Monday, January 30, 2017

Your Name is Nuri

Piggy Evolution

Once in a while, a subset of the BFF get together when the opportunity presents itself. We were lucky enough to catch Alexander the Gay who had relocated to Singapore for years. Together with KH, Khatijah, Janvier, and of course JL, we met up for lunch at Naughty Nuri's, Desa Sri Hartamas for a babi lunch. My first time at that outlet actually. They have two seating areas, one indoor and one 'outdoor'. KH and I were the first to arrive, so we were tasked with choosing a table. Sounds like an easy task no? Believe it or not, we actually changed tables a total of five times trying to find the coolest spot and to avoid the stinky smell of 'salted fish' (smelled like rotting rubbish to me) in the restaurant.

Piggy Salad

Once we found the most optimum spot, we could finally think about the food. We shared a rack of their famous pork ribs, grilled cumi-cumi, Indonesian fried noodles, and salad (that's full of roast pork-- the best way to enjoy vegetables). Lunch was a usual boisterous affair filled with gossip and sex. Think we scared away the family at the adjacent table. LOL.

Mee Goreng Indonesia

JL had a recommendation for dessert which was just a few doors away-- The Singleton Selects. It's a premium ice cream parlour by Inside Scoop that serves some interesting non-halal varieties like Whisky Cream. JL ordered Buttermilk Waffles (that boy can really eat and maintain his figure) and it was quite good too.

Simple Interior

Whisky Cream

At the end of the BFF gathering, KH and I continued to paktor at NuSentral. We watched "Your Name", a bizarre anime love story that weaves fantasy into a love story. The result is something visually-stunning with a plot twist that needs you to think out of the box. Told from two perspectives, it starts off funny and gets heavy as it proceeds. Highly recommended.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Isetan Kiss

At the Isetan checkout:

(Leaned over to whisper into KH's ear)

Moi: My credit card PIN is XXXXXX

KH: ... Think I got it.

Later on What's App:

KH: I thought you were leaning in for a kiss just now!

Moi: LOL. That's a 'kiss' that's worth a lot of money!

Dear KH,

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Year of the Rooster!

Happy 10th Anniversary!


P.S.: Happy CNY to all my readers of course!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lunch with Four Monsters

Pumpkin & Beetroot

Met up with Cutiepie over lunch at One Utama. The occasion was to celebrate her belated birthday.  She brought her two monsters along, while I also had two monsters of my own. In comparison, she was much braver because she was alone (while mum was with me) and had arrived there since 11:00 AM. Three hours with two kids in a mall, a daunting feat. Told her that we would be eating at Ante at the Rainforest section. She had some trouble finding the place and her son had drained her smartphone battery. Thankfully, she found the place. With four kids at the table, all Hell broke loose. Couldn't have a decent sit down meal. The kids were shouting and running around. I don't think we properly enjoyed what was served. Haha. I was impressed with the pastas. At sub-MYR30, they were value for money and delicious. Even a simple item like the Garlic Olio came with lots of bacon bits. Delicious.

Cutiepie told me that she forgot where she parked her car, and the photograph of the location was in her now dead phone. To solve her conundrum, I ran back to my car at One World Hotel to get a power bank. Once I got back from that short trek, I found that her youngest had spilled water over herself, and as luck would have it, there was no change of clothes! Did whatever we could with paper napkins but in the end Cutiepie decided that she would buy a replacement. Unfortunately, there were no children's clothing stores nearby. So, I ran to the toilet to make use of the hand dryer. At least the T-shirt was dry enough for her to wear again. Phew! All that running around was worth it because we I returned to the restaurant, my darling KH was there. Hehe.

Before more disastrous events happened, we paid the bill and left. We were beginning to feel dirty stares from the other tables. LOL. For coffee, we chose a location that would attract much less attention. Went to the outdoor seating at Teh Tarik Place where all the shouting is dispersed into the open space or dampened by the trees at Rainforest. But that location introduced other challenges. The kids wanted to feed the fish! When I saw the place, I could imagine kids falling into the water. No barrier at all. Quickly shoo-ed them back to the table. Chilled there as much as we could while the kids teared around the place. Surprisingly, Teh Tarik Place makes a great roti canai. Very crispy.

