Monday, February 27, 2017

Run Up to the Rooster Year


With just a fortnight left till CNY, the OUG morning market was in a frenzy. You know things are getting serious when RELA is deployed to control traffic. Roads once accessible to traffic were closed and the extra space occupied by vendors selling fireworks, waxed meat, biscuits, sea cucumber, dried mushrooms (a lot of 'em!), etc.

Sea Cucumber

Waxed Meat


While I was walking past Restoran New Sun Ho, saw another example of the globalized Malaysian breakfast-- roti canai with salmon sashimi. One day I might start seeing roti sashimi on the menu.

Sashimi & Roti Canai

Lunch was a simple meal of chicken porridge with a can of fried dace. Very traditional fare.

Porridge & Fried Dace

CNY was around the corner, so we spruced up the house a bit. Bought a can of white paint and repainted the metal grills at the living room. Was a little woozy after inhaling the paint fumes. Felt better after we had dinner at Dao Dao. A plate of tofu with mixed vegetables and Marmite chicken really hit the spot.

Marmite Chicken


Twilight Man said...

Gosh! How did you like that roti canai with salmon sashimi?

William said...

I have never tried that combination.