Saturday, May 20, 2017


KL South View

Some three years ago, BIL's sister purchased a condominium at V Residence, off Old Klang Road as an investment. Recently, she took vacant possession of the unit and we were invited to go take a look at it. V Residence is actually located right behind Pearl Suria Shopping Gallery. The access roads are a little icky due to its close proximity with the old residential area at United Garden. However, things were quite good within the compound. Although not completed, the lobby looks pretty classy with a modern design and water features. The workmanship was also beyond my expectation. The unit was partially furnished with a completely working kitchen, done up bathrooms, and cabinets in all the rooms. Air conditioners were also provided for the whole place. Not much of a view from the balcony because it was blocked by Pearl Suria Residence. Oh well. Also checked out the facilities-- an infinity pool that ran along one corner of the building and a sky garden.


Sky Terrace

Mum and I went for lunch after that at the nearby Pearl Shopping Gallery where a Go Noodle House is situated. Been wanting to check out the hype. Lucky for us, we did not need to wait for a table. I ordered the bursting meatballs in clear soup, while mum went for the squid balls in spicy soup. I wasn't impressed with the taste and there wasn't anything great about the bursting meatballs. Perhaps I was expecting the stuff from "The God of Cookery". I feel that one bowl is too big a portion. Two bowls for three persons is just right.

Twin Noodles

Pork Balls

Since we were trying new things out, we also had soft serve ice cream at Cremeo. Had a twist of two flavours-- chayen and French sea salt vanilla. Truth be told, I couldn't tell one from the other. My taste buds just shouted, "Sweet, sweet, sweet!". Also spied a Korean shop that served deep-fried Oreos there... perhaps next time. Hahaha.

Lavender & Sea Salt Vanilla

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Twilight Man said...

Go Noodles is my favourite! They have opened so many outlets now.