Monday, February 05, 2018

Market with Monsters

Curry Noodles

Sis and BIL were still hard at work clearing their orders before the end of the year. so the Monsters were with me. Brought them out to the wet market on Saturday morning. To make things easier, mum went to do her thing, while took care of the kids. First thing I did was buy a couple of thick apam balik, then brought them to the stone benches at the entrance of Marketplace OUG. No point dragging them around as they would only whine and complain. Fed them the sweet pancakes while waiting for mum to finish. During the wait, I realized that Little Monster kept singing B.E.R.'s "The Night Begins to Shine", a song that he picked up from "Teen Titans". How bizarre.

Once mum was done, we went to have breakfast noodles at our favourite noodle stall at the alley. Back at home, mum didn't want the Little Monsters on his tablet all day, so she armed him with a brush and got him brushing the metal grills of the sliding door. Nothing builds character like child labour. Hahahaha.


Anonymous said...

Your posts dont feature KH anymore =(

Derek said...

Quite a catchy songs lol

William said...

Well, he isn't always in the picture. Of course I also hope he's featured more often. :)

Next time ask him to sing it for you.