Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sahabat Sixers


I had lost contact with most of the people in my Sixers Club. In case you're wondering, it refers to my old Form Six classmates, not a club for 6P enthusiasts mind you. Back in those days, I was SUPER innocent. I'm just a little less innocent now. Haha. Anyway, SK and I went to visit Renee and Cory at Ara Damansara. Both of us were experiencing some defects with our tinting (bubbles on the rear window), so we needed to send our cars in to the tint shop at Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park. If you're familiar with the area, its actually pretty close to Ara Damansara. So we took the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Actually this was triggered when SK bumped into Cory on the plane heading back to KL from Jakarta. When we were in Kuantan, I used to carpool with Cory because we lived close by. Basically, I had not met both of them ever since we finished our STPM. Around 18 years believe it or not.

Eat, Drink, Laugh

The tint shop worked on my car first, so we had two hours to kill with Renee and Cory. When the front door was opened, I was shocked at how much Renee had changed. Turns out it was her elder sister who opened the door. Luckily I kept my mouth shut and just smiled. LOL. Later, Renee came out with her baby to greet us. She looked pretty much the same (just a little plumper) and spoke in the same old cartoon-y sing-song voice. Her baby was so cute, and didn't mind me carrying him. We then ate tang yuan together as it was the Winter Solstice that day. Halfway through breakfast, Cory woke up and greeted us. Kinda shocked because he had doubled his size in all these years. Too much traveling and business dinners.

You've Got Beef?

At noon, we bid the husband and wife goodbye, and went to switch cars at the tint shop. We were familiar with the area so we had to rely on Foursquare to make a decision. The top search result was Foremula Cafe with a rating of 8.5 from 372 visitors. Not often one sees such a high score. So we traveled to Dana 1 Commercial Centre, this weird collection of shop lots. All the parking bays on the ground floor are reserved, so make sure you head to the basement. I was quite impressed by the interior of the cafe. Very classy choice of Christmas decorations. And they had a cute barista. More points! At the back of the place, they have a small retail space for terrariums and air plants.

Kodama in Terrarium

My choice for lunch was "You've Got Beef?" and a hojicha latte. In plain terms, it's their signature burger with a 200 gram beef patty. I loved the hojicha latte. On the other hand, SK went for the "Smokin' Thighs" and a lemonade. The chicken thighs were grilled and served with satay sauce and sweet potato fries. Their mains were pretty well executed. Should try their other stuff next time.

Smokin' Thighs

SK's car still wasn't ready so we checked out Citta Mall. Nothing much there really. Weird concept. Spent some time down at their huge Village Grocer, but left not long after because it felt like a freezer there. Rushed back home after collecting SK's car as I had another major event at night! To be continued...


Arvind Ram Kumar said...

Citta Mall was pretty near to my old office last time ( Symphony ), so it was a lepak place for me and my colleagues, plus sometimes we go to MBO there to watch movie after work, and Village Grocer there is kinda an epicentre for mat salleh expats that live around the area.

William said...

Yes, I noticed the Symphony building.

Derek said...

Ooh, go so far to replace tinting. I should check out the cafe some time.

Twilight Man said...

You studied in Kuantan!!

William said...

Claim warranty. No choice.