Christmas at One Utama

Before leaving, we tried to enjoy the Christmas decorations at the center court. This year. One Utama decided to use giant Pointsettias, mossy balls (destroyed way before Christmas by hyperactive kids no doubt), and faux crystals. For some reason, they also decided that a crystal spider is very Christmas-y. Little Miss Muffet? The kids were driving me nuts so I bought them some Triple Chocolate ice cream from Kapiti. Of course that didn't give me much peace at all, so I quickly herded them back to the car. Time to go home! Kids are definitely a handful. Salute to all the parents and babysitters out there!


Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Decided to bring the kids to watch Illumination's "Sing" after seeing how the kids enjoyed the YouTube trailers. They seem to be particularly fond of the bunnies singing "Anaconda". Gunther the pig's rendition of "Bad Romance" also resonated with them. Watched it at IOI Mall with KH. The kids gave it two thumbs up. Even Little Monster gave his full attention. Wonder how much royalty they paid to cover all those songs.

Right after the movie, the kids were screaming for dinner. To make things simple, we dined at TGIF. Tortillas, fajitas and quesadillas seem to be compatible with their appetite. The kids were sort of hyperactive after the movie. Was tempted to ply them with Long Island Iced Tea! That ended my movie date with KH..... and the kids... and my mum.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Depressing Pos Ekspres

I often complain about Pos Laju, but this is the first time I am ranting about Pos Ekspres. Pos Malaysia's lack of respect for its SLA is really quite mind-numbing. From a maximum of three days, I only received my the item six days later! Really wonder why I paid MYR3.70. Look at the chronology of events below from Pos Malaysia's Track and Trace v2 (Track and Trace v1 has been down for donkey years and e-Commerce sites are still referring to that):

Took five days for them to get the item from Butterworth to Seri Kembangan. I think they were aging the item. OK. I'll start ignoring it right away. Saw so many complaints on the Pos Malaysia Berhad Facebook page. The administrators kept advising the customers to file an online complaint. Repeating it over and over again.

Hi semua sila ajukan maklumbalas anda dengan mengisi agar kami boleh membantu anda dengan lebih lanjut. Kami mohon maaf diatas kesulitan yang telah anda hadapi. Terima kasih.

Funny thing was that the online feedback form wasn't working. The mandatory drop down list was empty. LOL.

That caused the customers to be even more pissed off.

Hi xxx boleh bagi screenshot error yang anda dapat di laman eFeedback form tersebut agar pihak ICT kami boleh menyemak error tersebut. Terima kasih.

They are so stupid that they cannot see the problem for themselves. And the best thing was, there was no way to post screenshots on the page. Really a basket case.

Weeks later after their e-Feedback form was working, I submitted a complaint on the burst SLA. Their response was as bad as their service:

Thank you for your feedback on Efeedback form.

We have escalated this matter to the relevant branch for further investigation & request them to send this item to you ASAP.

They will call you to update on this matter once the investigation done within 6 working days.

Yes, please send the item to me ASAP although I had already received it. Idiots.

Transformasi Pos Malaysia yang berjaya.

Anyway, I got the beautiful Christmas cards that I ordered from a talented local illustrator:

Christmas Cards

Check out his other works:

Instagram: @danzdanz83
Facebook: danzArts

Friday, January 20, 2017


Been a long time since I wrote about Japanese GV actors. There's this one guy called Kensei (for COAT) who looks really cute in my opinion. Has an angular face with cute eyes. Also a sunny smile with a gap tooth, though it's rare. And he has a nice physique (nice pecs, abs, thighs, not overy-developed) that is coupled with a tanned complexion (I don't need my boys to be tanned, but I'm sure many out there like that kinda thing). Very sporty. Looks great in Speedos and track suits. Really can carry off the athlete look. Perfect with the exception of his package-- not so well-endowed compared to his peers in the industry. I'm not a size queen, so I don't mind. Overall, a handsome fella. On his 'acting skills', he's not exactly expressive (think Keanu Reeves), but of course I can overlook that.

One of the titles puts his statistics as 188 cm, 78 kg, and 18 years old. Not too sure about the age. Think that's fabricated.

