Saturday, January 13, 2018

Storm Celebrities: Bicep Brandon

As luck would have it, I arrived at BK5 LRT station to a storm. The wind was howling and it made it quite impossible to escape getting wet. Such winds were famous for being umbrella killers. As the walkways were only half-covered, I had to wait it out at the station. During a lull in the bad weather, I quickly hurried over to the shops. The rain intensified again, so I decided to wait it out at Old Town White Coffee. I chose a nice table where I was protected from the wind, and coincidentally gave me a nice view of Bicep Brandon who has heaving his coffee and toast. Too bad the lighting wasn't better. I took my time finishing my cup of white milk tea. Well, the rain stopped well before I finished. :P.


Anonymous said...

Why never sit beside him? Or offer him a warm cup of William protein shake? heheh

William said...

A hot, steamy cup perfect for the weather!