Thursday, August 03, 2017



Friday paktor sessions sometimes get very interesting with KH. He brought me to APW Bangsar, an old printing press that houses a hipster food scene. According to its website, APW stands for Art Printing Works, historically one of Kuala Lumpur's major printers. In 2013, it was re-imagined as a creative industrial space. These days, all things retro are coveted and it's charm used to draw in customers. We ate at Kaiju Company, a Thai-Japanese fusion restaurant that has an origami dragon circling overhead. When the sun goes down, the dragon lights up. Cool, right?

AirStream Cafe

Dine with Dragons


Many interesting choices there, but not all scored high marks. The Yoyoki Tuna Tataki with papaya salad was pretty good to start with. And the deep-fried chicken soft bone was a great beer snack that came served in a sake box. However, KH's choice of alcohol for the night wasn't to my liking. It was a sake-based cocktail that was paired with asamboi and chili. Can't get any more Thai-Japanese fusion than that. Lastly, we had a bowl of Tom Yum Udon, the most boring dish of the night.

Sake Asamboi

Fried Chicken

Yoyoki Tuna Tataki

Tom Yum Udon


Dragon Fire

As the night wore on, more and more people came to dine there. The pizza place beside it, Proof was also having brisk business. Jalan Riong was still jammed with the usual Friday traffic, so we had coffee at Pulp by Papa Palheta. The cafe featured a massive piece of German printing press machinery that they converted into a makeshift table. I enjoyed the coffee there, and it went well with the piece of Financier.


Printing Press


Back home, I ate some more! How could I refuse mum's bak zhang? Yummy! How to not turn into a Kaiju like this?



Twilight Man said...

Thanks for reminding me to check out this place that has my career footprints.
You eat so much yet stay thin. Teach me how to dig throats.

Jaded Jeremy said...

The origami dragon is amazing!

William said...

Ohhh, you worked at APW before.
Comes out the rear end la.


Twilight Man said...

Do you know what I studied in US?