Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Imitating Imelda

Healthy Breakfast

Didn't have anything planned for Thaipusam, so I decided to assemble the Lego piggy bank that SK bought for me from Denmark. It didn't take long for me to finish. I don't think I will see much use from it other than a piece of decoration.

Lego Piggy Bank

SK came over in the afternoon, and we went to have chicken rice at Restoran Kong Sai, Taman Equine. My colleague raved about a shop near there that sold a big variety of CNY cookies at bargain prices, so we went to check it out. The stuff they sold was horrible. After a few samples, I did not want to torture myself anymore. No wonder buy 3, free 1. Other than those seasonal stuff, they sell a lot of kuih-muih which we couldn't resist trying. So pretty.

CNY Biscuits


Apollo posted about his shopping spree at a sports shoes warehouse sale at Citta Mall which caught our attention. Buzzed him for more information. Turns out that they were selling lotsa stuff at 70% off. New Balance shoes were MYR200 for two pairs. I needed some running shoes (my old pair was falling apart), so we went to check it out.

When we arrived, Apollo and his boyfriend were still there. Even KH joined the party. Due to my wide feet, I have to find 2E shoes. It was much easier to ask the staff which models were wide, and which had my size. Cuts down the choices. While I was looking for my shoes, Apollo bought another pair. Masyallah. He had to rush home for dinner, and KH had an appointment, so I helped them to pay first. Mum and SK also bought something. In total, I paid for six pairs of shoes. I bought a pair of NB Minimus which is a crossover with Vibram. The low drop is something that takes some different running techniques. Probably won't use it for much running. Not that I run much anyway. LOL.

NB Minimus

Tried Nando's latest offering, Coco Cataplana. Basically their usual grilled chicken over Mediterranean but topped with a thick coconut cream. Kinda like what you get when a coconut tree does not cum for two weeks. Not to my liking.

Right after dinner, we went to SS2 for coffee. Apollo arrangement a meet-up at P.S. Tokyo so that he could collect his sneakers. Surprisingly, it was really quiet that night. Kinako latte was the weirdest thing on the drinks menu, so I went for that. Bad choice! Haha. Just the taste of soy. Better to order a bottle of V-Soy. However, the waffles were pretty good. Very crispy when hot, but chewy when left too long. 



Twilight Man said...

I love that red Lego piggy bank. You can give it to me once the coins are full. Thank you William in advance. Gong der woo liang.

William said...

I use a coin pouch actually, so that piggy bank would probably never get full. Maybe coins from other countries.