Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sister and Staycation

Years ago, I bought a cool blue and white shirt from an online merchant. The sizing was a bit off actually-- I couldn't button it all the way up. During my Vancouver trip in 2014, I brought it along, but by that time, I couldn't button it up at all! Opps. This year, I dug it out from an old suitcase, threw it in the washer, and decided to give it another try. Gosh, I could finally fit into it. Thank you Nu Skin TR90! So, I wore that to work on casual Friday. That Friday, I got a FB message from Nicky05's darling who had spotted me at my workplace. He recognized me from my shirt (I had posted in FB earlier in the day). Turns out that we both work in the same office complex. Such a small world.


I ate lunch with SK at Bankara Ramen, Avenue K. CNY was still heavy in the air because while we were eating, a lion dance was going on in the cramped restaurant! Then it was coffee at Juan Valdez.


To celebrate my sister's birthday, we had a movie night at IOI Mall. For the first time, I took the LRT down to the IOI Puchong Jaya station. I wasn't surprised by the lack of connection between the LRT station and the mall. Nobody was interested in providing a safe way for pedestrians to get to mall, which is the main POI of the station. Pedestrians actually have to traverse a big roundabout and cross the entrance of a parking ramp. So much money spent to build the extension at strategic locations, yet fail on the final mile.


Before entering the cinema, we had dinner at Dragon-i. The little one threw a tantrum during dinner and didn't calm down until after my sister bought him Jipangi soft-serve ice cream.

Fried Rice

We watched "Staycation", a CNY movie from Hong Kong about a family that goes for a family trip at a dodgy remote camp site. I was quite surprsied by how much sex jokes were in that movie. A lot. All the time. Very suitable for kids. Can't expect much, but 'watchable'.


Twilight Man said...

Goodness! You neck is thin like ostrich.

Derek said...

Now you can fit into many clothes already!

Twilight: He's perfect for me! ;-)