Friday, January 13, 2017

Forgot Your Brolly?

Persiaran KLCC

KH suggested that we paktor at Brolly, Menara Felda. Looking at Google Maps, the building is accessible from Jalan Ampang but when I walked there, the MRT construction seems to have blocked the connecting road (a part of Persiaran KLCC). I doubled back, choosing to access the restaurant via KLCC Park. It was actually my first time walking the whole length of the park.


Emerged at Platinum Park which was very close to Brolly. Luck wasn't on our side because the restaurant was closed for a private event. From the looks of it-- a Christmas party. There was even a guy who came dressed as a Christmas tree. Yes, a tree.

Sitting Red

Red Bus


Back to our problem of dinner. We took a look at the adjacent building, Naza Tower, and found BLVD House. The place looks handsome with much 1930s charm-- revolving doors, wood and brass, upholstery, black and white tiles, and bentwood chairs. My only complaint was the loud music. For starters, we had a fruity beef carpaccio that was kinda tasteless in my opinion. Mains were duck, and fish (with clams), both from the December festive menu. I liked both of them. Since it was a rainy evening, we stayed on for coffee and affogato.


Fruity Beef Carpaccio

Fish with Clams

Duck Confit

Once the rain had subsided, we walked to the Ampang Park LRT station. Found the hidden pedestrian walkway that I had missed on the way in. Perfectly quiet to walk all lovey-dovey in the light drizzle (and of course perfect to get mugged too).

KLCC After the Rains

My eating didn't stop there. Back home, I had a heavy supper of grilled chicken wings, curry chicken, briyani ayam, and satay! Those were all leftovers from my neighbour's wedding caterers. Burp! Now you know the secret to my waistline.


Twilight Man said...

Blame your darling for making you happy and fat.

William said...

I can get fat all by myself haha

Derek said...

Should we go back to Brolly one day?