Saturday, April 29, 2017

V Day 2017: Take Two

House Turned Restaurant

KH took me a little too seriously when I complained about La Risata being a little too noisy for our Valentine's Day dinner. My silly hubby actually arranged a second dinner on Friday night at Changkat Bukit Bintang. Originally, I wanted to take GoKL Hotel Istana, but the bus left before I could board it, and the roads were bloody jammed. Ugh. I walked. But for some reason, I took the bus route instead. By the time I arrived at Hotel Istana, my back was wet with sweat. Waited a while for KH to arrive and we went hunting for the French Feast. We went through the gauntlet of bars with over-zealous beer promoters on Changkat Bukit Bintang, but the French restaurant wasn't there. Referred to Google Maps again only to realize that its actually on Tengkat Tong Shin. Think I had walked for an hour to finally reach the destination.

Gingham on Gingham

Monkfish Stew

The French Feast is actually a reincarnation of La Vie en Rose, a French restaurant where we celebrated our 7th anniversary in 2014. At the door, we were greeted by a waiter in a tight shirt and jeans. KH said he looked familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it. We were the first customers for the evening. The interior of the restaurant was simple with a bar at one corner, and the rest of the interior was filled with small tables with white table setting. Behind the bar, a door opened out to small inner courtyard where the restrooms were located.

Rabbit Stew

They gave us the menu and a piece of paper with the chef's suggestions. "Chef's suggestions"-- try saying that with a French accent. KH kept imitating the waiter. Chef's suggestions, Chef's suggestions, Chef's suggestions. Rolls off the tongue. Fickle as we were, the French lady there (head waiter or manager I suppose) helped us to hasten the process. She suggested the Monkfish stew to start which we both enjoyed. The fish had a nice firm texture and we mopped up the buttery stew with bread. Both our mains were also from the chef's suggestion. I went for rabbit stew while KH chose crispy duck. Truth be told, one could mistake rabbit for chicken if not for the bones. KH and I were satisfied with the chef's specials and toasted with a couple of house pours. By the end of dinner, a few more tables were filled, and we ordered profiteroles. Couldn't help but exclaim, "That's big!" when it arrived-- so much vanilla ice cream, cream, and chocolate sauce with the choux pastry. Delicious.

Crispy Duck

Thoroughly enjoyed myself that evening. Definitely a dinner to remember. And who could complain about celebrating Valentine's Day twice in a year?



Twilight Man said...

Your dessert looks beautiful.
I cringed each time I heard Changkat as my Bangkok friends had to tell me to bring them there to party. I had no idea it was such a happening place back in 2012.

William said...

It still is happening.

Derek said...

Chef's suggestions! Hehe

William said...

Hehe. These days never hear you say.