I've seen him in:
  1. COAT Athlete Conquest - Kensei
  2. COAT Athlete Conquest - Masato
  3. COAT Athlete Conquest - Soma
  4. COAT Numbers 21 - Aqua Prince
  5. COAT Babylon 61 - Immoral Lesson
Definitely this ain't his comprehensive filmography, but this is the best I could do. Such a chore parsing through Terabytes of porn! Go look him up and let me know what titles I missed.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


For several years now, William Yap Yai Leong had been producing gay-themed plays in Chinese that offer laughter, eye candy, and of course the compulsory public service announcement. Very popular among the Chinese-speaking gay community. KH and I watched "People Like Us" in 2014 and followed up with "Long Term Relationship" a year later. The previous installment was "One Night Stand", but I didn't catch that. The latest was "BFF" which we nearly missed too because the tickets sold like hot cakes.

The plot revolved around seven friends, each with their own problems, bringing at least seven social issues to the table. Quite a mouthful really. We get:
  1. HIV
  2. Chemsex
  3. Gang violence
  4. Infidelity
  5. Webcam blackmail
  6. Coming out
  7. Fall out friends
  8. Death of a spouse
Lovely no? You'd be asking, "How about the skin?". Truth be told, we don't get much of that this time round. Weird that the use so much skin for the promotional posters, but get nothing in the play. I miss the days when Evan Siao and John Tan take off their tops for no apparent reason. This time round, we get Maxx Loh and Ash Gaby. In terms of physique, both are in the top 1%, but they do not reveal anything on stage. The whole time, the are garbed in long sleeved tops and joggers. Maxx has beautiful tattoos, but we only get a glimpse of whatever overflows past his wrists. Weird that they don't take advantage of the assets of their main actors.

After the play, we bought a pack of promotional postcards (skin! All proceeds go to PT Foundation) and were given free condoms. KH took some photos with Seasons Chee, the guy who played the funny Hakka-speaking mother. A very likable character.


Dinner was at Ploy, Publika where we were joined by SK and my mum. Heard a lot about this modern Asian fusion joint, but never actually tried it. I loved the Ploy's Black Fried Rice. Handsome presentation and delicious. Tasted even better topped with Crispy Baby Squid. The Tender Beef Ribs weren't impressive, just an extra sweet beef rendang. Blue Crabmeat Pizza was also good, but a bit heavy on the mayo. To close, we had Durian Panna Cotta and churros.

Black Fried Rice

Blue Crabmeat Pizza

Durian Panna Cotta

The places that we shop at Publika are pretty fixed-- Santorini and B.I.G. Even the flea market is the more premium than most. In previous years, Publika decorated with multiple artistic Christmas trees. The cut down the variety this year and opted for one big tree. The Christmas decorations at B.I.G. were beautiful-- so much gold and silver. Really puts you in the mood for Christmas shopping. Actually, our meal at Ploy wasn't very filling because the portions were small and there wasn't much carbs to go around. To supplement, we had some sushi and sashimi at B.G.F.S. Bwahaha.

Gold and Silver Xmas


At the end of the night, SK sent mum home, while I sent KH home. As usual, me made out outside his condo. I was pretty horny as I had not jerked off in a week. His lips over my mouth and his fingers on my nipples really heated me up. Suffice to say that KH went home that night with a souvenir on his shirt. :P.

Monday, January 16, 2017



There was a big breakfast gathering at my house as mum called in my sister, BIL, and SK to finish the leftover food from the day before. So much meat in the morning. LOL. We did our best. Whatever we couldn't finish we fed to the malnourished alley cats. It was also the day I sent in my car for a minor service. Managed to collect my car just in time for Big Monster's class in Sri Petaling.

Salted Egg Pasta

Loitered at The Store for a bit before eating lunch at Twenty5. KH joined us. That cafe had a STRONG vibe with quite a number of sisters among the customers and staff. Wai confirmed that it is a pink establishment. Lovely. Foursquare recommended their Salted Egg Pasta, but I didn't really taste the salted egg. Perhaps the curry cream overpowered it. However, the portion was delightfully big. Also love their White Affogato with its strong espresso.

Baked Chicken

At 1:30 PM, I picked Big Monster up from his class. It was quite a long walk for the kid actually. Big Monster took a look at the menu and wanted to order the salmon. We tried to discourage him from ordering that because they have salmon day in, day out! He got kinda sad... so in the end we relented. Once again, I was surprised by the portion-- a big piece of salmon fillet for less than MYR30. Value for money indeed.

