Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Finding Flowers

Wrapped in Gold

At the last minute, mum and I went hunting for CNY flowers near OUG. The weather was absurdly hot, making the visit to the flower nursery a real enjoyable one. I had no qualms getting out of the car with my hoodie on. For the benefit of the CNY shoppers, the nursery 'augmented the assets' of the plants to ensure a maximum 'prosperity attraction' index. Baby pineapples with gold wrapping; bamboo pyramids topped with choi san; flower pots with all sorts of lucky charm embellishments... You get the picture. Although there were a whole lot of varieties there, we left with the classic chrysanthemums.

Pussy Willow

Dracaena sanderiana

Dracaena sanderiana Pyramid


That short trip for flowers nearly melted the scalp off our heads. so mum suggested that we go for some cendol. Found a decent food truck under a tree, and we got our hit of ice shavings in syrupy santan soup. Couldn't resist ordering a plate of rojak as well. Ah, bliss.



Twilight Man said...

These days all the pussy willows come in bright colours. Are they dyed or natural?

William said...

Probably artificial