Saturday, March 17, 2018

NYE 2018

Big Pau

On New Year's Eve (after a Big Pau Breakfast), reconnected with Peng and her husband after a long hiatus. Met them over lunch at Let's Joy Cafe in Kuchai Lama. For as long as I can remember, Peng was thin as a reed. Now I can see some padding on her. Guess we can't stay slim forever. On the other hand, her husband has managed to maintain his figure although he has a voracious appetite. The milk tea and Japanese curry baked rice at the cafe was pretty good actually. Plenty more to choose from actually. Even the dessert menu is extensive.

Big Pau (Cross Section)

Cheese Baked Rice

At 10:00 PM, mum and I went to church again. As usual, there was an NYE mass that ends with fellowship and fireworks. So unlucky that a lady knocked my phone out of my hand while I was recording the fireworks display. Got a small crack at the corner which prompted me to get a more protective casing. Hope your 2018 started on a better note than mine!