Saturday, January 26, 2019

Seeing Sembilan I: Tranquil Titi

St. Augustine's Church

Taking advantage of the Malaysia Day holiday, my BEC organized a day trip to Titi and Seremban in Negeri Sembilan. Just MYR60 per pax to cover the food expenses. Transportation by chartered bus was covered by the BEC's fund. We were lucky enough to be accompanied by a priest. Boarded the bus at OUG. That location was strategic because it was central and the parishioner's home had a vacant field which we could use as a car park. Breakfast was provided-- a couple of buns and some bottled water. During the drive to Titi, we brought out the guitar and had a rousing praise and worship session. Turns out that the priest is a good singer specializing in golden oldies. Also prayed the rosary and by the time we finished the last decade, we arrived at St. Augustine's Church.

St. Augustine

The 114-year-old church is located on a hill. At the back is the church cemetery located on an even higher hill flanked with trees. The design of the church is simple with a single belfry and a wooden altar. The confessional is an antique wooden partition with a small rattan mesh window. Mass was celebrated and we were joined by some of Titi's Hakka Catholics. After mass, the local parishioners talked briefly about the history of the church. Seems that many of the more elaborate features of the church had been lost along the years.

Sin Wong Kok

Next it was time for lunch at Sin Wong Kok Restaurant located in town. The bus couldn't navigate the narrow roads, so we just walked in, soaking in the tranquil, old school vibe. Although it was just a short walk, we were seduced by the many street vendors. Bought yellow wine chicken pau and chou yip pan, with its characteristic black colour and use of the chou yip leaf as a base instead of the common banana leaf. Sin Wong Kok serves many Hakka specialties. I loved the Yong Tau Fu which had a lovely smoky flavour, and the Hakka fried pork with black fungus was also extremely fragrant. Perfect accompaniment to steamed white rice. The famous 'Puppy Duck' wasn't too shabby, but the steamed Tilapia was the black sheep. Didn't try the 'Flying Fishball' which is another signature dish there. Guess it's a good excuse to revisit the place to try the other Hakka specialties.

Chou Yip Pan

Yong Tau Fu

Old Medicine Hall

Last thing we did at Titi was to camwhore at one the many murals in town. We chose a mural that graced the wall of a shop lot. According to locals, the shop lot belonged to the town's biggest land owner and they made their money from the rubber industry. No longer in Titi, they now live large as the founders of Top Glove, one of Malaysia's biggest players in latex manufacturing. From the mural, I assume that one of the main crops of the town is pineapples. Funny thing was, that we didn't see a single pineapple being sold in town. Hmmm.

To be continued...

Pineapple Mural

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Malaysia Day of Prayer 2018 II

For the first time, mum and I attended Malaysia Day of Prayer (MDOP) at Calvary Convention Center (CCC). For several years now, the Council of Churches of Malaysia and the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur have been having an annual day or prayer on Malaysia Day to pray for our country's peace and prosperity. The event was actually well-planned with fantastic praise and worship, dances, and prayers from the various Christian denominations. Unfortunately, it's quite a waste that the turnout wasn't better. Very obvious in a venue as large as the CCC. Teresa Kok had been attending the event for years, and this year the gathered priests and pastors prayed over her, asking for God's blessing of wisdom in her capacity as cabinet minister. Paul Low was also there but I don't think that many people paid him much attention. Hopefully this event will be more successful in the coming years. But I guess people would rather spend their holiday doing something else. Hehe.

Malaysia Day of Prayer 2018 I

Malaysia Day of Prayer 2018 III

Malaysia Day of Prayer IV

Malaysia Day of Prayer V

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Life Must Be Colourful

Roti Canai

Mum and I went to Taman Naga Emas for the crystal pan mee, but we couldn't resist ordering the roti canai too! So crispy! On our way out, I was shocked to see Salak South's landmark, the '12-floor' flats sporting a fresh coat of paint. So karerful yuols! Really brightens up the whole neighbourhood. By the way, does it remind you of the television no-signal pattern?

