Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Yellow Owls

Red Wine Mee Suah

Mum and I did not attend BERSIH 5.0, we went to the market instead. Sporadic sightings of yellow at the market, but nothing significant. Nothing much happened especially with KH away at Port Dickson for a company event. Did my usual Saturday chores and had a red wine mee suah lunch.


On a whim, I hit up an ex-colleague of mine for an afternoon cafe session. The interesting thing about this ex-colleague was that he came out to me some months ago. We had been trying to arrange a double date but it wasn't easy. KH always had some run or hike, and he was flying back and forth between KL and BKK for work. I decided to screw the logistics and just meet up.

New Chapter

Thought of trying New Chapter by Owl Cafe thinking that it wasn't as crazy as the main branch at Jalil Link. It was naive of me to think so. Although New Chapter has a floor space thrice the size of its mother branch, it was just as packed. Lol. When I arrived at Calvary Convention Center, there were five groups waiting to be seated. Thankfully, the turnover was fast. Didn't take long for us to get a table. The serving crew (lots of young boys here, look out for one tanned and bicep-y fella) showed us to a quite corner which was perfect for us.


Although I came alone, my ex-colleague (lets call him Wing), brought his boyfriend, Tim. Tim was soft-spoken and seemed nice enough. Judging by the way Wing talked to him, they were still in the honeymoon period. Hehe. Their relationship is already in the second year and they are living together. Asked him about other sisters in the company but there weren't that many revelations. Among the revelations were some that came as a surprise to me. Guess my dar ain't that good. He gave me a bunch of snacks from his recent trip to Hong Kong which was great.



Twilight Man said...

Nice yummy dessert. The Owls is located at the Calvary??

William said...

Yes, inside.

William K said...

Where's the good looking waiter picture mate? Don't worry you are not the only one have poor signal.

William said...

I'll try to get a shot during my next visit. Some people are well-camouflaged.