Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Polenta Pete


Spent Saturday afternoon with KH after my usual marketing session in the morning. We tried out the brand new food menu at Little People, Avantas. In addition to a seafood pasta, KH ordered polenta again, just a few days after having that at Drift Dining. Truth be told, it did taste better than the one we had a couple of nights ago.

Seafood Pasta

Little People


Although the food was promising, the star of the afternoon was Polenta Pete, a cutie who occupied the table beside us. Decide for yourself if you want to order him off the menu.

After lunch, KH chilled at my house for a while. As usual, he liked to fool around on the couch. Perhaps the risk of discovery turns him on! Mum served up clams for dinner. She bought a really fresh batch from the morning market. And Sis made roast pork! Yummy!

Chives and Clams

Roast Pork


Twilight Man said...

I love the thick skin of that roast pork.
Can you sis adopt me to be her God Son?

William said...

Eat siew yuk only wor...

Derek said...

The mains at the little people are average only ... Don't think will eat there again.

William said...

I follow baby de. :P

Anonymous said...

He's yummy. Sure he's on our team?

William said...

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Ya Awlah! Handsome nyer!! Nak lick his whole body kat situ jugak!
Oh. Shit. He's not gay. Fuck it lah -_-

William said...

That escalated and deflated quickly. LOL.