Salak South Flats I

Salak South Flats II

Salak South Flats III

Rained a bit in the evening, but that didn't stop us from going to Taman Bukit Jalil for some exercise. Felt like we had the whole park to ourselves. The regulars stayed away. Mum whipped up dinner, combining whatever was in the refrigerator. Another colourful ensemble for the day.

Pan-fried Chicken

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Saw Through Him


Nearly two weeks after I ordered my spectacles, they were finally ready for collection. Right after work, I jumped off at IOI Puchong Jaya LRT station and walked over to the mall. Would definitely take some getting used to the new pair. Had a slight feeling of floating. And the reading power wasn't very noticeable. All that aside, I was pretty psyched with the new bookish look. Most importantly, the weight of the frame wasn't a problem at all. Maybe I wasn't suited to usual nose pads that came with rimless frames. Yay!

On my way out, I was stopped by a Indian chap who asked me for money. He gave a story that his wallet was stolen, and a 'Good Samaritan' gave him a lift to the police station to make a report, and subsequently dropped him off at IOI Mall. To 'substantiate' his story, he produced a web page print out of his 'police report' with a weird URL at the footer. Another strategy he employed was to praise the Chinese as kind-hearted (in his story, the person who previously helped him was Chinese) and condemn his own race as betraying him in his time of need. And of course he just needed some money to catch a bus back to his hometown. Can't say how many times I've heard that. Right after I read his 'police report', I handed it back to him and waved him goodbye. Never expected such a thing at a mall.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Taste of Childhood

Nasi Lemak with Sambal Prawns

When I was a kid, the whole family looked forward to nasi lemak day. Mum would cook everything from scratch, and we would help out a bit. The day before, we would be tasked with cleaning the ikan bilis (anchovies). Armed with trays, we would sit in front of the TV to pluck off the heads, and clean out the innards. Loved snacking on the mix crispy fried ikan bilis and salted peanuts. On the day of cooking, we would also help with the preparation of the sambal but peeling lots of shallots and garlic, and mashing them all up with a pestle and mortar. Mum's sambal is savoury and spicy, unlike the Malay style where sugar is a must. And you know what? We would have mum's signature nasi lemak  for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (usually gone before that). With multiple servings. Bwahaha. And in between meals, we would munch on the crispy ikan bilis, or make canapés out of sliced cucumber, sambal, and ikan bilis.


These days, mum rarely cooks nasi lemak anymore. So when she does, its a big deal! And SK added on the nostalgia with tebosa from Terengganu. Think of it as curry puff but with fish filling. Oh so yummy!

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Make Love Merdeka

Breakfast Set

In less than a month, mum was on another day trip, this time to Kuala Sepetang or its historic name, Port Weld. Definitely good news for my sex life. Woke up in the morning, and headed to Restoran Joylnn, Taman Damai Utama for a simple breakfast of soft-boiled eggs, coffee, and toast. SK joined me too, and we had a long chat there.

Some time before lunch, KH made an appearance and we got down to business. I had put on my white Pikante jockstrap, so he knew what I wanted that day.

KH introduced me to Shin Zushi at Jalil Link, Bukit Jalil. The Japanese Restaurant serves a range of economical choice and also more premium items. Food wasn't bad, but sometimes the portions can be unexpectedly small. A word of warning: they don't have many tables, and they don't take reservations.

Unagi Sushi

For many years, I had worn rimless spectacles or at most half-rim frames. Time for a change. KH helped me pick out a pair of full frames from Library at IOI Mall. Fearing that I would not get used to the weight, I asked the salesgirl to recommend me the lightest pair. In the end, I chose a brown plastic pair that wasn't too hipster. She told me straight to my face that I didn't look the type who could pull off those more 'trendy' designs. Thanked her for her honesty. In terms of lens, I also went for digital lens, In Carl Zeiss lingo, that meant a type of lens that made it easier for me to read. Yes, I am old!

