 10 times!). But I'm still as coordinated as a drunken juggler. He also remarked that my neck's very tense. At one point, he caught hold of my legs and I lost it. Wtth my head going south, I could swear he was trying to drown me. In the last 5 minutes of my lesson, the instructor tried to teach me how to tread water at the deep end. Kinda hard when it wasn't exactly very deep. Didn't get the hang of it. Maybe next time. Boy, were my legs sore then next day. Felt like I was walking on stilts. No wonder frog legs are so popular...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bad with Faces

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A recent series of events have asserted the fact that I'm quite bad with faces. Most of the time, I get a notion of familiarity from the faces I see, but then I'm not quite sure. If the face really registers in my brain, most of the time I forget the name that goes with it.

Some time back, I met with an colleague that I had worked with a couple of years back in Bangkok. She looked familiar and I had the guts to ask if she went to the same university as me. Guess what? She remembered me, and even my name. Boy, was I red in the face.

Fast forward to a few days back (this sounds a bit like an oxymoron), I met a new colleague. I had a tickle in my brain again, but I ignored it. Once again, my forgetfulness got the better of me. Turns out she was my coursemate and also knows my name... Ehehe. I have also met with another coursemate on the LRT, I also forgot his name. And his face even. :P. This reveals a little about my university days -- didn't really acknowledge the existence of juniors or seniors. Coursemates even. Most have disappeared into oblivion and you wonder why you still have their numbers.

This condition has gotten me into trouble before. Some guy I ran into at KLCC some time back claimed to know me. Me being the blur sotong trusted him. He turned out to be a desperate Amway2U recruiter who actually put on quite a convincing performance. He still calls from time to time.

I really got to assign more brain space for face recognition. These days my brain feels a tad lethargic. I reach for the calculator even for simple arithmetic. I need to set reminders on my phone. I write notes on the palms of my hand. I forget what I was about to do the moment I start to do it. I lock my car and walk away only to ask myself whether I have locked it. Oh well...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In a Daze

I'm back. Went AWOL for days due to lack of "connectivity". My laptop's still not back. I'm tempted to post pictures on the back of milk cartons.

WARNING: This post contains geeky content in excess of the FDA's safety limit. Even the pic is hazardous to one's health.

The last weekend really had me spinning. On Friday night, I met up with CPK and his financial controller on Friday night to discuss a freelance job. It's basically an enhancement job, but I'm tempted to redo the thing since it has not been in production yet. The prototype they showed me was developed in with Microsoft Access 2000 with VBA. Crude. But it basically covered all the requirements of reporting and data entry. However, it was littered with misc. bugs that I have no idea how to fix. The advantage of working on the prototype is that 90% of the work is done, but I don't know how the "smartforms" will hold up when the mdb file is accessed concurrently. I haven't actually agreed to do it, but the thought of feasibility had my mind spinning the whole night. I was tinkering around until 1am, but I could only sleep until 2am. And even then, I woke up again at 5am. I was a zombie come Saturday morning. As if I don't enough worries, the design phase of the project at work is still as slow as ever and time is running out. I wonder if I'm subconsciously trying to kill myself.

Oh yeah, I have to mention this: Secret Recipe's Iced Mocha Latte tastes flat!!! No kick!

On a happier note, I had Coffee Bean session with Mel at Bangsar on Saturdat afternoon. The weather was hot and the traffic was lousy. Thank God, Mel volunteered to drive. Yay! Later, we retired to KFC, Jalan Universiti where Mel sent her car for a wash. The place was very nicely renovated with plenty of wood rather than the usual polycarbonate. Unfortunately, the service sucked. By the end of the day, I had a Belgian Choc Ice-Blended, ice water and an ice lemon tea. It did wonders for my lingering cough. Due to the fact that I was running late (and was still in a zombified state), I decided to skip swimming lessons. More on that in my next post.

Before i forget, I have to mention this: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Brownie tastes like styrofoam!!!

Dinner was with SK, CK, SC, FK and Soon. A dingy restaurant by a river in Kajang that the girls like to patronize. The food's good and cheap. Lotsa talk about post-graduate studies. All of them are either graduating this year, or the next. I was too dazed to participate. It's amazing that I could still be decent company. The night ended at SK's place where the whole gang poured wine and whisky. I left at midnight. I was really at my limit. Guess who had a hangover the next day...

PS: If you read this far, congratulations! You don't win anything. This certifies that you can shovel through driest of texts. No more excuses, go pick up that boring office documentation. NOW.
PPS: Thanks Venge for actually counting the days I was missing.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Crippled in the Office

Sigh, I'm without my laptop now. When I signed the asset possession form at the office, I filled in a remark that the laptop had a defect when I received it (a dent at the corner, definitely from physical impact-- macam Kancil sendol punggung Wira). So, the admin staff had a cow. Complained that I should've reported the matter earlier (the laptop was used in a previous training session and wasn't assigned to me after that, so I didn't care), insinuated that I may have damaged it, blah, blah, blah. The whole tai chi scenario. Anyways, they grudgingly took it back for a replacement. And you know what? It will take a week. Woo hoo. If they don't get me a decent workstation soon, tak yah kerjalah

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mind over Analgesics

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I took this photo at the Taman Tun Market. At a famous soya bean stall that has pictures of political figures who have tasted its soya bean. Both our most recent PMs have have their pictures on the wall, but it doesn't mean they liked it. :P.

Your mind is more powerful than a Panadol

Tell this someone with a history of migraine and they'll give you a bitter laugh. The mind is definitely a powerful tool, but I think most of us lack the mind power and mental capacity to block off pain in an effective way. At best, we are able to distract ourselves from the feeling, but to be completely numb to it, I don't think so. Even analgesics can't work wonders. But there are exceptions to the norm of course. One of my close friends JM, advocate the concept of mind over matter. Most of the time, he shrugs off his illness. He wills himself to be better. Even when he does take Panadol as a last resort, he doesn't swallow them, he chews them without gagging (!). Anyway, my mind is weak, so pass me the Panadol.

PS: The poster is an advertisement for better health through qi gong
PPS: I'm still battling a sore throat since my first swimming lesson. I still refuse to see a medical professional. I wonder if its the chlorine or the sun? *phlegmy cough*