Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Decided to bring the kids to watch Illumination's "Sing" after seeing how the kids enjoyed the YouTube trailers. They seem to be particularly fond of the bunnies singing "Anaconda". Gunther the pig's rendition of "Bad Romance" also resonated with them. Watched it at IOI Mall with KH. The kids gave it two thumbs up. Even Little Monster gave his full attention. Wonder how much royalty they paid to cover all those songs.

Right after the movie, the kids were screaming for dinner. To make things simple, we dined at TGIF. Tortillas, fajitas and quesadillas seem to be compatible with their appetite. The kids were sort of hyperactive after the movie. Was tempted to ply them with Long Island Iced Tea! That ended my movie date with KH..... and the kids... and my mum.

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