From there, we drove back up to Bandar Kinrara 5 to give the coffee at The Fifth Avenue Cafe a try. Surprised to find houjicha latte there, but unfortunately it lacked smoothness. Also tried their signature lavender latte, a deconstructed drink of espresso and lavender steamed milk. The waiter wasn't able to describe to us the best way to enjoy it. Cakes looked dehydrated, so I gave them a pass.

Flat White & Lavender Coffee

Loitered at home before dinner as KH had some work to finish. Revisited Bandar Kinrara 5 for dinner. Ate at Bayou Diner, a halal American style barbeque joint that I had never tried. The interior looked to be in pristine condition although it had been around for years. We shared a platter of sirloin steak that came with a whole lot of sides-- garden salad, macaroni salad, biscuits, and potato gratin. Pretty good meal.

Dinner Platter

When mum came home later that night, we ate again. Supper! A neighbour passed us some cucumber kerabu that was served with an excellent sambal, diced dried shrimp, lime juice, and raw shallots. Would have been great with some rice.


Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Cafe Celebrities: Drafty Dirk

"Is it just me or its a bit drafty in here?".

Drafty Dirk was spotted at Owl's Cafe, Jalil Link. Think he's wearing some sort of seamless underwear. Not sure about the brand. But I'm sure he needs a belt for that pair of trousers! If you could choose what he wore that day, what would it be?
A) Jockstrap.
B) Thong.
C) G-string.
D) Other. Please state.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Company and Coitus


Note: Actually I got ahead of myself and mistakenly posted the Raya Haji post. This comes first!

Whenever mum registers for a day trip with her buddies, it automatically becomes a day of company and coitus. Got our blood pumping in the morning (before we pumped each other later) with a trip to Taman Bukit Jalil. To my disappointment, it wasn't really a couple's exercise session. I did my thing, and he did his. With my lousy running stamina, I spent more time having a brisk walk and scaling the many stairs and slopes. Although I was by myself, it was an entertaining session. Bumped into my MIL who was doing her morning Tai Chi. Also managed to observe all sorts of advanced running techniques:
  1. Run and clap.
  2. Run with open arms.
  3. Run while slapping your thighs.
  4. Run like you're doing the breast stroke (FAVED).
Along the way, I also saw Ong Tee Keat, but that was eclipsed by the sight of two young, tanned hunks who were running shirtless. Sorry, no spycam! In the end, we had breakfast at the park. A Malay couple operate a small canteen near the car park. Gave the nasi kerabu with ayam masak pedas (the lady assured us that it was not pedas lol) a try and were satisfied with the quality of the food.

Nasi Kerabu

Back at my place, we showered, and subsequently had exercise-enhanced sex. Horny enough to top KH again. Bloody got a 'bed sheet burn' on my knee from all the friction. I think I fulfilled my topping quota for the second half of 2018. I wanna sit back and enjoy!


Went out for lunch next at Owl's Cafe, Jalil Link. Pretty easy to get a table. Think people usually have lunch elsewhere before coming over for coffee there. From the few choices of mains, we picked out the savoury waffles (eggs a must for the earlier lost protein), and spaghetti al pesto. Dessert was the sight of a guy who gave the whole cafe a generous view of his underwear. Too bad he wasn't wearing a thong.


Didn't stay long outside. Went back home to watch a downloaded movie together. Can't remember what we watched really. This is what you get for writing a post more than two months after it happened. We were hungry for each other's cocks again, so I reheated some pastry.


KH didn't stay for dinner, so I went out to pack some claypot chicken rice from a neighbourhood stall. Been a while since I loaded up with so much rice! Still, I couldn't finish the whole pack. Burp! Mum arrived home at nearly 11 PM with lots of stuff from Sekinchan! Oh gosh... more food!

