Monday, February 06, 2017

Babysitting with KH

Ginger Duck Kampua

In order to make it to English mass at SIC, we had to get up at 7:00 AM. After getting ready, one still needs to fuss over the sleepy kids. At church, we bundled them into the soundproof family room and hoped that they would not be too rowdy. Big Monster asked me a legit question:

Big Monster: Is Jesus dead?

Moi: Yes, but he resurrected after three days.

Big Monster: Oh, someone threw him a Potion of Regeneration.

In case you were wondering, he was talking about something from Minecraft! Obsessed with that game, they are. We ate breakfast at Mian then headed home. Mum needed to prepare for her event in the afternoon. She boiled the tang yuan and packed loads of pots and ladles. There was even a portable stove in the heap of stuff. Sent her out to Happy Garden where she would carpool to Brickfields with her friends.

American Breakfast

It's daunting to handle the two monsters alone so I employed the help of KH. Picked him up and went for a late lunch at Secret Loc Cafe, Kuchai Lama. Although it was already 3:00 PM, all of use weren't starving. Chose kid-friendly items from the menu-- American breakfast, French toast, and pizza. The little one was shouting his head off in the cafe. Buat macam rumah sendiri. When the little ones saw me feeding KH, they exclaimed:

"Uncle KH is not a kid!"

Went home soon after. Switched on the Google Chromecast for the kids then we stole off to my room for some snogging. In the heat of the moment, there would suddenly be a knock on the door:

"Kau fu! I wanna watch a different YouTube clip!"

French Toast

Talk about coitus interruptus. In the end we just gave up and went downstairs to watch "Assassination Classroom: The Graduation" with the kids. The weird story line and even weirder main character, Korosensei resonated with my nephews.

SK joined us for dinner at Restoran Mirasa, a mamak joint near my place. Big Monster finished a Maggi goreng all by himself while the little one only concentrated on the cup of Milo. The idea of waffles was tantalizing to the kids, so we had dessert at The New Chapter. Loitered there as long as we could, but the night was still young, and mum's event was far from over. Decided to send KH home first. On our way back home, received a call from mum. Aha! Duty would be over soon. :P.



Twilight Man said...

What a loving Kau Fu you are besides being a dotting son and lover.
You are just like a Duracell Battery with legs.

Anonymous said...

Was KH about to shoot into you when they interrupted? haha

And i wonder what they would say if you fed KH mouth to mouth or kiss each other? mmmm

William said...

Thanks for the compliment. I just hope to be a Duracell Bunny when in bed with KH. LOL.

LOL. Belum masuk!
Hmmm. They'd most probably tell on me!