Coffee and Ice Cream

On our way back, we paid a visit to Le Pont's latest branch in Sri Petaling. Kinda interesting that they put a 'cable bridge' on the second floor. From the looks of things, they weren't operating at full capability yet. Ini takde, itu takde.

Le Pont

In the evening, we had a BEC gathering at the church cafeteria. A annual get together for the BEC core teams and their families. As usual, it was a big potluck with praise and worship, and games. The organizing committee actually came up with a wefie game. Really a sign of the times. I busied myself taking photographs of the event while the kids went nuts, running up and down. Zzz.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Forgot Your Brolly?

Persiaran KLCC

KH suggested that we paktor at Brolly, Menara Felda. Looking at Google Maps, the building is accessible from Jalan Ampang but when I walked there, the MRT construction seems to have blocked the connecting road (a part of Persiaran KLCC). I doubled back, choosing to access the restaurant via KLCC Park. It was actually my first time walking the whole length of the park.


Emerged at Platinum Park which was very close to Brolly. Luck wasn't on our side because the restaurant was closed for a private event. From the looks of it-- a Christmas party. There was even a guy who came dressed as a Christmas tree. Yes, a tree.

Sitting Red

Red Bus


Back to our problem of dinner. We took a look at the adjacent building, Naza Tower, and found BLVD House. The place looks handsome with much 1930s charm-- revolving doors, wood and brass, upholstery, black and white tiles, and bentwood chairs. My only complaint was the loud music. For starters, we had a fruity beef carpaccio that was kinda tasteless in my opinion. Mains were duck, and fish (with clams), both from the December festive menu. I liked both of them. Since it was a rainy evening, we stayed on for coffee and affogato.


Fruity Beef Carpaccio

Fish with Clams

Duck Confit

Once the rain had subsided, we walked to the Ampang Park LRT station. Found the hidden pedestrian walkway that I had missed on the way in. Perfectly quiet to walk all lovey-dovey in the light drizzle (and of course perfect to get mugged too).

KLCC After the Rains

My eating didn't stop there. Back home, I had a heavy supper of grilled chicken wings, curry chicken, briyani ayam, and satay! Those were all leftovers from my neighbour's wedding caterers. Burp! Now you know the secret to my waistline.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Supermarket Celebrities: Isetan Ichiro

Isetan Ichiro

Gosh, it has been a long while since my last spycam post. My apologies. Today I'm featuring Isetan Ichiro, a Japanese that I found at the Isetan KLCC checkout counter. Such a moody fella with a frown on those thick lips. I'm sure those same lips part artfully when he's being taken on bed, his shirt open and his nips tweaked. Can imagine him moaning with his thick mop of hair all disheveled. Huhu. I watch too much Japanese GVs. :D. Iku iku!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Upside Down Christmas

Upside Down Christmas Tree

With the Klang Valley saturated with malls, mall management offices try their best to come up with the most creative Christmas decorations within their budgets. Atria Shopping Gallery tries to be different by turning Christmas on its head-- using the Grinch instead of Santa Claus upside-down Christmas trees. In my opinion, like that lah. Haha. Guess we've seen it all.

Upside Down Christmas

For the first time, mum and I ate at the food floor. Many choices actually, but not many customers. We ate at Tokyo Ramen where we shared a bowl of the Tonkotsu King-- 1.5 noodles portion of noodles with charsiu, chicken charsiu, whole ajitama, vegetables, seaweed sheet and bamboo shoots. Definitely enough for two. Feel free to pile on the hot sauces and garlic to give the ramen an extra kick.

Tonkotsu King

In the late afternoon, stopped by at New Chapter for coffee and waffles (finish up the cash vouchers from the IMU Chariofare). Tried the Midori which is a green tea waffle with tangerines. Didn't really like it. The David is still the best.

The Midori

SK came over to Puncak Jalil for dinner where we ate a Yong and Chia Kitchen. The eggplant dish we ordered looked like it was put through a teleportation portal and came out the other end with all its atoms all wrong. But it was delicious la. Haha.

Eggplant with Minced Meat