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Haji Honolulu

Polo Bun

Hari Raya Haji was a day I spent at Sunway Pyramid with mum. To ensure sanity, we arrived early enough to easily find parking. As usual, we were like fish out of water at Sunway Pyramid. Don't really know what to shop, and what to eat there. Honolulu Cafe looked like something new, so we walked in. Turns out that this latest charchanteng is an extension from the main shop in Wan Chai, Hong Kong which is famous for its flaky egg tarts since the 1940s. In an attempt to gauge the quality of the food, we shared an egg tart, pineapple bun, and a plate of rice with roasted duck and roasted pork. Both pastries were pretty good, but the roasted duck was bland. Roasted pork was delicious though. A cup of their coffee is RM6.40, not exactly cheap. 

Roast Duck and Pork Rice

Met JC that evening, a new friend from Kuching. He was starting a new job in Kuala Lumpur after a few false starts in his hometown. Picked him up from his condo in Taman Yarl and brought him to Happy Garden for a late dinner. Then we had coffee at FortyOne Cafe. Had a long discussion about religion with him. From our conversation, I felt that he has a very strong affinity to all religions. Wish him all the best in his job, and in his faith journey.

Flat White

Friday, January 04, 2019

Night of Nabes

Chinese Cabbage Nabe

Due to some scheduling conflicts, mum and I attended sunset mass on Saturday instead of Sunday morning mass. Right after that, we went to Publika to have dinner with KH. Not easy to meet him, so had to make the extra effort when our schedules aligned. Had a couple of nabes at Tsubohachi Izakaya. Took me ages to find the restaurant as it was actually facing the main road. Soup base wasn't bad, but I don't think it's a place I will purposely revisit.

Pastry II

Pastry I

Did some walking around in Publika and managed to get some bargain pastries from Maison Des Pains. Then we went off to BIG for some grocery shopping, and finally coffee at 'Spetta. Surprisingly cheap and good coffee in an upmarket place.

Cheap Coffee

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Wednesday Wait


Two years ago, mum and I went on a pilgrimage to Europe. In 2019, we will visit the Holy Land. In preparation for the trip, mum's passport had to be renewed for visa application. Yes, Malaysians can  enter Jerusalem officially with the appropriate reasons, e.g. pilgrimage. I applied leave on a Wednesday to bring her to the immigration department. Statistically speaking, Wednesday is supposed to be the best day with the shortest wait. Arrived at the Kuala Lumpur Home Ministry Complex at about 8:00 AM and managed to get parking at an open car park. Not many people were at passport control, so I guess the statistics can be trusted! Plus at mum's age, she can take advantage of the special counter, so she just breezed in to take a number and was immediately called. The staff were courteous and it went smoothly (senior citizens only pay RM100).

Roti Telur

With one hour to kill before passport collection, we went to have breakfast at the Kayu Nasi Kandar in the food court. All the food they serve were pre-prepared, including the roti. Hence it was cold and horrible. Yuck. Should have bought something from the numerous food stalls that dotted the ground floor of the government complex like a pasar malam. As promised, mum's passport was renewed within the hour and we could now proceed with visa application to Jerusalem.


Another reason I took leave was to attend the Assumption of Mary mass at church. According to the beliefs of the Catholic Church, the Assumption is the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary into Heaven at the end of her earthly life. With Little Monster in tow, we went to church in the evening.

Assumption Altarpiece in Fribourg

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

MRT Celebrities: Bookish Brandon


What do you do on your daily commute?

  1. Fire up YouTube.
  2. Watch TV series on your phone.
  3. Launch dating apps.
  4. Play Candy Crush.
  5. Sleep.
  6. Stare aimlessly out the window.
  7. Take spypics of unsuspecting cuties.
  8. Listen to music with the volume way up.
  9. Read a book.
Be like Bookish Brandon and read a book.

P.S.: Happy New Year 2019!!!